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Chapter 1 - New Hub City

It was a plain sunny day in the city. Several characters are in the LDZX HQ building, including most if not all major characters.

Zachary: ... and that's how we almost lost Rev.

Hankvi: All that happened while I was gone?

Revelian: Yup. You pretty much missed everything significant that happened with all of us. Now, Zoshi, if you were just trying to catch Hank up, why did you call us all up here?

Zachary: That's because I have a surprise for all of you.

Ludicrine: Hm, really? What could that be?

Zachary: Well, I've been working on this for a long while in secret, and now it's finished.

Zach walks over to something covered with a tarp.

Pinkie: What's that?

Zach pulls the tarp off dramatically. Underneath it is what appears to be a model of a city.

Zachary: THE NEW HUB CITY!!!!

Revelian: ... What's that?

Zachary: It's only the thing that'll get this land back into shape. As you can see, profits have been way down these past months, and the city we're in has little access to the growing eastern population, so, over the past time, the LDZX construction team and I have made this new tourist city of sorts. Not only does it function as any city, but includes a central park, numerous public diversions, as well as other whatnot, and we made a railroad specifically for transport to and from said city!

Revelian: I'll admit, that's pretty impressive...

Zachary: And, get this. LDZX co. has funded a free vacation to Hub City for ALL of us!!

Ludicrine: Sweeeeeet!

Luna: You mentioned something about a railroad?

Zachary: Oh, yes, and it's the best train you'll ever ride. A smooth ride across the country over two days in the luxury transit express line! Complete with separate rooms, and a dinner area!

Luna: Two days...??

Hankvi: This is fantastic! When are we going?

Zachary: Tomorrow!

Ludicrine: TOMORROW?

Twilight: Don't we have jobs to do?

Zachary: Oh, I have that taken care of. Day off for all! Meeting over.

Pinkie: Yaaaaayyyy!!!

Several of them head their separate ways, preparing for a good night's rest before tomorrow to catch the train.

At Revelian, Zero, and Luna's castle...

Revelian: Well, this should be interesting! A vacation!

Luna: Hm... Should be fantastic. A two day train ride, though...

Revelian: We'll have to get Zach to give us private rooms on the train, aheh.

Luna giggles once and gives Revelian a quick kiss.

Luna: Wait... oh, damnit!

Revelian: What??

Luna: What about the baby??

Revelian: Oh for God's sake...

They ponder for a second.

Revelian: Well, I've got an idea, but it's... a stretch, to say the least.

Luna: What is it?

Revelian: What if... well... We went and got Kuipter and Celestial to watch the baby?



Luna: Revelian, I don't know if you've forgetten, but both of them have tried to kill us at least three times, and you're saying we should entrust our CHILD with them?! Who knows what they would try and pull?!

Revelian: Hey, Kuipter actually isn't as bad as he was before, and I'm pretty sure we have my older brother to thank for that. And we both know that your sister is useless and lazy enough without being pregnant, plus she has her own child to think about!

Luna: But... Ah, I still think that this idea is just crazy!

Revelian: Hey, if you have any other ideas, I'm all ears.

Luna thinks, hard. Finally, she sighs.

Luna: There's nothing else we can do. We can't really rely on Twilight's other friends... And there's no one else to take care of her... But if those two do ANYTHING to my baby...

Revelian: They won't. I promise. Alright, let me just call them up...

Revelian opens up his contacts list with his visor and calls Kuipter.

At Kuipter's home...

Kuipter is making food for Celestia when suddenly his visor rings out with an electric tone.

Celestia: Kuipter? What's with that sound?

Kuipter: Someone's calling me... Wait... It's my older brother, Revelian. You remember him, right?

Celestia: Of course I do. Though, him calling you all of a sudden... Strange. But iteresting, though. Answer it.

Kuipter: Hello, brother.

Revelian: Hey... Kuipter.

Kuipter: Hm. Well, the last few times you talked to me, you thought I was up to no good, so how about we just skip the pleasantries and get straight to it, then?

Revelian: No, that's not why I called, it's... *sigh* I'll just be blunt. Do you want to make some money?

Kuipter: ... Doing what, exactly?

Revelian: Well, Luna and I are going to be gone for a week. We need someone to take care of Solaria, and, well, you and Celestia are our only options for it. If we let you stay at our castle for the next week, where you will do nothing but take good care of my daughter, I'll pay you 1,000 gold each.

Kuipter: Brother, a week worth of my time is worth much more than 1,000 gold.

Revelian: Fucking... Whatever, fine, 1,500 gold.

Kuipter: I'd say our time is at least worth 1,750.

Revelian: URGH. FUCKING FINE. But you listen to me, and listen damn well-- If I come back, and I find that you two haven't taken care of my baby, I promise you, I'll plunge a sword so far up your asses, you'll be singing fucking BEETHOVEN! And you better not fuck my castle up, either!

Kuipter: Oh, don't worry, brother. We'll take care of the our niece, just fine.


The call then closes.

Celestia: So, what did he want?

Kuipter: He's going to pay us 3,500 gold to take care of Solaria while he and your sister are away for a week.

