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Player Player Class Player Aspect Classpect description Classpect use in canon
Zachary "Zoshi" Isles Zoshi Symbol Heir [Active] (Uses aspect to protect) Hope (Belief, religiously-based, a powerful white energy) Uses Hope-based powers as a form of self-protection or protection of those who solely and directly benefit him.
Ludicrine K. Z. K. A. Jast DeCurro Anagram Ludicrine Symbol Seer [Passive] (Obtains and shares knowledge of the aspect; uses the aspect to obtain and share knowledge) Heart (The soul/essence of being.) Obtains and shares knowledge of Heart; Uses Heart or being to obtain and share knowledge. 1. (Supposed) ability to see the best in people and forgive grudges.

2. Has many soul creatures, so in correlation to the Heart aspect he knows about them.

Revelian Zeronius Knight [Passive] (Weaponizes the aspect for the benefit of others; is improved by/improves others through the aspect; keeps track of the aspect) Space (The size of things and their velocity, or basically their position in existence with regards to physics.) Weaponizes Space for the benefit of others; is improved by/improves others through Space powers; keeps track of Space-related things. Preemptive Dream self awakening; Frog breeding; Forge stoking; Spacial manipulation.
Hankvi Guidza Page [Passive] (Provides others with the aspect; creates the aspect; manifests with the aspect) Chance Provides others with chance; creates chance; manifests with chance. 1. Is provided with a "second chance" at life after his first S___B session

2. chaotic and chance-based attacks/skills.

Mercuron "Look-a-troopa" Kao Chief [Unknown] (Oversees the Aspect; utilizes the aspect for oversight of things) Time (Time travel and exploits, and timeline maintenance in general.) Oversees Time; utilizes time for oversight.
Lazro de Gridmasque Stooge [Unknown] (Follows the Aspect; uses the aspect to follow) Light (Equivalent to "fortune", and involves power over luck and fortuitous outcomes.) Follows Light; uses Light to follow. 1. "follows the light", a reference to his frequent KOs in battle.
Samuel Iann Urotta Urai Scribe [Unknown] (Keeps track of the Aspect; uses the aspect to keep track of things) Mind (Thoughts and decisions of individuals and the consequences of those decisions.) Keeps track of Mind; uses Mind to keep track of things.
Poisonshot Altari Rogue [Passive] (Steal and shares the aspect) Life (Innate "life force" of living beings, necessary and sufficient for life to exist.) Steals and shares Life. 1. Ability to steal life/revive via his Pink Eye ability, which extends to revive allies due to the sharing quality of his title.
A Moriam Prince [Active] (Destroys the aspect or uses the aspect to destroy) Doom (Related to death, an antithesis of Life; relating to destruction; relating to sacrifice) Destroys Doom; Destroys with Doom. 1. Can 'destroy' the death of someone/something, reviving it.
Ivan247 Rogue Hope Steals and shares hope. 1. Can 'steal' the hope from someone/something, causing it to become hopeless, and can then share said hope with someone else.
Sanford DeCurro Knight Heart Knight of Heart stuff. 1. Has complete control and awareness of his splinter-selves.

2. Can attack with soul-based powers/Alternatively, can attack a persons' soul.

RDB Heir Space Heir of space stuff. Early dream-self awakening, frog breeding, forge stoking, spacial manipulation.
? ? Chance ? ?
Anicetus Gan Bard [Passive] (Causes destruction to the aspect/Causes destruction with the aspect) Time Causes destruction to time, causes destruction with time. 1. Has been known to have a negative effect on some timelines.
Taku de Gridmasque Fool Light Ridicules Light. 1. Ridicules the concept of luck/fortune and those who are considered 'lucky/fortuneate'.
Zaion Shinozaki Sylph [Passive] (One who abstractly or psychologically manipulates the aspect to benefit others/One who unlocks the aspect for others/One who heals the aspect or heals with the aspect.) Doom Abstractly/psychologically manipulated Doom to benefit others; unlocks Doom for others; heals Doom or heals with Doom. Can manipulate the dead; Can heal the psychological or physical wounds of others by killing one; Can heal the dead with necromancy; has doom-based magics.

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