This is an idea for a story that can potentially be created. It's supposed to be very canonically important and talks about past events that happened.

As taken from quoting the Fan-Ball Timeline:

  • After an extended period of time, ethereals give rise to beings known as Negatives. The Negatives are treated as lower members of society and resented for their hivemind, conquering nature.
  • After having put up with endless discrimination from high ethereals and having used up a heavy portion of resources in nearby space, the negatives begin a revolution. A military strategy in which the negatives led a false conference with the Ethereal Peacekeeper, Halvak, allows them to lead a surprise attack. Most of the race are destroyed, however the high council escapes and flees to the planet of Pragma.
  • The negatives absorb energy from the ethereal star to create a nexus rift, and splits into three clans, two of which then are sent into three entirely different universes. The Zeronius clan is transported to the Lux system.

Because of these things, I want to try and turn it all into a story. (I really find it better when important canonical events can be put into stories instead of just having them be said as 'happened' on certain pages, I guess...) The idea of it is a lot of going through Zeronius' experience of it all, which is very important for everything. Right now I'm looking for approval to have this made into a story and all with mainspace stuff.

So, I guess if you're in support of/are against the idea of this being made into a thing, say so in the comments. And also I guess provide suggestions for everything if you want to, I'll be sure to try and incorporate those if this ever does take off well enough.

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