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The main protagonist of Trix: Adventures of a UFO. She is spunky, sarcastic, and somewhat of a pyromaniac, though it is later revealed this is not actually her fault. She gets put into the torture room by Revelian when she burns down a part of the Archery Class. After two failed escape attempts, she was to be put in the Soul Ripper, a device that kills and removes the soul of a victim. She managed to escape with Zoshi. Somehow or another this all led to Ao Onis, supposedly controlled by Revelian, until discovered he was being puppeted by Ao Oni Original. Returns in Trix 2, but is dead for most of it due to Shakespeare. She is revived at the end, and comes back later in Trix 3.

Combat Apparati

  • Attacks
    • Heat Blast - A surge of flames that simmers onto all opponents.
    • Fireball - An orb of flames that hits a single opponent for heavy fire damage.
    • Fire Charge - A skill that raises the power of all fire-type attacks, at the cost of a single turn.
    • Heat wave - Fires a concentrated wave of extremely hot air at all opponents.
    • Fire Unleash - A highly powerful flame attack that hits all opponents for heavy fire damage. Can only be used if Fire Charge was used precedingly.
    • Ram - Charges into the opponent at full speed. Does good damage to the opponent, but also does around 1/11 damage to the user.
    • Thaw - Rids user of any Ice-type or Freeze-type stat problems. Also slightly increases fire attacks.
    • Fire Tornado - Launches a flaming whirlwind at a single opponent for extreme damage. Is used under the blessing of Kaiser.
    • Triple Fireball - Launches three fireballs at once. Is used under the blessing of Kaiser.
  • Armament
    • Tome of Fiery Destruction - Increases fire-based attack power and expands knowledge of fire-based attack moves.
  • Traits
    • Hot Problems - When hit with a powerful attack or enraged, the power of fire-type attacks increase.