Map for new series (no big difference)

The stages are located above the mountain series.

 The valley series is an idea for a series of stages I have for stick ranger. It will take some time to completely make this series.

Series information

The series itself is unlocked after defeating cavern 6 (Valley 1 unlocked first)

All the stages have fog/mist in the background, like all the forest stages.

In total there are 5 stages, note that some are actually located in the position of the groups of trees in the default map (2 and 4 for example).


Here are the stages, if you are reading this now then I won't have added individual photos and/or information for the enemies. It will take some time.

Valley 1:

6 screens in total.

Valley 2:

7 screens in total.

Valley 3:

7 screens in total.

Valley 4:

8 screens in total.

Valley 5:

7 screens in total.

Valley 6:

6 screens in total.

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