Celestia: Ooh, and this means we get to stay in their castle, does it?

Kuipter: Quite right, dear.

Celestia: This is going to be very interesting...

Kuipter: It sure looks that way.

Chapter 2 - I Like Trains

The night had passed. Zachary stood with everyone at the station, except for Revelian and Luna, who were late. The train conductor looked at his watch expectantly. Everyone else is one the train, which is very large, having separate rooms and such.

Conductor: C'mon, we have a busy schedule!

Zachary: Alright, alright, hold on... Where are they?

Ludicrine: Maybe they "overslept".

Zachary: Oh, gog... Wait, why the hell is that the first thing that comes to mind for you?

Ludicrine: Because shaddup.

Suddenly, Revelian and Luna can be seen from a distance. They run like mad towards the train.


Zachary: Finally! What kept you?

Revelian: We had to wait for the babysitters to arrive.

Zachary: Who'd you get to do it?

Revelian: We got... Ugh, I can't believe I'd ever say this, but it's Kuipter and Celestia.

Zachary: You did what?!

Revelian: Hey, it's not as bad as you think! I'm telling you, Kuipter's really changed, and, well, I'm sure that he can keep Celestia from doing anything if it comes to it. And besides, if they hurt our daughter... Well, they have one on the way, and, you get the idea.

Zachary: Uh...

It suddenly starts to rain.

Pinkie: Eek! Come on, let's get on the train!

The gang all dashes onto the train before they get soaked.

Zachary: Well, whatever, it's your kid I guess... Everyone here?

Zachary runs down the list. Everyone is present.

Conductor: All aboard!! Train to New Hub is departing!!

The train doors close as the engine starts to accelerate. After a good few seconds the train is out of the station and on it's way to the city.

Hankvi: So, you said this train has rooms, right? Where are we all staying?

Zachary pulls out out a list.

Zachary: Let's see, I've got Rev and Luna in room 1, Ludi and Hank in room 2, Twilight and Zero in room 3, Me and Pinkie in room 4, and Lazro and Sam in room 5. Room 6 is empty. Meal services are in the kitchen, which is in the third car. There's also a little souvenir shop, and you can put extra luggage in the caboose. The trip will be over 2 days and one night.

(Reference for the Reader: [Engine]-[R1]-[R2]-[Kitchen]-[R3]-[R4]-[R5]-[R6]-[Caboose])

Ludicrine: Did you hear that, Honkwe?! ROOM MATES! We're going to play board games, and eat pizza, and play tic tac toe, and play board games, and play cards, and eat pizza, and watch TV, and play-


Revelian: Hear that Luna? We're sharing a room tonight.

Luna: Lovely...

Zachary: Yeah, yeah, talk about your "activities" later. Preferably without any of us around, if you must. If you guys want breakfast it's ready. I'm going to go to my room to do something for a minute. I'll see you guys in a bit.

Zachary exits the car, headed through the next few cars to go to room 4. The others go to the dining car for breakfast.

Zachary walks down the hallway into the room. He takes his laptop out of his bag and sets it on a desk as he sits down. He opens it up and a window pops up. After loading for a second, a video-chat pulls up, and someone appears on the other side. It simply appears as a human-like body, but with a faceless cube as a head.

Blockhead: Hello, sir. How are you doing?

Zachary: Oh, fine. I just wanted to check on you guys. You have the instructions I gave you, right?

Blockhead: Yes, we posses the information. We will follow it strictly.

Zachary: Alright. See you guys later.

Blockhead: Farewell.

Zachary closes the window and puts the laptop away. He stands up and heads towards the dining car, where everyone sits. He sits next to Pinkie and starts to eat with them.

Zachary: Yeesh, it's pouring buckets there... Hope we'll be okay...

Meanwhile, on top of the car...

A figure desperately clings onto the top of the car as it moves. The figure moves about over the tops of the cars, until it makes it to the dining room car. It peers into the room through a skylight at Revelian, and grins. A bolt of lightning flashes, and the figure is revealed to be Merynis.

Merynis began thinking out loud and mumbling to herself.

Merynis: I knew it, he is here... Hehe. Hm, let's see... I think there's a 6th "bedroom" car on this train... Looks like I'll have to break in and lock the door. Tch, there's no way in Hell I'm staying up here...

Merynis turns around and crawls over the tops of the cars, soon reaching the last room next to the caboose. She drops down and smashes through a window on the side of the car.

Merynis: Shit! Hope no one heard that...

Merynis then twists the handle on the door to keep it closed.

Merynis: Good...

Back at the dining room...

Zachary: Did you hear something break??

Revelian: Huh...? I don't know, we might have ran over a rock on the tracks.

Zachary: No, it actually sounded like glass...

Revelian: Hmm... Oh well, whatever, it's nothing to dwell on, really.

Zachary: I guess so...

They resume eating.

Meanwhile, at Revelian' castle...

Kuipter is in a large hallway, admiring an intricate dragon statue.

Kuipter: What... What is this even supposed to be?

He sighed.

