Ludicrine, with writing help by DMSwordsmaster.


The following is top-secret information classified by LD of LDZX. Well, this is a chain of things that all lead up to one person: Kuipter.


Kuipter Status: Dead. (FINALLY)

This is the new leader of the Dark Matter, who managed to create a new Dark Star. However, it was very weak, and needed resources to grow. As a result, Kuipter came up with the idea to invade planets, harvest resources, and then destroy them. With all of the Dark Matters in agreement, his first target...was Earth!! He has done a lot of crazy shmit since he's been around, such as-

  • Creating the Universal (or Planetary) Unit, which features creatures named after the 9 planets (PLUTO'S STILL A PLANET IN OUR EYES!!
  • Creating insane and demented creations, such as Koala, Cassiopeia, Eos, and Kole (although Veyron, one of his creations, ran away from the lab)
  • Raping an eel named Loneliness Loneliness and making Misery Misery
  • Creating a giant metropolis designed to harvest resources named Universe City
  • Being a total jackass

However, he gets his comeuppance when he invites DMS, ZoshiX, and Ludicrine to his capital in Universe City. There, the 3 heroes defeat Kole, XoshiZ (ZoshiX's doppleganger), and Kuipter himself. But, just as he is about to die, Shenanigans winds up killing him for his own demented plan. As he dies, however, he warns that "You may of won the fight...but the war is still raging!"

He's returned in Dr. Sand: Twisted Fates. In this one, he has also evolved and looks similar to DMS. NewKuipter Here, it is revealed that Kuipter is actually DMS's younger brother. He disguised himself as DMS and led a massive invasion, keeping the real DMS locked up. Just as he was going to kill ZX as he hesitated, the real DMS intervened. He had also driven Dr. Sand, a brilliant researcher, insane after killing his daughter, and used him to cause chaos while he pulled the strings in the shadows.


The Kuipter Incident

  • Tespa and Lessie originated from within Kuipter Labs.

North Byser

North Byser

  • North Byser was an experiment created from Kuipter Labs. It has been revealed by the ones named Freo, Rosiex, Tulirio, Ausky, and Construs that North Byser was created to destroy Koala. He failed and had his brain reprogrammed to destroy everything.

Universal Unraveling


  • Scio2, the son of a scientist in Kuipter Labs, was murdered by someone who claims to be Earth herself.

The Breedery Attacks


  • A Salmonella Outbreak caused by Kuipter's disciple, SR123.


  • A bomb was found implanted in a youngster's lung with the message "take the world along with you"

Attacks on Users/LDZX Employees


  • This one is one of the more well known attacks. Read it for details. It is mildly disturbing, so don't read, those faint at heart!

Cassiopeia, Koala, and Shenanigans

CassiopeiaOriginal Status: Incapacitated.

Cassiopeia is the large guardian at the gate of Kuipter Labs. She has been defeated only once. After finally being defeated by a Shrink Bomb, she shrank to the size even smaller then the palm of your hand. No seriously, she's the size of a golfball now. Full size.

 "Tremor report: Richter scale 9.9 near Grassland are base 3. Kuipter has launched the Koala."

Koala Status: Dead.

The Koala is the earthquake spirit straight out of Hell. He is terrorizing the Grassland areas, forcing people to take passage through Hill Country, where the dreaded "Shenny" lies. Koala has retreated to the Pit of Passive Insanity, which is hidden amongst the ??? and Mist Grove areas. However, many reports of light seismic activity suggest that Koala is making a new earth-affecting weapon. It is currently unknown where he is. He has seemingly vanished since the end of the Kuipter Files. Despite what it said here before, Koala in actuality appears in "Trix 2: The War". He apparently states that he vanished and was looking for "The next big thing". He joins the Ao Onis, but only for a little while, as he gets defeated after the gang finds Trix and he ambushes them.
ShenanigansShenanigansConcept Status: Dead.

Shenanigans is the spirit of trickery. He is considered "The World of Reversal", as he will end up being a threat to anyone he encounters, including Kuipter himself. Kuipter thus used Koala to redirect all people toward the uncontainable Shenny. This backfired when Shenanigans destroyed the Castle and surrounding Seaside area single-handedly out of pure rage. Kuipter then sent a message saying "Take the world along with you", though he decided to use the message for a bomb plot. (See BREEDERY ATTACKS section 2) His whereabouts currently direct to the Hill Country. NOTE: There are two versions of Shenanigans. The Red one is his official, Kuipter Files version. The green version is used for the Adoption center, to make him more grotesque. It winds up that he was using the 3 heroes to defeat Kuipter, so he can put his plan into motion. His plan was to absorb the Planetary Unit, Kuipter, and DMS to make him the almighty being, However, DMSwordsmaster narrowly defeated him after a grueling battle.


EosThe incredibly powerful brother son of Ceberus Tree has been uncovered in Kuipter Labs. It has its own containment area with only the best of the best safety precautions. Not much is known about the tree except that it can harness the power of dark energy and use it for ultimate destruction. It is noted that when the two make molecular contact, they will form the ultimate being. This was apparently made when Cerberus Tree went missing. The theory behind how it happened is that Kuipter or his agents kidnapped the C-Tree while she was sleeping, extracted an egg cell from her, and rapid grew it with K's DNA. As a result, this hulking monster is born.

