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  • I live in Iowa, USA
  • I was born on July 15
  • My occupation is student
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  • A, Mori


    December 1, 2017 by A, Mori

    there used to be one of these but someone deleted it so i am bringing it back

    my rules list:

    • no fission characters (raserei/verlassen, etc.)
    • no alt-timeline-only characters (jovialus, chariel, belgazas etc.)
    • no bizarro. ever
    • if a character is probably going to be removed from canon/retconned/not able to be in the Saga timeline, i am not going to add them here (cobalt, ludicrine, ao oni, the ponies, rebecca, squato, leechum, iala, elizabeth, foszi, etc.)
    • please no super duper irrelevant characters maybe???? (oops
    • if u edit this keep it in alphabetical order
    • putting titles like "doctor" or "lord" at the end of the name instead of at the beginning because it annoys me that a man with the first name "jekyll" should be someone in the D's because of tha…
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  • A, Mori

    Other Memory

    August 10, 2017 by A, Mori


    • Species: Gridmask/Splationian Hybrid
    • Gender: Female
    • Birthdate: 04/01/3999 AEQ
    • Aura:
    • Height: 5’ 6”
    • Weight: 148.9 lbs

    Dolce works at a barber shop, and has a side-hobby of baking. Dolce is the first cousin of Blake, and knows Grylos. Dolce is sweet yet sassy; she has a good heart but a bit of an attitude. She loves to eat.

    Dolce has short brown hair with a boy-ish haircut. Her eyes are green, and her skin is a soft peach color. She stands at about five feet six inches, with a fair build. She normally wears a cozy pink-striped coat and black jeans. She has several piercings, including in her left ear, her right eyebrow, her left nostril, the ride side of her upper lip, and her tongue. She also usually wears a silver necklace with a green gem in…

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  • A, Mori

    [lore blogpost]

    When two Mindstone Fragments are combined/used together/in close proximity, the power of them increases not just linearly (i.e. 1+1) but exponentially (i.e. 1+x^y). The exact formula of this has been identified and categorized-- assuming that each of the 76 Mindstone Fragments each has the same amount of power

    For example, let's say that one Mindstone Fragment has a power equivalent to the number 100. For scale, Revelian Zeronius' power level (without a Mindstone Fragment) is also 100.

    If two Mindstone Fragments were used at the same time (say, the Will Fragment and the Redemption Fragment against Zalgo in the imagined AU version of Corruption: He Comes) the power they on their own would equal to would be 225. If three Mindsto…

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  • A, Mori

    Dream Stones

    July 11, 2017 by A, Mori

    Hailing from a time beyond time, from a world beyond worlds, there was a powerful substance called the Dream Monolith-- an item that could grant any wish, no matter how powerful or reality-bending. The pure danger of the item existing was recognized by elder gods and was immediately dealt with; immortals used their power to shatter the Dream Monolith into pieces, and scatter those pieces in all directions so that they may never meet again and pose the danger of reforming.

    The Dream Monolith itself was powerful enough to protect and preserve its form, so it was shattered into only nine pieces, which would be referred to as the Dream Stones, and the Dream Stones contained a weakened version of the Dream Monolith’s power-- the ability to grant…

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  • A, Mori

    buhh history

    July 8, 2017 by A, Mori

    Something from me, Mori. bet you weren’t expecting that, eh?

    Anyway, here’s what this shit is. Here I detail the 17 (I swear it’s a coincidence) major periods of history in the main timeline Saga Timeline-- or at least my plans about it in connection to the currently existing canon and my ideas for future stories (such as Other Memory).

    Why am I making this? Because it’s important for knowing how to make a story have importance.

    For instance, if you’re writing a story that occurs during the Times of Creation, the story can only really be important if it’s about the origins of deities and all that. If you’re writing a story that occurs during the Age of State-Building, it’s only really important if the story details something about how new gover…

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