Let's just call it "Prism Day of Pregnancy"

  • Poisonshot- Want be friend with me? I male, and I have Grow Potion.
  • Speddos - my love for you is canerous
  • Ludicrine/Sir Fetish (Either one works) - You're my new fetish.
  • RF/Fire - Hello you tasty edible object.
  • Mori - I think you're pawsitively A, Mazing
  • Samuel - You're so adorable I could just eat you up like a pizza.
  • Samuel - I have more body heat than humans. (Get it, because I'm hot,....,,,)
  • Samuel - People say I'm fast......,,....,.,..,,,,,,,,..,,.,.,.,,,......, in bed
  • Samuel - Want be friend with me? I Sam, and I have Sicnec Potion.
  • An infinite amount of Samuel cards later...
  • Jose - I Am 3 Times Stronger Than Steel And 5 Times Lighter
  • tbc

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