Kuipter: Brother, you truly have such an odd taste in decor.

Kuipter then turns and sees a large statue of Lord Zeronius.

Kuipter: This, though... Aheheh...

Kuipter also then sees one of Revelian's pets, Cygnus. The lavender monster girl looks at the statue.

Cygnus: Tch... This thing is so stupid...

Cygnus lightly kicks the statue in some sort of frustration. Then, without warning, the statue topples over.

Cygnus: Ah! Shit!

It falls over and breaks into several pieces.

Kuipter: Hey! What the fuck did you do?!

Cygnus then looks over and sees Kuipter.

Cygnus: I-UH--FUCK!

Celestia then walks into the room, with Solaria in her arms.

Celestia: Kuipter?! What the hell was that sound?!

Kuipter: This statue got broken...

Celestia: So much for not breaking anything, you idiot!

Kuipter: What? I'm not the one who broke this!

Cygnus' eyes then gleamed, seeing the perfect opportunity.


Kuipter gave Cygnus an evil glare, and she then ran away. Celestia gave a frustrated sigh.

Celestia: Kuipter, dear, what do you think Revelian is going to do when he finds out this got broken?

Kuipter: Ugh. Well, since he's not going to believe me on this, I guess I'll just have him deduct it from our pay.

Celestia: What?!

Kuipter: We can deal with it, that statue was in poor condition anyway, so it probably wasn't worth much. I'll call him and find out.

He gets on his contact list and gets on call with Revelian.

Revelian: Hey.

Kuipter: Hello.

Revelian: Let me guess, you two fucked up already?

Kuipter: No, not at all.

Revelian: Then why are you calling me?

Kuipter: Just want to ask a question. If, in this hypothetical scenario, something got broken under our watch, it would, in fact, be deducted from our pay, and not the cause for violence to be directed to us?

Revelian: Hm. Depends on what you would break. Name something.

Kuipter: Well, for example, statue of Lord Zeronius in the large hallway.

Revelian: And you fucking broke that, didn't you?

Ludicrine: Hahaha!

Kuipter: No, I didn't.

Celestia: Stop lying, Kuipter!

Revelian: Fucking hell, Kuipter! That statue cost me 2,000 gold!

Kuipter: What? That thing was in such poor condition, regardless of how it was when you bought it, it wouldn't be worth 2,000 now!

Revelian: Well then I'll be able to buy a new one! Good job, this fuck-up leaves you walking away with only 1,500 gold!

Kuipter: That's just ridiculous! We should at least be getting 2,000 out of this!


Revelian angrily hangs up.

Kuipter: Are you kidding me?!

Celestia: I'm no genius, but I'm pretty sure experience is going to end with us not getting paid at all.

Kuipter: It's sure starting to look that way!

Celestia sighs and carried Solaria into the next room.

Back on the train...

Ludicrine: Why did you have those two watch your kid again? Why not Twilight's friends? Or your pets?

Revelian: "Because shut up."

Ludicrine: ... WITTY RESPONSE.

So they finish breakfast. The day is rather uneventful. Later on...

Revelian walks towards the 6th room. He looks, confused, at the door glass that seems to be blocked.

Revelian: What the hell?

Revelian tries to open the door, but can't.

Revelian: What the hell is up with the door?! Oh, fuck it. I'm bored out of my fucking skull, already! AND WE GET TO DO THIS FOR TWO DAYS.

Ludicrine: STOP YELLING.

Revelian: FUCK OFF.

Hankvi: This is going to be interesting... Urgh.

Meanwhile, Zach and Pinkie sit in their room.

Pinkie: This is going to be so much fun!!

Zachary: Yeah. New Hub City's a great place. But the train ride's going to be really boring...

Zach lays back on the bed, looking up at the ceiling. He listens to the rain pound the top of the car. Zachary feels drowsy. He shakes his head and raises up.

Zachary: No, can't sleep now... Ugh.

Pinkie yawns loudly.

Zachary: It's only 3 o'clock... Ugh. Wonder what we could...

Pinkie: ...

She blushes and looks at ZX.

Zachary: ...What?

Pinkie giggles and pushes Zach over.

Zachary: Oh, that. Wait, make sure the train car is locked...

Pinkie: But what if Lazro or Sam want into their rooms??

Zachary: Well, they're all probably screwing around in the bar. Ugh, just forget it... We can't do anything until tonight, when everyone else is asleep...

Pinkie sighs and gets back up.

Pinkie: Wanna go to the bar with the others?

Zachary: I guess...

They both leave the room. After heading through the currently empty 3rd car, they arrive shortly at the kitchen car, where inevitably Revelian, Luna, and Hankvi sit at the bar. Twilight is sitting at one of the tables, reading a book with a cup of coffee, while Lazro and Sam are playing some kind of board game on another table. Ludicrine is unseen at the moment.

Zachary: Sup, guys?

Lazro: Nothing. However, I can't seem to lose against this guy. He SUCKS at eels and next signs.


Pinkie walks over to the bar to Hankvi.

