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Notable Inhabitants
Siezzor Oktevian, the Oktepus
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The OKTE is a realm in the Separ Dimension. Being in this dimension, its existence is questioned by many, though it is confirmed to exist (at least, in the Fan-Ball Universe). It is between the realms of Hell, the torture realm of fire, and the Wather, the torture realm of water, giving it the unique landscape it has. It is a place of searing hot water and burning coral, making it ideal for crafting tools and weapons.


  • The OKTE was originally to be named "The OKTENE", as a play-on-words of "octane".
  • The ruler, Siezzor Oktevian, is named after Caesar Augustus, sometimes called Caesar Octavian.
  • The Oktepus was inspired by Lazro's quote of "BURN IN OCTOPUS". The Okte-Push, however, was thought up beforehand.
  • The Okte-Gone was is designed like a stop-sign as a homage to H2obox/DatDemo.