Timelines are the concept by which our wiki organizes fan-works of literary nature, a system created to espouse both individual artistic liberty as well as a shared community of characters and ideas.

In order to keep things nice and neat, it will be assumed that characters, locations, or other meta elements are "timeline-less" until they make an appearance in at least one published work. Upon being created, written works will be sorted into one of many timelines based on a number of factors, including content and user permissions.

Below is the current list of both occupied and unoccupied timelines, which are symbolized by letters in the Greek and Latin alphabets.

Α - Alpha

The first established timeline, considered the "pioneer" of the storylines. Generally closed off from further direct additions by request of DMSwordsmaster, its main contributor.

Stories (Alpha)

Supplementary Material (Alpha)

Bizarro Stories (Alpha)

Β - Beta

Timeline that follows a revised telling of the events of Alpha, with some tweaks and reimaginations along the way. Created and maintained by Ludicrine, and for the time being has not been published on-site.

Stories (Beta)

Γ - Gamma

Timeline initiated by a set of stories, like Pi, also written by Fire InThe Hole, but which exist in a separate canon.

Stories (Gamma)

Supplementary Material (Gamma)

Δ - Delta

This timeline considers an alternate scenario where Zach founds the company called "Zed-Ex" as a solo venture, and the events following. In this timeline also Hankvi is instead born as Desmin, an altered version of himself.

Supplementary Material (Delta)

Ε - Epsilon

ε - Varepsilon

Ϝ - Wau/Digamma

Timeline influenced by the being Algidas. Due to this, temporal magic, especially the kinds not linked to Chronos, are very common. This eventually leads to it fragmenting into nonexistence, erasing all of its events and people. The Maintenancekeeper originates from this timeline.

Supplementary Material (Wau)

Ͷ - Pamphylian Digamma

Ϛ - Stigma

The gigantic proto-planet of Gaia was never destroyed, and most Prism-native life lives there, apart from some aberrant cases. Nevertheless, Gaia is frequently subject to invasions from outside, of extrauniversal rather than merely extraterrestrial nature.

Ζ - Zeta

ZoshiX's interpretation of the Fan-Ball World. Not incredibly likely to go anywhere concrete, but exists nonetheless here.

Ͱ - Heta

Η - Eta

An alternate version of the Sigma timeline, being based on SGRUB-related events. Hankvi is instead The Dictator in this timeline.

Supplementary Material (Eta)

Θ - Theta

ϑ - Vartheta

Ι - Iota

Timeline which hosts The Finity, Ludicrine/Baxter leaves LDZX and Zach becomes the emperor of Ludus instead.

Supplementary Material (Iota)

Ϳ - Yot

Κ - Kappa

Timeline where Kuipter is victorious in his schemes, with resulting effects on events. Also, in this timeline, Chaos appears as a being with the face of Josh DeSeno.

Stories (Kappa)

Supplementary Material (Kappa)

Λ - Lambda

A timeline starts off the same as Alpha, except with Chaos being a direct decedent of the existential seed. The set of stories are written by JWDD, and Julius actually gets to Ludus in this timeline.

Μ - Mu

The roles of Lazro and Taku are switched in this timeline, leading to event shenanigans.

Supplementary Material (Mu)

Ν - Nu

Timeline that follows the events of an earlier Ludus and conflicts with Nazcans.

Supplementary Material (Nu)

Ξ - Xi

Ο - Omicron

Π - Pi

Timeline for a set of stories written by Fire InThe Hole, set in a timeline very similar or possibly functionally identical to Alpha, but considered separate for permissions purposes.

Stories (Pi)

ϑ - Varpi

Ϻ - San

Ϙ - Archaic Koppa

Ϟ - Koppa

Ρ - Rho

This is a timeline in which Samuel becomes an ultimate being.

ϑ - Varrho

Σ - Sigma

Timeline that contains a webcomic-like parody of Homestuck, in which Fan-Ball characters participate in their own fictional game, called SFANB. Also home to other webcomic parodies, which may exist in separate sub-timelines but are all considered part of Sigma.

Stories (Sigma)

ϑ - Varsigma

Τ - Tau

Υ - Upsilon

Timeline where by some turn of events the main characters are intergalactic astronauts.

Supplementary Material (Upsilon)

Φ - Phi

A timeline that exists in a surge of the power of Chaos, where time shenanigans run rampant, and where nothing makes any sense. Anything that doesn't fit anywhere and/or is generally just for joking around purposes probably belongs here.

"Stories" (Phi)

ϕ - Varphi

Χ - Chi

Ψ - Psi

Ω - Omega

A collection of roughly thirty at least slightly different timelines that have been merged together by the magic of Algidas. The timeline itself is heavily inaccessible to most, though within it can be found extremely powerful versions of other beings from other timelines.

Supplementary Material (Omega)

Ͳ - Archaic Sampi

Ϡ - Sampi

Ϸ - Sho

Ʀ - Yr

Ƨ - Saga

This Timeline, in a Meta sense, is what Alpha was supposed to be; a Timeline in which the "main" stories/lives of created characters all happen (i.e. characters such as Hankvi, owned by HGD, as well as Mercuron, owned by LAT, would have their "intended" story and arc represented in this timeline instead of across different timelines due to conflicts of ideas or ownership), like a community-owned Timeline.

In a canonicity sense, this is the timeline that is "split" into two different yet similar timelines (Doomed/1/Unaltered and Saved/2/Altered). Later, in the year 1000 AEQ, those two timelines are Unified by Algidas.

Ʃ - Esh