Username Canon Name Session Descendant Color Code Image (If available) Pesterchum/Trollian Tag Specibus SDANB Title
RadiantDarkBlaze Unknown Revelian 172439 RDB (Wisp Form) Unknown Swordkind? Heir of Space
Stickbeard (?) Anicetus Gan Mercuron 2B101F Unknown Cannonkind Bard of Time
Taku Ramus de Gridmasque Lazro 9ACD32 lusciousTwigs Stickkind Fool of Light
Sanford (?) ??? Ludicrine 32CD32 Sanford Unknown Hookkind Knight of Heart
??? ??? Samuel ??? Unknown ??? ? of Mind
Ivan247 Ivan (?) Zoshi 000080 Unknown Unknown Rogue of Hope
??? ??? Hankvi ??? Unknown ??? ? of Chance
??? ??? Poisonshot ??? Unknown ??? ? of Life

Needs improvement.

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