Hailing from a time beyond time, from a world beyond worlds, there was a powerful substance called the Dream Monolith-- an item that could grant any wish, no matter how powerful or reality-bending. The pure danger of the item existing was recognized by elder gods and was immediately dealt with; immortals used their power to shatter the Dream Monolith into pieces, and scatter those pieces in all directions so that they may never meet again and pose the danger of reforming.

The Dream Monolith itself was powerful enough to protect and preserve its form, so it was shattered into only nine pieces, which would be referred to as the Dream Stones, and the Dream Stones contained a weakened version of the Dream Monolith’s power-- the ability to grant wishes-- as well as thematic abilities relating to each of the stones.

Over countless ages, the Dream Stones have been discovered by different individuals.


On its own, a Dream Stone can do, pretty much nothing. However, when a living entity finds and uses it, the unique and mystical powers of the item come to light.

Each Dream Stone has its own set of thematic associations. An associated number, element, power, color, and trait-- each Dream Stone has their own unique set of these. When used to make a wish, the wish will be granted in a way that connects to each of these things.

Additionally, when a Dream Stone is used to make a wish, other odd things occur. Aside from the wish (in whatever way is within the Dream Stone’s technically limited power) being granted, the Dream Stone will then form into an entity. The characteristics of the entity created relates to the wish that was granted.

Dream Stone Entities

  • 1
  • Rem
  • 3
  • Abyss
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • Kairos
  • 9

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