Basically an idea I had for this.


Sanford, as the Knight of Heart, was able to weaponize the emotions and feelings of others to the benefit of others and himself, though he more often does so for himself. The First Guardian of this session was able to manipulate the other players through him with this power.

Sanford was good friends with Taku/Ramus, and it has been hinted that they developed this friendship because Taku/Ramus was the only other regular gridmask in the group. Sanford would often try to sway Taku/Ramus into disliking the others for their differences, but this stopped working later on because of Zaion's influence. Sanford already hated Zaion, so he decided to try and stop her and went to her planet to attack her. Their battle ended with Sanford dying and Zaion being fatally wounded. Zaion took pity on Sanford and kissed him so that he could be reawakened as his dream self, and Zaion then moved on to die on her own quest bed. Sanford was able to achieve God Tier status by dying on his bed on Derse's moon, and went to challenge Zaion again. This time he was victorious in battle against her, though his victory was short-lived because of the fact that the session's scratch construct was activated.

Ironically, Sanford's role as the Knight of Heart is similar to the role he played when he turned the Ludusian people against the Witches.


Ramus/Taku, as the Fool of Light, had a particular dislike to the concept of luck and fortune and believed that it didn't really exist.


Anicetus, as the Bard of Time, accidentally created several doomed timelines which ended up having horrible effects on the session itself. His actions actually turned out to lead to the session's failure and it being scratched.

Ironically, Stickbeard's role in the canonical timeline also consists of him using time travel.

Hankvl Guldza

Hankvl, as the Mage of Chance, was able to access knowledge of the outcomes of things and use this to his advantage.


Samuel's d/ancestor, as the (Witch?) of Mind, was able to (manipulate?) the minds and thoughts of others (to his/her benefit?).




Ivan, as the Rogue of Hope, was able to steal or take away the beliefs, or 'hopes', that was previously held by a person and replace them with different sorts of beliefs or 'hopes' that would be beneficial.



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