Basically a look into Zaion's/Blackspell's creation. I talk about it here shortly. It should be noted that the Book is written in a mixture of english, french, alterniasianjapanese, german, and also some witch rune symbols, making it practically impossible to decipher. However, one of Zaion's/Blackspell's descendants (descending from Seira's first pseudo-child) has written various notes and translations on the pages.

The Book of Shadows is essentially a memento of the witches and their stories, and also a guide for any of their kind that would exist in the future, containing information on spells and rituals and other things like that. The Book of Shadows also contains the wrath of the Blackspell Witch and the other witches who were executed during the Ludusian witch hunts.


(Basically an old description that I had forgotten about) The book is crafted from human skin and animal hides, and has a skull design sewn onto the front cover. The contents of the book contain instructions on numerous spells and rituals written by witches of the olden days. Due to many Ludusian witch hunts killing off the witches, their magic was shunned. In order to ensure that all knowledge of magic was not forgotten, the Book of Shadows was created and passed down generation to generation.

Zaion's/Blackspell's personal journal

A few passages personally written by Zaion/Blackspell.


"today is a day that i realize is of great importance. today i have discovered what is of my own origin and purpose. for a long time i have known that i had special abilities. ever since my time as a child i have possessed powers beyond those of the native ludusians i had come to know, even if i had not been fully aware of these such abilities until later in my life, when i realized that such a thing differed myself from the other ludusians. this day it has been revealed to me that i am of the same kind as the great and powerful witches of lupus. very talented and knowledgable in their magic prowess, it comes to me as less of a shock that i am of a similar kind to them. they located me in request of my magical assistance to aid their noble cause of protecting all of lupus, and they had offered to train me to understand and master my own powers to do so, in lieu of such knowledge that they were already granted with. to this offer i gratefully agreed and left from the home of my humble childhood village to travel onward and inherit the wittily identity that i would soon take on."


"" (To be continued)

Witch's history

(Work in progress)


(Work in progress)

Land of Corpses

A spell that is often inadvertently cast. It turns a dream bubble, or occupied realm of undeath, into a realm of torture and evil, reflecting the death of the one who the spell was cast by. It is used by Mori when he becomes Hamelily, as well as by another person. There is no translation for this, except for the title.

Raising of Corpses

Is similar to Necromancy, which can be taught and is an ability held by followers of Chaos. This spell can be used as a guide for followers of Chaos or other users of necromancy powers, and is a powerful revival ritual. It is known to be fool-proof against revivals that would normally/otherwise be impossible. However, it is extremely difficult to perform correctly, and if messed up it will anger the Book and it's wrath will be directed towards the castor/s. Information about this has been translated into notes.


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