Just some useless magic stuff. Aura is a person's magic, and each Aura has its own color. The aura can also have it's own distinct scent, which the owner can change at their own will.

Full Name Item (Weapon/Equip) Aura (Color and Scent) Bizarro Name Bizarro Item Bizarro Aura
Zachary "ZoshiX" Isles Crown Salt Water Raptor "Noscope" Isthmus Saber Grape Wine
Ludicrine Korokoth Zannbakor Kaskar Abaspy Jast DeCurro Anagram Anchor Lemon Coherine Vesper Xenza Xerano Udvent Inerdit ArBessel Antigram Harpoon Oranges
Hankvi Guidza Axe Gasoline Codeam Lidraz Mace Sulfur
Revelian Zeronius Sword Blood (Iron) Mavelus Soflini Gun Ocean
Mercuron "Look-a-Troopa" Kao Timepiece Bread Neptunel "Read-a-mareen" Lea Book Mint
Isaac "Lazro" Hairpin Grass Waldo "TheFanMaster" Wavre Key Wood
Samuel17 Boxing Glove Cinammon-Apple Gregor19 Crossbow Wheat
Poisonshot Altari Bow and Arrows Snake Toxicrebound Marttel Boomerang Moss
Aleksander "Mori" Morigon Glasses Sugar Deryn "Hunny" Haniko Bunny Flowers
Grodus Crucex Staff Gas Sircut Kathes Chain Smoke
Kuipter Zeronius ??? Mercury Astroyd Soflini ??? Dry Ice
02 Zeronius ??? Meteor 8y Soflini ??? Comet
Shenanigans ??? Pepper Ininel ??? Salt
Dr. Jekyll Sand Pistol Sand Prof. Hastie Siltza Whip Silt
Ao Oni ??? Mire Akashi ??? Sludge
Luna Zeronius ??? Moonflower Sol ??? Sunflower
Trix ??? Fire Jinx ??? Ice

Grodus' scent is based off of him being a machine, and Sircut's is because he "Smokes two joints every day".

ZoshiX's note for the other Bizarro Trolls

Full Name Aura Bizarro Name Bizarro Aura
Armega Rodite Apple Desdia Artemi Grape
Uskuro Mornen Earth Bizarro Mornen Water
Liddon Siblings Blueberry Bizarro Liidon siblings Moss
Lethos Siblings Rock Bizarro Lethos siblings Rust
Zeupit Siblings Osmium Bizarro Zeupit Gold

Might've messed up with these ones.

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