Universe City

Universe City, during the Kuipter Files.

Universe City is a central point in several stories of the FB series.

The city itself is a gigantic metropolis, situated to the far-east of Ludus, near the Snowfield series. It was the staging point of Kuipter's plan, and was used to harvest resources to boost the new Dark Star's power. However, when Revelian, Ludicrine, and Zoshi stormed the capital of Universe City, they defeated both Kuipter and Shenanigans. Shenanigans' power core caused severe damage to the city, forcing it into a state of turmoil.

It would later appear in Dr. Sand: Twisted Fates, where the Grim Reaper, a massive gunship, attacked. The city itself was trying to get back on its legs, and with a giant aerial fortress attacking it, it caused major problems. Zoshi managed to shoot down the ship, causing it to crash in the nearby ocean.

It would later appear in Wrapping Things Up, being used as a base of operations by Celestia. The gang chases her down to the capital, where she is defeated. This is the only time in the FB Series in which Universe City isn't severely damaged.

This was also mentioned in Shattered Family, where Corona says he's trying to take a package there.


  • Universe City was inspired by a stage of the same name from Chaos Faction.
  • Universe City is a pun on "university", and is not based on the song by Kanye West, titled the same thing.

    Universe City, after Shenanigan's destruction.

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