Hankvi: I'll have a double, no, wait, make that triple, extra foam too-much-blood-in-your-alcohol-system special, if you will, kind sir.

Revelian: Hank, nobody wants to see you that drunk. Remember that party...?

Hankvi: Oh, I can't help it. Plus-

Ludicrine bursts out of a door loudly.


Everyone looks at him strangely.

LD: ... I... I thought it was cool...

Hankvi: Anyway... What'll it matter? It's not like we're going to battle or anything. Let drunks be drunks!

The bartender appears with Hankvi's drink. He gulps it down enjoyably.

Revelian: Ugh... So, Zach, what were you doing back in your room?

Zachary: Oh, just taking care of business. Wanted to make sure the Blockheads were in order.

Luna: The who?

Zachary: Don't worry about it. So, what are you guys up to?

Luna: Being bored.

Revelian: Bored as all mind-numbing fuck, to be exact.

Zachary: Oh, it'll be worth it when we get to NHC. Sigh, I wish there was something else we could do...

Revelian: Wait, isn't that a air-hockey table over there?

Zachary: Oh, I love that game!

Revelian: YOU'RE ON.

Rev and Zach run over to the table. Zach gets the puck first. He smacks the puck, bouncing it off of the boarders. Revelian manages to hit it back, sending the puck flying off of the board. It begins bouncing off of the walls like a bullet.

Revelian: Take cover!

Everyone dives to the floor except for Hank. The puck inevitably beans off of his head, sending him flying to the floor.

Hankvi: Ouh!

Revelian: Sorry, Hank.

The gang resumes their activities, while Hank lies on the floor, passed out and sober.

Chapter 3 - "Riding on the Train... at night"

The rest of the day passes without any more fairly important things happening. After dinner, no important things happen, either. Hankvi woke up about two hours after the incident, where he decided to retreat to his room to subside with an ice pack and some painkillers. When it starts to get a little late, everyone starts to get ready for bed.

Zachary: Alright, guys, see you tomorrow. We're headed off to bed.

Revelian: Yeah, I'm so tired, that IF ANYONE GETS THE IDEA TO GO THROUGH OUR ROOM, DON'T.

He stares at them all once, and they get the memo. Everyone goes to their rooms except Revelian and Luna.

Luna: Well, I'm going to get some sleep. I'll see you in bed if you need me.

Revelian: Alright, I just have something I have to take care of. See you in a minute.

Luna: Alright.

She kisses him on the cheek and goes to their room. Revelian stands in the kitchen alone.

Revelian: Now, let's see about this damned room...

Revelian walks towards the 6th room. He punches through the glass, knocking over the object that blocked the window, and, before he could revel in satisfaction of his curiosity, hears a cry of shock.


Merynis crawls underneath the bed, hiding. Revelian kicks the door open, sending it flying across the room. Revelian stomps into the room and looks around.

Revelian: Someone's been here, alright... Come out, come out, wherever you are...

Revelian walks towards the bed. Merynis holds her breath. Revelian picks the bed up and throws it across the room.

Revelian: AHA! THERE YOU ARE!!

Revelian then realizes who it is under the bed.


Merynis stands up, calmly. She grins.

Merynis: Oh, what, I wasn't invited?


Merynis: Well, since you sent the Trollers spiraling into ruin for a second time, I don't have much to do, so I thought I'd just hang about.


Ludicrine walks into the room, angrily.


Meanwhile, in Zachary and Pinkie's room...

The two sit on the bed, making out. Pinkie falls back on the bed, blushing violently. However, loud shouts and noises are heard from the end of the train. Zach sighs angrily and gets up out of the bed.

Zachary: The hell? Pinkie, I'll be right back. I need to check out whatever is going on down there.

Pinkie: Aww.... come right back!

Zachary walks out of the room, and goes into room 5, and notices that the door to room 6 is broken. He goes inside to see Revelian, Ludicrine, and Merynis having a shout fight. He just stands there.

Revelian: WELL AT LEAST I'M NOT A-- hey Zach.

Zachary: Really? You again? We don't have the time for this. Are we going to have to handle this the easy way or the hard way?

Merynis: Was that what you'd call a rhetorical question?

Zachary: Damnit, I just want to sleep.

Merynis: Hehe, sure.

Revelian: Yeah, right, I know what you were planning to do with Pinkie.

Zachary: What??

Revelian: You're as hard as rock.

Zachary: OH DAMNIT.

Zachary blushes viciously and covers himself.

Merynis: Hmm, no reason to get all flustered like that, Isles. Hiding your love doesn't make it sear well enough!


Revelian: YES.

Hankvi: WAIT!!!

HankGuideDude bursts through the door.

Hankvi: Do you guys have any more painkillers? I'm out, and my head's about to burst.

Everyone gives him an impatient look.

Hankvi: Oh, I'm interrupting something here.

Revelian: NO. FUCKING. SHIT.

Hankvi: Well, forget it! Let's just go, then!!

(Fake) Boss: Merynis

Hankvi: WAIT!! Who the hell is this, again??



Zachary used PSI Freeze!

Merynis didn't take any damage!

