• Original Teteoh - The original version of Teteoh. Upon Ascending and becoming partially a deity, all timelines were retconned and altered by the influence from Teteoh's existence.
    • (Pre-Awakening)
    • (Post-Awakening)
    • (Post-Ascension)
    • (Post-Ascension, Missing Feathers) - The Original Teteoh was the one who gave life to Quetzalcoatl and Xolotl.
    • (Post-Ascension, Dead) - The Original Teteoh was quickly killed by Chronos due to being a fairly weak being.
    • (Post-Ascension, Inner Being) - The Original Teteoh later became an Inner Being of the Teteoh existing in the new timeline that Original Teteoh had created through the retcon of existence done upon ascension. This Teteoh is known as True Teteoh.
  • True Teteoh - This is the Teteoh that we know. They became the most powerful being in normal existence (note: "normal existence" doesn't apply for Zalgo and Lodin) due to having much more Inner Beings than Original Teteoh, AND also by having Original Teteoh as an Inner Being. Their first Inner Beings were soul fragments of the Nope Trio.
    • (Pre-Awakening)
    • (Post-Awakening)
    • (Post-Ascension)
    • (Negalife Harbinger) - Teteoh was erased from existence.
    • (Fragment) - Many small fragments of Teteoh have resurfaced due to the existence of Quetzalcoatl and Xolotl, who know of Original Teteoh.
    • (Full Essence) - In the event that Teteoh escapes from Negalife, this is what they will become.
  • Alpha Teteoh - A version of Teteoh never fated to become a Titan.
  • Paradoxical Teteoh - A version of Teteoh with an unknown origin, who is up to par with the power of True Teteoh (Full Essence)
  • Perfect Teteoh - The even-more theoretical instance of Teteoh that's fusion of True Teteoh and Paradoxical Teteoh.

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