This is a underground series that will be located in mountains, look like caverns, but with lighting and gray enemies and floor, most of the places will be flat with house like buildings and some underwater places. Created by shad3w44.


  • Under Gates (will be a flat land with with a wall and a entrance in it just before the boss area)
  • Underworld1
  • Underworld2
  • Underworld4
  • Underbridge (a stone bridge with a shop underneath it)
  • Underworld5
  • Underworld6
  • Underworld7
  • Underworld8
  • Citadel Gate (similar to castle gates with different monsters inside)
  • Underworld Citadel (underworld skull megaboss inside)


Most of them will be undead:

  • Zombies
  • Skull Stickmen
  • Skull Bats
  • Skull Dragons

New species

  • Ghost
  • Scarabs
  • Horn Boss
  • Giant Horn Megaboss

New heads

  • Insane (depressed looking head)
  • Horn

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