Revelian charges forward!

Merynis took 1,201 damage!

Ludicrine attacks with TRANCE!

Merynis took 2,392 damage!

Hankvi attacks!

Merynis took 902 damage!

Merynis shape-shifted into Zachary!

Zachary: Oh, hell no!

Merynis used PSI STARSTORM!!

The train car was destroyed, throwing Zachary, Revelian, Hankvi, and Ludicrine off of the train!!


The gang rolls onto the ground. The train zooms off, leaving them behind.

Merynis: Well, that sure was easy. Hahaha, farewell!!

Merynis flies off.


Hankvi: The train!!

Revelian: HOLD ON.

Revelian grabs all three of them and launches himself at high speed towards the train. He smashes through one of the doors to the train, sending all four of them sprawling to the ground. Luna and Pinkie stand in front of one of the doors, worried.

Luna: Revelian, what the hell happened??


Luna: That bitch?! Where is she?! I'll kill her!

Revelian: Already gone... Urgh.

Pinkie: Zoshi!! Are you alright??

Zachary climbs to his feet.

Zachary: Urgh, I'm alright... Come on, let's get back to bed...

Revelian: Hey, Pinkie! Make sure you nurse him back to health, ok?? Heheh!

Zachary: Shut.

Pinkie: No worries!

Zachary: *Sigh*.

Luna: Speaking of nursing...

Luna grabs Revelian and drags him back to their room.

Ludicrine: WELL DAT SURE WAS A NICE LITTLE DISTRACTION. At least things picked up...! For a bit... Let's go back to bed.

Hankvi: What just happened??

They both go back to bed.

Meanwhile, in Twilight and Zero's room...

Twilight stares at the ceiling, eyes bloodshot. 02 lies on the other bed, snoring incredibly loudly. Twilight gets up and pokes Zero to try and make her stop. Zero jerks up, roars at Twilight once, and goes back to sleep, snoring loudly. Twilight runs the fuck away and curls up into a ball in the corner, shaking.

Meanwhile, at Revelian's castle...

Kuipter sits at the dining room, helping himself to a GSW burger from Revelian's pantry. Celestia walks into the kitchen with a plate of lettuce and vegetables.

Kuipter: Hm? Why don't you eat any of the monster meat they have?

Celestia: That kind of stuff is bad for the baby.

Kuipter: It... It is?

Celestia: Of course it is. Have you no basic understanding of the pregnant body and baby health?

Kuipter: No. I just haven't seen any use for that before, really.

Celestia: Hm, well you don't have to be that well educated in the subject to know that eating vile monster carcasses would be bad for the baby.

Kuipter: What? How?

Celestia sighs in impatience.

Celestia: That kind of shit is actually poisonous to a healthy body, you know. And if I started eating it then the baby would turn out to have a harder time gaining and keeping a fit body in later age.

Kuipter: ... Huh.

Celestia scoffed.

Celestia: Why haven't you even started reading up on this kind of stuff? I've been pregnant for a while now and you haven't even thought about the baby's well-being, have you?

Kuipter: No, it's not like that, dear, I really do care about our child, and you should know this. Just because I don't know everything doesn't mean I haven't put any thought into it...

Celestia: Well, maybe you should fucking start.

Kuipter: I will, dear. First thing tomorrow, I'll start reading up on horse pregnancy. Does that sound alright, dear?

Celestia: Sure, do whatever you want.

Celestia sighs, eating some of her lettuce.

Chapter 4 - I'M ON A BOAT TRAIN

The next morning...

Revelian wakes up. He feels Luna's constant, strained breath on his throat. He gently pushes her aside and climbs to his feet. He takes a quick look at the clock on the nightstand. It's 9:26 AM. They would be at New Hub City that afternoon. He decides to go to the kitchen. Twilight is at the table, face down into a book, asleep. Nobody else seems to be in the room except a couple of staff members.

Revelian nudges Twilight. She groans and picks up her head. Her eyes are a little bloodshot and she looks horrible.

Twilight: Why... In the name of all Hell and Heaven, why....

Revelian: The hell are you on about?


Revelian: Oh, that... Aheheh... You okay?

Twilight: Oh, yeah.... just a little sleepy is, *yawn*, all... Zzzz....

Her head hits the desk and she falls back asleep. Revelian decides to go check out the souvenir shop. Inside was Zero and Ludicrine, who appeared to be looking at a couple things. Ludicrine appears to be arguing with the cashier.

Ludicrine: Are you SURE you guys don't sell the bathroom soap?!!

Cashier: NO, WE DO NOT.

Ludicrine: But it smells SO GOOD!!!!

The cashier repeatedly bashes his head onto the table.

Revelian walks over towards Zero.

Revelian: Hey, mom? Remember how you were supposed to take your snoring medicine?

Zero: Oh, I forgot about that...! Why do you mention it?

Revelian: Twilight's passed out on the kitchen table. She wasn't able to sleep because of your snoring.

Zero: O-oh... Oops.

Revelian: Yeah, might want to remember next time.

