Owner: Poisonshot

Name: Mithri

Result: Mithri Mithri (-): Hates being followed by others.

Owner: Poisonshot

Name: Oliver

Result: Oliver Oliver (-): Always carries oil for its mechanic friends.

Owner: Poisonshot

Name: Cutehead

Result: Cutehead Cutehead (-): Has an odd chemical reaction when in touch with antimatter.

Owner: Poisonshot

Name: Hepati

Result: Hepati Hepati (-): Stalks everyone who it deems weaker than itself.

Owner: Poisonshot

Name: Roundhrild

Result: Roundhrild Roundhrild (-): Sometimes it hides in the clouds, even during a thunderstorm.


Owner: Poisonshot

Name: Honedge

Result: Honedge Honedge (-): Classified as an "Energy vampire", preferring energy stolen from other machines over its own.

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