Look-a-troopa - Pet design, System supervisor

BrokenMartyr - Mechanics

Starting Out

You'll be able to pick and name one of the following pets. They will never run out, but do try to balance their amounts among the active users. Their colouring will depend on that of the Pestertag of the adopting user. Further mechanics will be unveiled later.

Starter Pet 1 Starter Pet 2 Starter Pet 3

Setting your Pet's Elemental Allegiance

You can pick one of three elements to be attached to your pet. This will give it a certain attack, depending on its species.

Starter Pet 1 Starter Pet 2 Starter Pet 3
Physical Force Beam Harmful Note Rollout
Thunder Shock Srike Magnet Fang
Fire Fireball Torch Heat Bash
Ice Aurora Blast Crystal Lance Frostbite

Battling Wild Monsters

For the first 10 levels your pet can attain, it is advised to battle with wild, untrained monsters. With the way that your pets attain experience from battling, your pet will gain elemental affinity and other traits from the monsters it defeats. This action can be done once daily.

Tier 1

Level 1-5

Current Wild Monsters (Tier 1)

Unityre Ill Bird Dirt Beetle - Ocular Snail Exotic Fish Swamp Frog

Enemy descriptions at the image file

Tier 2

Level 5-8

Tier 3

Level 8-10

Battle Mechanics

The HP of a pet is calculated with the formula ((Pet Level - 1) × 5) + 100 = Total HP

The damage dealt is calculated with the formula (((Pet Strength/Pet Magic) × 5) + Attack Power) - Enemy Defense ×3 = Damage Dealt [Where Pet Strength is used in case of a normal attack, and Pet Magic is used in case of a magic attack]

When Pet Speed > Enemy Speed, the pet will have the first turn

When Pet Speed < Enemy Speed, the enemy will have the first turn

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