There's a loud racket. Revelian and Zero spin towards the table. Ludicrine has flipped the cashier's table over, and is strangling the cashier.


Cashier: NEVER!!

Revelian growls.


Zachary and Pinkie both wake up.

Zachary: Yeesh...

Pinkie turns over to him and giggles.

Pinkie: Last night was fun, no?

Zachary: You said it...

Zachary turns over and gets up, stretching out. Pinkie gets up as well and gets dressed. They head into the souvenir shop. Inside, they see Ludicrine strangling the cashier.

Zachary: Ludicrine!! What the hell are you doing?!


Zachary: Rev!! Stop him!!

Revelian: Okay, fine.

Revelian picks up a 2x4 that just so happens to be lying around and bashes Ludicrine upside the head with it, knocking him into the opposite wall fifteen feet away.

Zachary: YEESH! What was that about?!

Revelian: Hey, you told me to stop him, so I stopped him!

Zachary sighs.

Zachary: Uh, hey, where's Twilight?

Revelian: Passed out on the table in the kitchen.

Zachary: Zero's snoring?

Zero: Yeah... Aheh.

Luna then walks into the souvenir shop, having only put on a bra and panties. Zach's jaw drops, before getting forcefully closed by Pinkie.

Revelian: ERRM. LUNA.

Luna: Ugh... what??


Luna: What?? OH DAMMIT.

Luna runs off to get dressed.

Zachary: Well that was ho-I mean awkward.

Meanwhile... At Revelian's castle...

Kuipter, holding Solaria, is making Cygnus run laps around the outside while carrying large pumpkins across the yard.

Cygnus: CAN I STOP NOW?!

Kuipter: How much money did I lose again...? 2,000 gold, was it...? No, you can keep going.

Cygnus: CAN'T... BREATHE...

Cygnus then falls over, exhausted. The pumpkins hit the ground around her.

Kuipter: Hmm... Do you think she's done enough, Solaria?

Solaria babbles incoherently.

Kuipter: You heard the child, keep going.

Celestia: Kuipter!

Celestia began stomping out towards him.

Kuipter: Ah, and we just started having fun...

Celestia: Why the hell are you forcing this innocent girl to do this?

Kuipter: Forcing? I'm not doing that at all. I only persuaded her to do this.

Celestia groans angrily. Kuipter sighs, and motions to Cygnus to run off.

Kuipter: I wonder... Do you think that Revelian and your sister left any notes about your sister's pregnancy and tips on what one should do to assist the woman?

Celestia: I don't fucking give a shit.

Kuipter: Right... You probably have much different bodies anyway. Well, that's obvious now...

Celestia: And what the fuck is that supposed to mean?

Kuipter: Nothing, dear.

Celestia: Just... Give me the baby and try not to leave my side again. I honestly can't trust you alone for a minute anymore...

Kuipter: Okay, dear.

Meanwhile, back on the train...

Overall, nothing really eventful happens. Ludicrine never gets any soap, either. And no one but him sheds any tears over that. Around the afternoon...

They arrive at New Hub City.

Chapter 5 - Plot Advancement Arrival

The gang steps out of the train. As they walk out, the enormous city stands before them. At the moment a central park is visible with buildings on the skyline. The central park is enormous, with a large, intricate fountain in the center and freshly cut grass covering the majority of the ground. Several strange looking trees grow out of the ground.

Hankvi: ...

Ludicrine: Wow! Stupendous!

Revelian: Impressive...

Lazro walks over to one of the trees.

Lazro: What are these? I've never seen these in my life!

Zachary: Oh! Those were imported from one of the mountain series. They looked kind of funny, so we bred some here. I thought they complimented the scenery. Try the fruit! It's supposed to taste good.

Lazro pulls off one of the strange cubic fruits and takes a large bite out of it. The taste is unrecognizable, but still quite pleasing.

Lazro: Yup! Pretty good I say.

Zachary: Now, to be clear...

He hands them all a map.

Zachary: The highlighted building on 7th street is our hotel. Meet there with the rest of us at least before midnight. Otherwise, your all free to roam the city, see what you like, do whatever. See you soon!

Revelian: Alright, then. Come on, Luna.

Zero: Can I come with you two?

Revelian: Well, I certainly don't see why not.

Revelian, Zero, and Luna all head off.

Pinkie: Twilight! Come with me and Zoshi!

Twilight: Alright, alright, coming!

Twilight runs after them.


Samuel: YAYZ!

Lazro and Sam run off.

Hankvi: ... Errmm...

Ludicrine slides dangerously close to him.

Hankvi: ... Someone help.

Ludicrine grabs Hankvi and runs off with him, ignoring his kicks and screams.


A figure stands on top of a building, watching them. Merynis chuckles once, and flies off after Revelian's group.


Kuipter sits on Revelian's couch, attempting to read the newspaper and a book about pony pregnancy at the same time. Celestia walks into the room, irritated.

Celestia: Damnit, Kuipter!! You haven't done anything to help me!!

Kuipter: What are you talking about?!

Celestia: I've been changing my niece's diaper every time since we got here! And you know how often she shits?! Very fucking often!

