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A documentation of the characters who are known to be dead in canon. It is known that death is not the final note in a characters' story, as there is such evidence of revivals and recreations through several methods, as well as a plane of existence where the dead can roam.

Pre-split timeline

  • Nazcan forces - Killed by several Ludusians during the war. Taku and Sticky killed two of them, notably. Twelve of the witches destroyed a majority of the rest of them later.
  • Taku - Eventual death.
  • Zaion - Killed several times by angry Ludusians, but her powers revived her each time against her will. Later was killed by her own creation.
  • Ludusian witches - Killed by several means. Their deaths affected Ludusian geography.
  • Mainyu - Stabbed to death by Sanford.
  • Sanford - Bludgeoned self with a pear-shaped object.
  • Caledonia - Eventual death.
  • Cobalt - Killed by Zorc.
  • Gonzales - Killed by Revelian.

Doomed Timeline

  • Solaria - Died of a disease.
  • Revelian - Committed suicide after Luna was committed.
  • Gaia - Killed by Chaos during the Reckoning.

Fixed Timeline

Temporarily Dead

  • Revelian - Self-destructed in Trix, but was able to come back as two alternate forms, Raserai and Verlassen, later. The two later combined and became Revelian again. He later died in Cuts Internal, though was revived by 02. After this, he was killed by Celestia in WTU, but was revived by 02 again in the Epilogue.
  • Luna - Killed by Revelian in The Descent, though this event was changed to never have happened.


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