This is going to be a bunch of riddles for a pet giveaway. The pets will be based off of canon characters, and you have to guess which one based off of the riddle. The special qualities of the Dreaming Dead relate to the afterlife and their dreams... They also have other powers.

And yeah, I thought of this a while ago and just wanted to do a thing for it.


This pet will be based off of a canon character who was created prior to this riddle, that may or may not already have a pet version out there. Information regarding the character will not be specified, except for in the riddle. You are allowed to make one guess for each day, and this contest will probably go for two days or so depending on how many people enter. Only a definitely correct answer will result in winning. The winner of this pet may not participate in the next contest. So, here's the riddle:

A noble destroyer
With eyes akin to gold
Of homeland depleted
And story poorly told
The dreaming dead's lead
Bears the staff of the seed

The answer was Thristel-Immo and the winner was GhostCheese.


Same rules as the last one, but GC can't participate because she already won the last one. Here you go:

A scarring memory, a lost child
From tales of chaos running wild
Second of the dreaming dead
Within the plagues was made their bed

The answer was Mercedes Sand and Ludicrine won.


Lud can't participate in this one because he won the previous quiz.

Outsider of darkened kin,
Bears the weight of one's sin
Though great power and layings thick,
Was forced to fall by a nasty trick
The dreaming dead's third, a true savior,
Shows all the worth of kind behavior.

This one was answered before it was even posted in mainspace by DMSwordsmaster. The answer was Mura Zeronius.


DMS can't participate in this one because he's a precognitive *rsehole.

Engulfed in darkness upon their birth,
Is such akin to a goddess of curse,
Holding power of mighty worth,
And cancerous corruption to make it worse,
The fourth of the dreaming dead,
Little can understand what was said

LUKA won. It was Makina.


Luka can't participate, Demmes can. Riddle coming as soon as I can get where I wrote it down...

On the land of plants and gloom
Their task was to let it consume
In tales was used to serve a function
Through unfitting scars and destruction
The dreaming dead's fifth
Enshrouded in legend and myth

Go ahead and go. Also, as a hint, the first two lines describe an event that I posted after this blog was made... Hehe...

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