Kuipter: I don't even know how to change a diaper, though!


Kuipter: What?!

Celestia: Kuipter, you're going to have a child of your own soon!! And you've gotta learn how to take care of it when I'm not around! How do you think you'll do that?

Kuipter: ... By getting a babysitter?


Kuipter: But it's not that expensive, and they even have background checks for-


Celestia storms off. Kuipter sighs and heads off to Revelian's room. He looks at Solaria, who's crying in her crib.

Kuipter: Alright, now, calm down for a second...

Kuipter summons a small energy blade out of his arm cannon and slices the diaper off. He throws it in a waste bin.

Kuipter: ... Er, what should I do now?

Celestia: Clean the baby's butt off!

Kuipter looks over and spots some wet wipes sitting nearby. He grabs them and cleans the baby off.

Kuipter: Ugh... I've handled radioactive waste before, but this takes the cake...


Kuipter: I was only thinking out loud, dear!

Kuipter throws the dirty wipes away and grabs another diaper.

Kuipter: Ermm... Hmm...

Kuipter pulls out a sewing pin, wraps the baby up loosely in the diaper, and rams the knife through the diaper to keep it in place.

Kuipter: Done!

Celestia: Did you put baby powder on the baby?

Kuipter: No, I'll get to it now, then.

Kuipter quickly removes the diaper and puts powder on the baby. He the finishes and goes back downstairs.

Kuipter: I finished, dear.

Celestia: Alright, let me just see if you did it right...

She heads upstairs.


Kuipter: What?! I was clearly instructed to use a pin to keep it in place!


Celestia puts the diaper on correctly, then heads back downstairs.

Celestia: Ugh... You're useless.

Meanwhile in New Hub...

Zachary, Pinkie and Twilight roam about town, looking for something fun to do. Pinkie spots a small building that looks like a shop in the corner of an alley.

Pinkie: What's that over there?

Zachary ... I don't know what that is. I guess someone already bought out the building. We could check it out if you want.

Pinkie: Why not? We've got all day!

Zachary: Fair enough.

They walk over to the door. It is a large, heavy door, with a small eyeslit near the middle. A plaque sits next to the door. On it, reads: "PhD. D&D, Professional Psychics."

Twilight: Fortune telling? I've always been interested by the subject, but I've never truly had mine told. Can we get in?

Zachary: I don't know. Personally, I've always thought they were a little fishy, but we can try it. Probably just another stereotype of mine.

Zach knocks on the door a couple times. Someone walks up to the door.

Dr.D: Password?

Zachary: Wha-- we don't know a password!

Dr. D: Well, tough luck man, that's how you get in. See ya later, or not.

Twilight: Hello?

Dr. D: ?

Twilight: I'm sorry, sir, but I really wanted to try it.

He opens the eyeslit.

Dr. D: Like I said, nob-- Wait a second...

He goes into the building again. Mumbling can be heard vaguely from outside. He comes back.

Dr. D: You got money?

Zachary: Yeah! You gonna let us in?

Dr. D: Alright...

Latches unlock and the large door opens. Standing behind it is a large fellow, quite fat in nature. He wears a red robe and colorful garments. His face is covered.

Dr. D: Come right in...

As they walk inside, another figure is visible in the dark room. Sitting at a table is presumably the psychic, however his/her face is not shown, and the entire body is draped with a large dark sheet. They seem to be wearing a pointy hat under the sheet.

(Now, both are known as "PhD. D" but for your convenience the second fellow will be referred to as "Psychic.")

Psychic: Come in! Come in! We'll be sure to accomodate your desires.

Zachary, Pinkie, and Twilight look at each other nervously, but soon walk in.


Lazro and Samuel walk down an alleyway. They spot something ahead.

Lazro: Woah, what's that?

Ahead of them, a tall, black figure eats away at a Blockhead. It looks similar to a Gridmask, but has short, stubby insect-like wings, and small, nubby black horns. It has short, spiky black hair, and wears a small, blue shawl. Large holes also line its limbs. It makes angry, low growls as it tears away at the Blockhead, eating anything it can eat.

Lazro: What's that??

The monster raises its head up, having heard Lazro. It spins around to face them. It has black, insect-like eyes, a wrinkled face, and sharp teeth. It hisses at the two!


Lazro and Samuel charge at the monster!

Battle: 1 Unknown Monster!

Lazro charges in with the Dual Zeronius Katanas!

Monster takes 1,021 damage!

Samuel charges up a mega slash!

The monster gets enveloped in a green light! When it vanishes, Samuel is standing there!

Lazro: What the fuq!? A shape-shifter?!

The monster unleashes a flaming slash!

Lazro takes 2,849 damage!

The monster returns to normal.

Lazro activates the HAIRPIN! It became an SMG!

Lazro fires the SMG!

Monster takes 17,389 damage!

The monster fell over and died!


Lazro: What the hell is this thing?

Samuel: Not sure...

Lazro: Huh... Hey, I bet Rev would know!

Lazro pulls out his cell phone and takes a picture of the monster. He then sends it to Revelian via a text and asks him what this was.


