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Episode Description
"Fan-Ball: Origins" The main characters' pasts are revealed.
"I are cool?" Poisonshot adopts a new "cool" personality from Bruidic to fit in with the gang; Luna is involved in a reckless driving accident. (Based on old PS)
"Party Harder" Zoshi hosts a house party, but things soon get out of hand when everyone becomes horrendously intoxicated.
"Raegean Endeavor" Luna forces Revelian to attend anger management rehab; LD is taken off his medicine and turns to alcohol to soothe him.
"Chips Ahoy" The main characters dress up as pirates and fuck around on a ship; Revelian thinks this is stupid and goes home.
"Angus Bangalore" Through a loophole in an LDZX contest, Speddos gets the key to the city for a day.
"Rhapsody in Purple" Hank does a crapload of work; Hank does even more work.
Not recommended for stoners.
"Resident Pievil" LDZX begins selling homemade pies, but the terrible recipe backfires and turns the residents into hostile zombies.
"Bluebloods" LD gets strange transmissions from outer space that tell him to do things; Grodus does community service.
"I've Seen You Naked" Zoshi constructs a giant telescope, only to discover it points right into Revelian's castle; LD locks himself out of his house.
"Weird Time Shmit" Lazro discovers a magic watch that lets him move through time; Mercuron fixes time loops.
"Anger Point" Everyone gets locked inside of a secure storage room during a power outage; Revelian's rage reaches his peak when everyone else acts stupid during it.
"Twittle Bittle" LDZX invents a hit social network, but the community starts spreading nasty rumors.
"Duper Zero" After reading a comic, Zoshi is inspired to become a superhero; Zoshi goes to the hospital.
"Make Her a Member of the Midnight Crew" After feeling like a pushover, Fluttershy joins a local gang; Fluttershy gets arrested for assaulting Revelian.
"Kick Me" Everyone is duped by a mysterious prankster; Revelian pranks everyone.
"Fan-Ball Holiday Special" The gang gets together to celebrate Chanukwanzaa; Anything that could go wrong does go wrong.
"Weird Reality Shmit" Revelian and Luna get sucked into an alternate reality, in which Kuipter and Celestia are heroes, while Revelian and Luna are evil.
"VXX ULAANJ?" Ludicrine tries to teach El Sock Tongue McMan to speak; Speddos hacks into LDZX computers and turns the homepage into a porn site.
"Sticks and Dickheads" Lazro tells the epic tale of his ancestor, Taku.
"Work Overdose" After Hank is found unconscious for the seven thousandth time at his work desk, Revelian forces him to take a vacation; He must then stop Hank from breaking into the building to work more.
"Fastest Car Ever" Revelian orders the RuBee20XX, a car which holds the title for the fastest car in existence. Luna, however, disapproves, as the car costs 20 million dollars.
"Chips Ahoy XXX" Speddos takes control of the show, and makes an episode where the main characters dress up as pirates and fuck on a ship.
"Out of the Closet" A forgotten room in the LDZX Adoption Center causes the Steckenburg health inspector to shut down the company.
"I, Calculator" Commandant SixFour malfunctions and orders a complete robotic takeover of Ludus.
"Contra-contraception" Mercuron publishes media to convince the public that condoms are fake.
"Misguided" A piece of stone falls on Hankvi's "weak spot" on his forehead, awakening memories of himself during his past; He forces everyone to do the chores for him, ridiculing his "slaves" in the progress.
"Rhapsody in Purple Redux" Hank does a crapload of work while speed metal plays in the background.
Not recommended for viewers with high blood pressure.
"Polar Crucex" In an attempt to repair his refrigerator, Grodus accidentally unleashes a blizzard upon Ludus.
"Zoneless Insomniac" Zoshi takes a new pill that should help him sleep better, but ends up with him sleepwalking.
"The Switcheroo" Everyone pretends to be someone else for a day, to the dismay of the surrounding city.
"Canercraft" The gang decides to play together on an MMORPG, only to discover that Speddos is the server's moderator.
"Dark Waters" Revelian gets infected by a strange parasite that only attaches to Dark Matter; Kuipter mocks Revelian all day, but later gets paranoid and fears he may get the parasite as well.
"A Day in the Life of Kuipter Zeronius" (alt title "Rhapsody of Yellows and Blacks") A look into Kuipter's average day is shown.
"Frosty the Skull-Headed, Cloak Wearing, Scythe Wielding Serial Killer" A string of Ranger murders leads the LDZX crew on an investigation to find out who or what is doing it. The answer turns out to be a huge shocker.
"The Carbon Files" Mercuron gets infected with a mysterious disease and transforms into Josedong, a carbon fiber warrior who does battle with his greatest foe.
"A Hank's Guide for Dudes" Having finished a book filled with upcoming projects, Hankvi went back home to rest. Unbeknownst to him, the book was mistaken for a novel and became a huge sell worldwide.
"Every Villain Is Lemons" Ludicrine is hit with a strange beam, as a result of a science experiment from Kuipter; This turns the former into an evil counterpart, Ludicrime.
"Dumb Anime Nerd Killers" (Alt title "Tales From the Book of Shadows") Mori shares his tales of his ancestors and family to Sam, Zoshi, Ludicrine, and Revelian; Everybody constantly interrupts and stops him to where he can't get the first sentence off.
"Heir of Gel" After Ludicrine tells him a bad joke (See the title), Zoshi is inspired to create his own line of hair products; the product causes a lot of people to go bald. Inspired by both LAT and ZX.
"Super Awesome Highschool AU" A look into the life of the Pet Academy is shown. Inspired by a suggestion by NutikTehWolf, modified by DMSwordsmaster.
Untitled The LDZX employees run into trouble when persistent customer demands access to the adoption center, while it is closed during the holiday season.
"Zodiac Caner" The LDZX employees all turn into crabs; Revelian thinks this is stupid and goes home.
"The Thorn in Our Sides" "Clown of Thorns," or "Game of Thorns." An obnoxious business rookie (SR123) creates competition for LDZX by establishing an identical business across the street.
"New Awesome Sam Adventure" Sam must find a way to prevent the moon from falling out of orbit and destroying Ludus.
"Return of Thinderlord" Poisonshot finds a way to temporarily revive Thristel-Immo; The two go on an adventure to see how Ludus has changed before Thristel passes on.
"Make Him A Member of the 4 O'Clock Crew" An alternate reality is seen where Mura, Revelian, and Kuipter form a crime-fighting team.
"Delinius's Incredubious Cooking Knowledge Show" Delinius hosts a cooking show; All food, including every building in a five mile radius get burnt.

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