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The hatchery is similar to The Greenhouse, but with a different concept. Instead of seeds, this place carries eggs. Instead of plants, this place has animals. And so on. To get an egg and hatch them, place a request on the talk page, and an administrator will respond and allow you to grow your seeds if possible. The species can only be limited in the "Biological Creatures" listed below.

(Protip: To upload an egg, upload the egg image and include it in the comment by typing [[File:^.png]], where in "^" type the name of the image (take note of the png and PNG in the filename).)


  • Only admins and the creator of this page can edit this page.
  • The current limit for adopting seeds are: NO LIMIT for day, THREE per week (Resets on SUNDAY), and NINE per month total. It does not affect the Adoption Center's limit or The Greenhouse's limit.
  • Owners cannot create their pets. THIS MEANS YOU!
    • If you adopt the egg, that means you can't hatch it yourself. It is prefered (although not limited) that the creator of said egg should provide with the finished pet if possible.
    • However, if the planting process takes longer than a month and there is no Operator, the owner must notify in the comments.
  • Tip: Click one of the boxes in the sortable table and you can see what is gotten and what isn't.
  • If you claim an egg is yours, despite the fact that someone else owns it, you will get a warning from an admin. Continue to do so anyways, and you get a block and 1 week on the Blacklist. So don't do it. Expand the table if you can't see who owns a pet you might like to adopt, or better yet, DO NOT pick eggs that are marked in THIS COLOR....
  • Animals from eggs and from eggs only can be bred at any time.
  • In the incubator, only 3 eggs/animals can be allowed per user.

Species that are counted as Animals

Animals are limited to animals that, in real life, hatch from eggs. (Insects, Birds, Fish, Reptiles, etc.)

Blank spider Spider Blank scorpion Scorpion Blank Dino Dino Blank turtle tfm Turtle (TFM) Blank Snail neo Snail
Blank slug Slug Blank Ant Ant Blank mole Mole Blank Chicken Chicken Blank Silverfish Silverfish
Basilisk Blank Basilisk Blank Grasshopper Grasshopper Blank Worm Worm Blank bat Bat Blank dragon Dragon
Blank butterfly Butterfly Blank hydra Hydra Blank moth Moth Blank serpent Serpent Blank fish Fish
Blank eel Eel Blank jellyfish Jellyfish Blank seahorse Seahorse Blank Seasnake Seasnake Blank Cyprinid Cyprinid
Blank Trout Trout Blank Seastar Starfish Blank Clione Clione Blank Manta-Ray Manta-Ray Blank Ctenophore Ctenophore
Blank oyster Oyster Blank crab Crab (PS) Blank bird Bird Blank Frog Frog Naga Blank Naga
Blank Crab (CMBK) Crab (CMBK) Blank Crab (CMBK)-alt Crab (CMBK alt)

The Whitelist

These users are able to edit this page (OPs). If you're not on this list, then you're unable to edit this page for your advantage, but you're able to adopt and give seed ideas if you leave a comment (unless you're on the blacklist, in which you can't do anything...).

The Blacklist

  • Mankinni
  • Mankinni 2
  • Mankinni 3
  • Mankinni,
  • Mankinni P-H-A-L-L-I-C
  • Mankinni 5
  • Gák ák ák
  • BP321
  • Waldo

The Active Part

Adopters for the month of September

wk. __month__ username

Egg Catalog

Known Codes:

Code 1 - Must be member of AM Inc. or have good history/rollback.

Code P - Only one from the pack may be taken per user.

