The beginning (for people who don't know what is going on)

Like mentioned before, this story is about Trix, a child UFO who's parents are Winxor and Becky (once again, see here). All 3 UFO's are mine (gamelover101's). Trix is then enrolled in Kindergarten 2 at the Pet School, but she gets into bits and pieces of trouble along the way. In her first class (Medical Training), she helps Lazro with computer problems and is promoted to Junior Secondary. There, however, out of sheer randomness, she starts firing heat attacks and burns half the class down (she has some problems with her alcohol sac?). Now, DMS is mad at her, and wants Ao Oni to torture her to death!




Ao Oni X





Ao Oni Original (Final Boss!)

(If ANYONE could make a sprite of his final form, I will worship you.)

Stats: HP: 100,000. AT: Physical Moves: Very high. Laser Beam: High. Dark Pulse: Very High. DF: Ok.

The one behind the scenes. He partially controlled DMSwordsmaster in order to make him harvest souls. He was the one who was found on Blood Mountain, and was the original antagonist of Ao Oni. His plan was to have DMSwordsmaster harvest many souls, thus giving the Machine DMSwordsmaster made substantial power, allowing Ao Oni to destroy the world. The massive army of Ao Oni wouldn't hurt, either.

The Ao Onis

The Ao Onis are DMSwordsmaster's army, created from the DNA extracted from the dead body on Blood Mountain. Their name translates to Blue Demon. (although some look a little purple, THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO BE BLUE) They come in several varieties, some more dangerous then others, but all are dangerous in a way. Only Standard Ao Onis can be Prototyped to make invincible. The Prototyping Process involves combinations with numerous souls to make stronger. An older process involved physical manipulation to make stronger, with disastrous results. Those results are known as the Ao Failures.


Ao Oni Ao Oni (Sprite) Stats- HP: 1,000. AT: Punch- Ok. Bite: High. Grab: Immobilize. DF: Ok. LV: 45.

Standards are the normal Ao Oni's seen running around. They have sharp teeth and can easily rip limbs off with sheer strength. Some can get Prototyped, which makes them nearly invincible and a lot stronger.

Ao Bats

Ao Bat Stats- HP: 400. AT: Swoop- Ok. Bite: Ok. DF: Horrible. LV: 25.

These are the flying Ao Oni's that are usually encountered in large, open areas- fit for sneak attacks. They are incredibly fast and hard to kill. They are, however, very fragile, and can easily be killed in a few blows.

Ao Interceptors

Ao Interceptor 2 Stats: HP- 1,300. AT: Charge: High. Strangle: 3 Turns to escape, or DOA. DF: High. LV: 55.

These are the fast moving snatchers of the army. They move in short, fast, erratic bursts of speed that can easily overtake people. They are also somewhat strong. But, they cannot move constantly- they must stop to catch their breath after a burst.

Ao Sluggers

Oni Slugger Stats: HP- 2,500. AT: Headbutt: High. DF: High. LV: 60.

These are the larvae version of Oni Masses. They are very tough, and are somewhat fast (Not as fast as standards, but they aren't horrendously slow either). They can also attack, unlike Masses. They are usually spawned out of Masses, and in large groups, making encounters with Masses all the more dangerous.

Ao Goliath

Ao Goliath2 Stats: HP: 5,000. AT: Punch: High. SQUATO SMASH: VERY High. DF: High. LV: 70

These hulks are Standards that refuse to be prototyped, and instead train physically. Although not as strong as their Prototyped brothers, they are absurdly powerful and can pick up a car with ease. They have a load of health, as well. They are a major threat, and are a lot more common then Prototyped Standards.


SQUATO SQUATONEW Stats: HP- 8,000. AT: Punch: VERY High. SQUATO SMASH: Amazing. DF: High. LV: 90.

Squato is Ludicrine's genetically modified SR Ao Goliath. He is actually friendly, and he loves to work out. He does not have any affiliations with the Ao Onis, but tends to freak people out after they see him lifting weights near the Pet School Sandbox. He can also go into EPIC form, which boosts his strength dramatically more than the RYU of strength. Of course this form is only used for lifting heavy weights.

Oni Mass (Boss 1)

OniMass Stats: HP- 15,000. AT: Spawn Oni Sluggers. DF: High. LV: 80.

These large blue piles act as tanks for the Ao Oni army. They move absurdly slow, but can make up for that with sheer power. They have an absurdly large amount of health and can serve as transportation for other Ao Onis. They have more health then Goliaths, (But not as much as Prototyped Standards) and can easily withstand several rockets from an RPG. The down side is that they cannot attack on their own and are absurdly slow.

Ao Pop

BlueBerryPopOni BBPO2 Stats: HP- 9,000. AT: Charge- High. Bite- High. Punch- Low. DF: High. LV: 85.

These things can be called a dangerous fusion of Standards and Interceptors. They can move at the speed of a standard, but suddenly gain the speed of an Interceptor for a short moment. They are incredibly rare, but are dangerous nonetheless because they can soon catch up to you, as they lack the need to stop as Interceptors do. However, they do have an Achilles Heel- They cannot change directions while at Interceptor speed, and they take a moment to slow down enough to turn and run at you. The team never fights these things.

These enemies now have an actual, official name- Blockman.

Ao Failures

Ao Failure Ao Failure 2 (Fix) Ao Failure 3 Ao Failure 4 HP: Varies from High to low. AT: Varies. DF: Low. LV: 50.

These freaks are the result of an earlier form of Prototyping attempt going horribly wrong. Some are only bent, while others are horribly mutated. Despite this, they are extremely dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. They are completely unpredictable, and will easily surprise you with their sheer randomness. Leechum is another failure, but the results were much better then DMSwordsmaster and Ao Oni X imagined.

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