• Issus: Big Red ? Fairy
    • Note: Has red gears behind their head
  • Canzona: Big Bronze ? ?
  • Viguiera: Big Gold ? ?
  • Ishtar: Big Lime ? Tree
  • Caledonia: Big Green Demon (LAT) Serpent
    • Note: Will probably be heavily mutated, with perhaps similar features to Leviathan (Archdemon, Pet). Possibly, some parts of it will have the Space head behind them
  • Teapa: Big Jade Vampire Basilisk
  • Raskova: Big Teal Mystic ?
  • Goneion: Big Cerulean Amanita Tarantula
    • Note: Rectangular arms will have Lightning and Bomb heads in them
  • Mainyu: Big Blue ? Forcefield
    • Note: Head will have a Void Head behind it
  • Siegler: Big Purple ?/Flame Cordyceps (?)
    • Note: Smaller heads will be flame head
  • Trewinnard: Big Violet ? Trout
    • Note: Head and body will have Wyvern (LD) wings as a mutation
  • Cocytus: Big Fuchsia ? ?
  • Zaion: Big Grey/Blue Pentagram Guard
    • Note: Possibly, head has a Chaos Head on top of it

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