Cortia is supposed to replace Hunny as a character. Hunny's page can probably be deleted, or its content replaced with this and renamed.


Cortia Aexros is the Bizarro counterpart of Amygea Moriam. Cortia is a Class-A citizen. Cortia's pesterchum tag is erroneousArchmage.

About half a century prior to modern times, Cortia Aexros was born as one of the three triplets of Larua Aexros, along with Malris and Sydria. Being of the same flesh as the body that Larua was reborn in, the three siblings were of equal adequacy for becoming the vessel of the demonic creature who originally owned the body.

After the death of Larua, Malris made sure to wipe the memories that their other siblings had of the events that transpired of their death, and also acted to make Cortia blind, and to make Sydria deaf. In another act made to ensure that no soul would be able to find out about it, perhaps in their guilt over the events, Malris removed their vocal cords and tongue and sewn their mouth shut, so that they may never speak of what happened on that day. Malris would also work to separate the siblings from one another.

Now blinded, Cortia sought to the aide of the deity Llygaid, in order to have "The Eyes of True Chaos" work as new eyes, being with blind and useless eyes as it was.

After some time, Cortia became heavily allied with Codeam, leader of the Kingdom of Bros, due to a social and emotional connection being able to be reached from their sympathizing and bond over blindness. Cortia is known to more often than not hang around Neptunel, and works for RAM Incorporated.


Cortia has long, honey-colored hair that has magenta highlights, and that goes just past Cortia's shoulders. Cortia's hair is straight for the most part, though it curls near the ends. Cortia's skin tone and facial structure is fairly similar to Mori's, though Cortia is a bit shorter, and appears perhaps a bit younger because of it, despite being older than Mori. Cortia usually wears grey bandages over their eyes that have a bit of a jade tint, and drawings of eyes over where Cortia's own eyes would be, with a sort of ink that matches their color and its shadow, somehow. They have red-tinted "sunglasses". They usually wear a tuxedo that has a color similar to that of Neptunel's aura.


Cortia comes across very mysterious and odd, due to both a fairly unsettling appearance and nature, though Cortia rarely hides any intentions or feelings. Cortia usually has an "obvious, cat-like" smile, which perhaps emphasizes Cortia's playful and somewhat intrusive nature.

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