This story happens in the Fan-Ball mirror universe, Dan-Ball.

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This Green X Walker is one of the main characters of the story. He is male, and uses a Poison Ball as an attack.


The son of the Submarine Shrine Boss (Titsunami). Anonther main character. She is female, about as old as Gryx. She is a Lilac Fairy Eel.

Chapter 1: Attack of the Warpagons!

The story begins in Opening Street.

Greenie (Green Smiley Walker) : Let's hope the egg will hatch soon!

Xie (Blue X Walker):Yeah, I hope!

The egg starts to shake.

Greenie: Oh! It's hatching!

The egg reveals a Green... X Walker?!

Greenie: Oh! Xoixonxhot, what we will call it?

Xoixonxhot: Gryx, Aoahia?

Aoahia: Sounds good!

They see an odd ship! From the ship, Warpagons(PGS) fall and start to invade the area!

Xoixonxhot: Run, Gryx!

Gryx arrives near the feared by Greenies and Blueys Greyinner(GBSW) area.

Gryx: Well, let's go on!

Greyinner: Hey! You cannot pass! You are too young and odd!

Battle Start!

Gryx use Poison Ball!

Greyinner takes 97! Poisoned!-3 HP!

Greynner is knocked out!

You win!

Greyinner: How... is it even possible...!

Gryx walk to Grassland 2(Yeah he skip) and got attacked by a Intetceotor(OSB)!

Battle Start!

Gryx use Jump Kick!

Intetceotor takes 35 damage!

Intetceotor use Slash!

Gryx takes 5 damage!

Gryx use Ball!

Intetceotor takes 80 damage!

Intetceotor fall to the ground!

You win!

Intetceotor: Noooooooooooo! I failed!

Chapter 2:Oh no Stickman

Gryx walks up to Grassland 6 withoud problem... but then...

SMASH! (Thunder sounds is heard!)

He see the Prune Plant(PBST) beign throwed!

A Boxer is there. He sees Gryx.

Boxer:Hey! I gonna PWN you like a boss!

Boss Battle Start!

Gryx use Poison Ball!

Boxer takes 93 damage!

Boxer use Thunder Falcon Punch!

Gryx takes 230 damage!

Gryx fall over!

You lose!

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