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    July 12, 2018 by A, Mori

    Meno Flaus was a successful dentist on the planet Ludus, until one day when she was kidnapped by Kuipter's forces and subjected to his experiments. Kuipter's experiments altered her reflexes and teeth, making them much, much stronger.

    After the fall of Kuipter's forces, Meno, having been brainwashed into loyalty towards Kuipter, escaped his lab and vowed revenge towards those who had defeated him.

    She later took on the supervillain nickname of "Dental Shoes"

    Besides being a skilled dentist, her teeth are her most powerful tool. Her bite is several dozen times stronger than that of a crocodile, and with her reflexes she can catch bullets with her teeth.

    As other weapons, she uses floss-like whips, a chainsaw, and a shield.

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  • A, Mori

    Limit Seeing

    April 23, 2018 by A, Mori

    new canon concept idea thing

    Limit Seeing is an ability that exists within all mortals. Since mortals have limits on their power, it is possible for those limits to be discovered-- but, normally, it may be impossible for that limit to be reached naturally within a mortal’s lifespan.

    While it is possible for a mortal to discover the limit of their power, it is also possible to speed up the process by gaining the power to perceive one’s own limits. When one’s limits are known, then they will gain access to the form of their limits, also known as the Limit Seeing Mode.

    Based on how a person enters a Mode of Limit Seeing, their form may be different-- their hair, eyes, and blood will all change to a certain color based on their Mode of Limit Seei…

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  • A, Mori

    rpg & combat stuff

    April 19, 2018 by A, Mori


    stick with me here. sometimes i write this in a way that conveys full awareness of the RPG-ness of what I'm saying and sometimes I go into Lore Mode and write it as if this were a magic book that one of the characters would pick up and read.

    Statistics, commonly shortened to Stats, are the numbers that dictate a character’s prowess in combat situations. Each Stat has its own purpose-- though some Stats hidden or determined by other Stats.

    Let’s go over the Basic Stats:

    • Health - Determines the maximum Health Points of a character.
    • Attack - Determines the damage that will result from a physical attack; higher Attack means more damage done.
    • Magic - Determines the damage that will result from a magical attack as well as Magic Points; h…

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  • A, Mori


    April 6, 2018 by A, Mori

    Tha is the anthro-conceptual of sitting. It is believed Tha is as old as the concept of sitting itself.

    Tha is known to have a special ability known as , which has been responsible for the in history.

    • - Creates a chair.
    • - Makes all of creation sit down.
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  • A, Mori

    Notice: Rough draft. This is the “outline” for the Saga Timeline, AKA the community timeline. Most events you’ll see here (at first) will be the things that the community loved (or at least agreed upon) in the Alpha Timeline that are now carried over into this one because of the fact that the community loved them. Also things might migrate from the Alpha Timeline if they were worked on by multiple different people and have stuck for a long time, or if they’re important to a character’s concept. Soon, however, the Saga Timeline is (probably) going to differentiate from the Alpha Timeline with new ideas suggested and approved by the community. Or maybe without some of the ideas of the Alpha Timeline. And maybe even some ideas from other time…

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