Trewinnard of Saltwing

Trewinnard Mugshot

Bene Elohim (Elohim Angel/Ningen) (Initial Species)
Monster (Reborn)
Nonbinary (Xe/xir)
Ludusian Witches, Unnamed Fraternal Pirate Organization
Sylph Witch of Saltwing, Trewi


Born as a Ningen/Elohim hybrid, Trewinnard was an inhabitant of a coastal establishment on the planet Narcissus. Xe was born some time after the formation of the Unnamed Fraternal Pirate Organization, as xe became a member during xir life. In an event considered for a pirate, Trewinnard died of natural causes in xir sleep.

At some point, Caledonia's influence allowed Trewinnard and five others to be reborn in the forms of Monsters in the Wonder Jungle, and part of a group of Ludusian Witches.

After the Ludusian Witches were accused of responsibility for the arrival of Separ Monsters, xe had attempted to flee to a home that xe had made for xirself under the water, but the Ludusians found this and put a dam in the nearby area, causing the water to drain out and making xir power decrease greatly, allowing them the opportunity that they had needed to cut off her legs and allow xim to die. In the area where xe had died, the water had later begun to come back, even though the dam was never removed, an effect of the magic released from xir corpse.