An introduction of a new format for Fan-Ball scenes.

What is PC-98?

It's a specific format that was commonly used in early video games.


Jealousy: Love Triangle Scene

(Insert some sort of background here.)
Dark Matter NEO
Zoshi: ...My dark side... It's still existing inside of me...
Revelian: I DID rip some sort of monster out of you and killed it... It looked a lot like Zalgo...

Worlds in Ruin Scene

Lookatroopa 2
Nazca Colony Drone

LAT: You know Ludicrine?

¿¿¿: Of course, everyone knows mister Anagram.

About use in Scene formats

Similar to the plains of text that move along, these frames can be used in a sort of video-game format. As for backgrounds, regular images of the scenery of the characters current location would fit.

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