UPDATE: Eos has encountered C-Tree, and the two fought. Eos was defeated (WOW!) by C-Tree, and has shrunk, and became this- NewEos Kinda cute, isn't he?


[7] This is Kuipter's confirmed daughter. Read cite link 6 [6] for info on how it happened. Kuipter is not happy he doesn't have his daughter, and has even attacked DMSwordsmaster, her owner, to get her back. But he hasn't succeeded so far. Yay us!
Despite her rather evil background, she is actually unlike her father at all. She is very friendly and nice to people. She gets along with other pets very well. It can be safe to assume that she will not become her like her father, unless he manages to capture her.

Recent updates: When put in the Power Center scanner, she nearly destroyed the machine from the power flowing through her. God d**n. [8] Also, as a result of Ludicrine allowing the scan, Ausky, an unknown friend to Ludicrine, was executed. In essence, we had to sacrifice a human life...for absolutely nothing. God d***it.

Also: Apparently, she is a lesbian. She is taking an awful lot of interest in Beezis, ZoshiX's Yellow Diamond Satellite. She still, however, does not understand these feelings. We will not judge her for being a lesbian, either. (Do it, and I personally will block you. TRY ME. -DMS)

Base of Operations

Satellite images show that Kuipter's base of operations is located in a giant metropolis codenamed "Universe City". The location of Universe City is all the way across the world. As satellite readings show, this city is heavily defended. Attacking it head on would be complete and total suicide.

Pictures of the city-
Universe City
Universe City Screenshot 2

Possible Threat

According to this message, we have identified that Kuipter is cycloptic. All of his breed attacks are apparently done by an agent who is also cycloptic and got carried away with some of the victims, though Kuipter's DNA is still present. We are unable to find traces of the breeding agent's DNA samples. Kuipter also suggests that he may return to violent attacks such as the one in the breedery. However, it is confirmed that Loneliness was NOT attacked by the breeding agent, but Kuipter himself. We do not know why. It could be possible he did not have the breeding agent back when he attacked Loneliness. Or, who knows, he might just like some of


The threat was not a bluff. [9] Emotion, the oldest pet not yet adopted, was murdered in a bomb blast sent by Kuipter.
The Pillory, a machine that can identify RYUs, has signified Emotion to be a RYU. (See below)


RYUs are a special chosen group of pets who have avoided a dark destiny somehow. They look different than how they should as children. At will, they may turn into RYU form, which gives them an aura to power them up in the way they need most, and a new name. All of the RYUs together make the KAISER, the creature who has the ability to destroy Kuipter in case the rest of us fail. The Pillory, Ludicrine's machine, can identify RYUs. RYUs are uncommonly called Timelesses. RYU is dragon in Japanese. All aura effects can be shared with nearby friends and all powers are inherited to children of the RYUs. The RYUs are: Chi (Stamina), Miko (Intelligence), Ryota (Strength), Arvous (Unity), Deamust (Speed), and Udvented (Sight).

  • Edit- all Dark Destinies involve multiple people. Example- Ergoth's parents are currently top research scientists who have invented blueprints for the Pillory, Emotion avoided making a car crash into a gas station and exploding a limo, and DMSwordsmaster stood against the rest of his kind who plotted to destroy the world (He's part of OUR resistance, isn't he?).

The known RYUs are:

  • Early ErgothErgothRyu-ChiRYU-Chi/Ergoth, owned by ZoshiX. As a child, Ergoth's destiny was to murder his parents, but this was avoided due to an invitation to a higher class school (secretly sent to him from ZoshiX in the future in order to avoid this). As a result, Ergoth may become RYU-Chi, which can power his already deadly punches with high speed. Chi is Energy in Pixelfolk, the language of Stickmen.
  • EmotionEmotion has been identified as a RYU. Kuipter, knowing this, took his life and has ruined the chance of assembling KAISER. Emotion was intended to be an early Flower Wheel, but the Wheel was never developed and he aged into an altered Smiley (Disapproving). Emotion has been adopted by Ludicrine and is apparently RYU-Udvented, having the power of sight in addition to his wisdom. As a child, he was almost hit by a car and would have unless he had not had the gut feeling to jump randomly.Ryu-Udvented
  • DMSwordsmaster is a confirmed RYU. Not only that, but we have reasons to believe he is the first RYU ever, and thus is the KAISER. He was made a RYU when he was defeated at Dreamland by Kirby's hands. He sailed across the galaxy untill he landed in Tunguska on Earth (LOLREFERENCE). He then mended his ways and became good. Not to mention that he is also defending the Earth from the new Dark Matter reign lead by Kuipter Kuipter, and thus is betraying the very people he lead a long time ago just to save his new home. DMS Ryu Fix As the KAISER, he has a huge increase in all stats. He is absurdly strong in his RYU form, and he is known as Dakudoragonkaiza. (Dark Dragon Kaiser) As a result, HE is the one that must defeat Kuipter and save the universe!
  • Veyron, during the battle against Kuipter, was revealed to be a RYU. She is the RYU of Unity. Veyron
  • The other RYUs that were forgotten after the battle with Kuipter are Iro and Veeru. Iro Veeru. Memories of them were erased by their mentor, Aeg Aeg, the RYU-Ir, or the RYU keeper.

Potential RYUs-

The Resistance

You may sign up here.


The Kuipter Files: FINALE! was written by DMSwordsmaster. It is the confirmed conclusion to The Kuipter Files.