Toxicrebound Marttel

Redesigned Tox

17 Years (11 Years in Fan-Ball) (Appears older due to an aging cream incident)
Mavelus Soflini (Associate, Acquaintance)

Codeam Lidraz (Associate)

Waldo Wavre (Associate)

Gregor (Associate, Acquaintance)

Raptor Isthmus (Former Associate)

Neptunel Lea (Associate)

Coherine Antigram (Associate, Acquaintance)

Deryn Haniko (Associate)

Adamant's Parents (Former Associates)
Valleyforge City

Toxicrebound Marttel is the Bizarro counterpart of Poisonshot. Due to his lineage and wealth as a result of a mixture of Coherine and his high paying job at Raptorco, he is a Class-A citizen. His pesterchum tag is hexcodedToxicity.



Toxicrebound found his way to Ludus after years of traveling from his home planet, which had recently been taken over by 8^y's Anti-Matter army. He soon met Coherine, who he became good friends with. Coherine's inherited money could have been enough to support them both, but Toxi didn't want to hold him back, so he got a high-paying job at RAM Inc. Coherine joined the company, too, so that the two could work together. Toxicrebound also managed to get a job at Raptorco.

However, after accidentally walking into a place he shouldn't have, Raptor fires him and forces him out of RAM Inc. as well. Out of options, Tox forges a very tenuous alliance with Gregor.

Events of Chronicles

When Gregor stumbled upon Mavelus, Tox was quick to invite him into their group. He assists Mavelus by pointing out the facility the former had stumbled into and resulted in his firing. After Mavelus raids it, and subsequently gets thrown out of Raptorco (literally), the group flees. Once they were captured by Zogenand and his troops, he serves as a sort of medium towards Mavelus, giving him moral support.

RPG Info

Toxicrebound doesn't really focus on certain aspects of his stats, which is why they are fairly balanced. He is a bit more on the offensive side, though.

Tox Stats


  • His old-faced appearance is due to a Raptorco experiment gone wrong; They had attempted to make an "anti aging cream" that would help reduce wrinkles and the appearance of age, but the formula used caused a much more terrifying and dramatic effect, instead increasing the age and facial hair growth of anyone unfortunate enough to be caught by it. Tox was exposed to the stuff while he and Coherine were preparing to quarantine it, due to an "attack" by Gregor, who splashed the liquid in Tox's face. This exposure is also how Gregor looks slightly older than his age, as well.