Trix Stats: HP: 700. AT: Fire (Strikes Row)- Ok. Fireball: High. Charged Fire (Strikes whole row) High. DF: Ok. LV: 33 That's right, she's back! She is once again the protagonist of this story. She has learned a lot of things from her last adventure, so she is a bit nicer in the sequel. She thinks she got out of hell last time, but will soon learn she is wrong. After being beaten and captured by the Ao UFOs, she was tied on top of the Hill Country series. Just as Gamelover was going to rescue her, however, Shakespeare warped in and killed her.


ZoshiXAnimated Stats: HP- 1,000. AT: Melee- Ok-High. Laser- Ok. DF: Ok. LV: 95. Another returning character! He's gotten quite a bit stronger since the first story. He will be a major character, somehow.


LazroHQ Stats: HP: 830. AT: RANDOM. DF: Ok. LV: 76. He's back. The Master of Random. He's gotten slightly more random(oo) than last time. He has decided to use his HAIRPINs mostly as blenders.(check how much the HAIRPINs fail below...)


Leechum (Art) Stats: HP: 600. AT: Various. DF: Low. LV: 50. The Shape Shifter returns!


GodTierSC Stats: HP: 900 AT: Jump Kick: Not Bad. Aura Bolt: High, Pierces Armor. Light Beam: Medium-High, chance of stun. DF: Meh. LV: 62 He's back too! And with some additional moves...


SQUATONEW Shegayoro!! HINDEW SQUATO!! Stats: HP- ITS OVER 9,000!!!! AT: Punch- VERY high. SQUATO SMASH- Amazing. DF: High. LV: 95. The Squatting Squato is back!! He will be in EPICFORM for most of the story.


Gamelover's Co Characters

Minor characters. Includes some of Gamelover's Pets, his Assistant Caplan, and Trix's family (Owen, Winxor, and Becky). Stats are not available.


(If anyone could make a sprite of him and Verlassen, I would seriously appreciate it. If you need a bigger description, let me know.) Stats: HP- 1,200. AT: Melee- High-Very high. DF: Good. LV: 100 He is DMSwordsmaster's rage and love of fighting. He was made when DMSwordsmaster died. It is unknown how.


(Read Sprite request above) Stats: HP- 1,000. AT: Electric Dragons: High. Ice Dragons- High. Other various attacks: Ok-Very high. DF: Ok. LV: 100 She is DMSwordsmaster's cold, intelligent side. She is incredibly smart, but really quiet. She was made when DMSwordsmaster died. It is unknown how.




YSF Stats: HP- 150. (She's stronger then other Yellow Fish) AT- Shock- ok. Megashock- High. DF- Amazing. She was saved from Shakespeare by Gamelover. She gave Gamelover the Dark Stone as a gift of gratitude. Gamelover then "adopted" her, taking her with him in his adventures. When they finally made it and freed Trix, she could only watch as Shakespeare came in and killed her (Trix).

The Onis

THEY'RE BACK?! DAMNIT. Yeah, they're back. However, they are a bit different. After the single surviving Standard found a strange machine while holding some diskett, he cloned himself into something much different. Thousands of UFOs came out of the machine. They are the Ao UFOs. They come in 2 sizes, normal and Big. Big ones can spawn weird Ao Aliens. The Ao Aliens destroy buildings. The regular UFOs are equipped with guns to kill.


DB UFO Stats: None The main antagonist of the story. He was the first Ao UFO created when the Standard went into the Gene Machine. He cloned himself, making thousands of Ao UFOs and Big Ao UFOs. He also used the machine to create the Enviro-Orb, which allows him to use the environment to make armor, at the cost of his body.


Ao UFO Stats: HP- 1,000. AT- Gun- High. Ram- Ok. DF- Ok. Grunts of the New Ao Oni Army.

Big Ao UFO

Big Ao UFO Stats: HP- 5.000. AT- None, spawns Ao Aliens. DF- Ok. They summon Ao Aliens to attack. Can be considered the dropship of the army.

Ao Alien

Ao Alien Stats: HP- 700. AT- Claw- low. Acid- high. DF- low. They are spawned out of the Big Ao UFO. Yeah, its as gross as you might think it is.

Boss On Parade (Boss List)

Apparently, some idiots don't know what the fuck this is. "Boss on Parade" is just another term for something pretty common in video games- Boss Rushes. Y'know, when the hero fights several bosses consecutively? Yeah, same basic concept. Hell, just look at Mega Man, Gradius, Mega Man X, they all have Boss Rushes at the end. Now stop bitching about what they are.

Deep Red

File:Deep Red.png Stats: HP- 14,000. AT- Fire Ball- ok. Mega FireBall- If not reflected, HIGH. DF- High. First Boss On Parade. Encountered by Lazro, Leechum, and Squato. His Boss theme.

Iron Maiden

Look at the fight for a link to what it looks like. Stats- HP- None, recovers itself by leech like stabilizers. AT- Melee- ok-High. Spike launch- high. DOA Move- DOA. Final version of the Regenerators. Must kill all 5 leech like stabilizers to kill it.


Stats- HP: 23,000 AT- Summoning- Can summon other Ao Onis for a while. They have same stats as from Trix 1.. Starstorm- HIGH. Can recover HP. DF: High. Possibly the strongest of the Bosses on Parade. Look him up in google for his past. Encountered by DMSwordsmaster, ZoshiX, and Ludicrine. To fuck you up, I'm not going to post his boss theme from the game he's in. (The theme is actually kinda cool). Instead, his battle theme in T2 is this.

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