# Picture Name Special Requirements or Notes Creator Adopter
1 Blank Egg First Egg The first ever egg. It also serves as a blank base for other eggs. Be sure to treat it with care. A, Mori Poisonshot
2 Red Egg Red Egg A red egg. Its result will be colored red. One of the color pack eggs. A, Mori Look-a-troopa
3 Blue Egg Blue Egg A blue egg. Its result will be colored blue. One of the color pack eggs. A, Mori ZoshiX
4 Green Egg Green Egg A green egg. Its result will be colored green. One of the color pack eggs. A, Mori Ludicrine
5 Yellow Egg Yellow Egg It's a yellow egg. A, Mori Josewong
6 Cyan Egg Cyan Egg It's a cyan egg. A, Mori Josewong
7 Magenta Egg Magenta Egg It's a magenta egg. A, Mori Josewong
8 GēΓῆ Egg GēΓῆ Egg An ancient egg with a rocky texture. Uncovered in the Wonder Jungle. Express Catalog. Look-a-troopa Ludicrine
9 Flame Egg Flame Egg Has a flame pattern on it. Will probably hatch into something related to fire. Poisonshot Aeinstein
10 Water Egg Water Egg Seems to be permanently water-y. Will probably hatch into something that at least partially lives in water. Poisonshot
11 Scale Egg Scale Egg Has scales on it. Will probably have scales when it hatches. Poisonshot Ludicrine
12 EarthEgg Earth Egg Will probably hatch into something big, green and blue Aeinstein
13 Carton of Eggs Carton of Eggs Look-a-troopa Fire InThe Hole
14 Frozen Egg Frozen Egg Appears to be frozen solid, though this doesn't seem to affect the egg. Will probably hatch a pet that has icy properties. When hatching, this egg should not be heated but rather immersed in warm water. Fire In the Hole
15 Boiled Egg Boiled Egg It appears that someone already prepared this egg for consumption, but we assure you there's at least a decent chance there's something inside. ZoshiX
16 Deviled Egg Deviled Egg This egg is full of sin. ZoshiX
17 Paradox Egg Paradox Egg Which came first? ZoshiX
18 Egg Egg Egg Egg Egg Look-a-troopa
19 Egg with Legs Egg with Legs Leg Look-a-troopa
20 Egg in a Keg Egg in a Keg This egg is stuck inside of a barrel of sorts. It smells of sulphur. Look-a-troopa
21 Good Egg Good Egg I'm ever the good egg, you might say. A, Mori
22 Scrambled Egg Scrambled Egg Not scrambled, though. A, Mori
23 Fried Egg Fried Egg Thank goodness it's fried, eh? A, Mori
24 Zuera Egg Zuera Egg wow! A, Mori Aeinstein
25 Code Egg Code Egg Y/LK IT INSTEAD, MAN A, Mori
26 Potato Egg Potato Wait a minute, that's just a potato! A, Mori
27 West Egg West Egg ZoshiX
28 Sparkling Cyan Egg Sparkling Cyan Egg When and if this egg hatches, it will cause corrupsam--er, corruption, to an unknown number of other eggs to be hatched. A, Mori Cowpocalypse
29 Ovo ovo ovo Look-a-troopa

The Incubator Rooms (Archive)

This is where the eggs are to hatch. This place provides sufficient heat for them to grow inside their eggs and then turn into pets. When you adopt an egg, it's traditional for the person who created the egg to create the pet, but if it takes too long then Mori or another admin will take over. You cannot create your own pet. If you have not claimed your pet within a specific time, then it will be in temporary admin custody until you are able to claim it. It is then the pet's choice of who he/she would like to stay with (A coin will be flipped.).

Rooms Taken: 3/20

Owner: Josewong
Egg being hatched: Yellow Egg
Full hatch expected by: N/A
Expected species of animal: unknown
Note: none
Operator: unsigned
Animal: none yet

Owner: Josewong
Egg being hatched: Magenta Egg
Full hatch expected by: N/A
Expected species of animal: unknown
Note: none
Operator: unsigned
Animal: none yet

Owner: Fire InThe Hole
Egg being hatched: Carton of Eggs
Full hatch expected by: N/A
Expected species of animal: unknown
Note: none
Operator: Look-a-troopa
Animal: (More TBA) Digitamamon Digitamamon; Egg Ooze Egg Ooze; Blood Yolk Blood Yolk; Jr. Troopa Jr. Troopa

Owner: Aeinstein
Egg being hatched: Zuera Egg
Full hatch expected by: N/A
Expected species of animal: unknown
Operator: A, Mori?
Animal: Hue Hue Spawn (🌕;^;) This egg was created by Hue, and thus the result is a spawn of Hue. The Hue Spawn is different from Hue in that it is not Hue and it's smaller. And it's definitely not just a shrunk Hue, it's a different pet. It's only 75px, while Hue is bigger. It's the Hue Spawn.*

Owner: Cowpocalypse
Egg being hatched: Sparkling Cyan Egg
Full hatch expected by: Y̧̖͓͖͈̖̗̪̳̺͙̣̫̤̌͌͋̇ͯ͆͡ȯͧ͐̚͝҉̩̹̥͇͖̟͇̖u̵̧̡ͭͫ͊͆̊͛̔ͭ͐͌̿͛̕҉̘͍̗̻͎̱̞͕ ̍̀̆̓̏͌ͥͨ̈́͌ͦ̈͑̍ͮ͆ͩ҉̢̯̦͙̗͓̭̟̭̠͚̭͇͇̼͖d͔̮̙̘͈̝̳̥͚͉̖͚̟̪̥̟ͯ̄ͤ̋̈̑̌̿ͬ͂́͜o̷̟̜͇͖͉͇̗͔̖͕̰̖̭̫̬͍̅ͯ̇ͮ̿̋̉̏̓̈́͒͑͑̊͌ͯ̌͐ͦ̀ͅǒ̥̱̰̪̰̲̞͇͕͓̱̣͐̾̄ͯ̎͠͡f̜̳͍̝͎͈̬̫̱͓̲̮̼̩̘̦̜̓͊ͫͫͣ̾̌́̔̾͊̆ͩ̋̿͠
Expected species of animal: some say the end is near
Note: now, it's all so clear
Operator: A, Mori
Animal: Samigina (;^;) I am the Sam.
SIDENOTE: If Cowpocalypse isn't active (which I think is true) then another admin will have to claim this. Sorry for the late result anyhow tho

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