Mienen Courier
Ludicrine K. Z. K. A. Jast DeCurro Anagram (Squadron Force)

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Minasc Courier (Brother, Squadron Force)
Ithion Satellite, Genoskaya
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Mienen Courier, better known as her title of The Mistress, is a Serrangio hailing from Ithion Satellite, Genoskaya. She was the leader of a small squadron, of which the most notable force member is Ludicrine.

Born as the talented and capable leader of her squadron, Mienen was a part of a governmental test group that involved placing twins in the same squadron to test any effects on their behavior, prompted as a result of the rising fascination of youths with their biological relatives. The results of Mienen and her twin brother, Minasc, being in the same squadron, had no notable effects, so the group was left to grow on their own. Mienen grew close with Minasc, who was more of a bossy personality and ended up taking over as the squadron leader at some parts, leaving him with the nickname of "The Master" within the group. As a fitting counterpart, Mienen was given the affectionate nickname of "The Mistress".

At some point in her life, The Mistress developed a terminal illness.


The Mistress is very kind-mannered and understanding, acting almost motherly to those that she meets. She was close with her brother Minasc, who acted as the leader of her squadron due to his more dominant ruling features. As she was not the more forceful of the two, she was very well-respected and loved by those around her.

Mienen is taller than Ludicrine, but shorter than Iala. Her skin is slightly darker than other Serrangios and is somewhat rough, particularly near her arms. Her hairwings are of a solid mint color, depicting pink spiral patterns at full length. She wears a necklace bearing interlocking, multicolored rings and often wears turtlenecks.


  • Her last name, Courier, is of the same name as one of the many original universes brought into existence by the Sneeze of Life, detailed in the Book of Creation. Whether by intention, or even along with relation, is unknown as of yet.