Revelian, Luna, and Zero stroll down a pathway next to a river. Revelian's visor starts to chime, and he realizes that he's getting a message. He looks at it.

Revelian: What the hell?

The text reads: "hey rev wut is dis", along with the picture.

Revelian: This thing... Damnit! Merynis got some of them out...

Luna: What?

Revelian: Lazro and Sam just killed something that the Trollers mass-produced for Merynis a while ago. A Changeling.

Luna: Ugh!

Revelian replies to Lazro's text and closes the contact application on his visor.

Revelian: Ugh, let's keep moving. Just keep your eyes out for Merynis- knowing her, she's stalking us right now...

They keep moving forward.

Back in the alleyway...

Lazro: According to Revelian, this is a Changeling, one of Merynis' clones minions.

Samuel: What? How did she get a bunch of minions?

Lazro: Revelian says. We've gotta be careful. BUT UNTIL THEN, MORE RANDOMNESS TO BE HAD!!

Samuel: YAYZ!!

They keep moving. A figure leaps down from one of the buildings and follows them.

Meanwhile, at the Psychic...

Psychic: Now, whose future am I telling here? Or are we doing a personality test?

Twilight: Predict the future? Impossible! I'd love to see you try.

Psychic: Glad to oblige. That'll cost 50 gold.

Zachary: Fifty? That's outrageous!

Psychic: Your choice...

Twilight: Fine... here you go.

She hands him the money.

Psychic: Alright, now, let me get my crystal ball...

He rummages through some things on a shelf. He pulls out a dusty crystal ball and sets it on the table. He dusts it off, scattering dust into the room.

Psychic: Lets *cough* get started shall we? Now...
Spirits! Spirits from beyond!
For these three of each other fond!
Their future whisper to me may!
So that they know of passing day!
Do Tell! Tell!

Psychic: Look deeply into the ball with me.

They all lean in. Vague images are visible in the ball.

Psychic: Now... I see... I see something bad in your future...

Twilight: What is it?

Psychic: One of you... taken... It's, it's fading quickly...

Dr. D creeps up behind the three of them, carrying a large hammer. He lifts it slowly...

Psychic: I see... All 3 of you getting bashed in the head with a hammer!

Twilight: What??


All three of them are sideswiped by a crashing blow to the head. They lose consciousness.

Psychic: Hehe... suckers. Now, you remember the plan?

Dr. D: Yeah. Let's get outta here before anyone notices.

Psychic: Alright, grab the purple chick. Tie the others up. I'll be following you at close distance.

Dr.D grabs ties up Zachary and Pinkie and throws them in the alley. He grabs Twilight and hoists her over his shoulder and leaves. Psychic walks up to a bird that is sitting on the sidewalk.

Psychic: Now, just stay there for a second...

Psychic's eyes flash once and he disappears in a cloud of purple smoke. He flies out of the smoke, however, he has transformed into a bird. The "bird" then follows Dr. D as he makes for the city's edge.

Revelian, Luna, and Zero walk towards a large dock.

Luna: Ooh, this is interesting!

Revelian: Wait, who's that??

Revelian points to Psychic and Dr. D.

Revelian: Wait... Is that Twilight...?

Luna: They have Twilight?!

Zero: Well, don't just stand there! Come on, let's go after them!

Revelian, Luna, and Zero run towards Dr. D and Psychic.

Dr. D: W-What the?!

Psychic transforms back into normal.

Psychic: Ugh, run!

Psychic turns back into the bird and flies off. Dr. D runs off, carrying Twilight.

Revelian: GET BACK HERE!!

Revelian charges after him!

Luna: Ugh, Revelian, wait up!

Zero and Luna run after them. After a few minutes of chasing, Revelian traps Dr. D in an alleyway!

Revelian: Time's up, fucker! Hand Twilight over!

Dr. D: UGH!! Looks like I've gotta take care of you myself!

Dr. D throws Twilight onto the ground and pulls out his hammer!

Boss: Dr. D 30 px Theme

DMS charges forward!

Dr. D takes 4,456 damage!! Dr. D's mask is knocked off!

Dr. D: Damnit!!

Dr. D's penguin-like face is revealed, instantly recognizable by Revelian.

Revelian: You... The so-called king of the planet I conquered, Dedede?! How the hell are you even here?!

DDD: Just a little bit of time shenanigans, and a lot of space travel. Nothing you need to care about. Speaking of which, I hate you guys! Dark matters, you guys think you rule the freaking world...

Revelian: You of all people telling someone they falsley rule a world!? Bullshit!

DDD: That's because I am a king, stupid!

DDD makes a wide sweep with his hammer!!

Revelian barely dodged it!

Revelian charges forward!

DDD takes 5,493 damage!

DDD charges up the super-hammer-spin attack!!

Revelian uses the Shard Attack!

DDD was teleported into the sky!

DDD fell to the ground!

DDD takes 8,949 damage!

DDD was knocked out of his attack!

DDD smashes with his hammer!

Revelian takes 8,372 damage!

Revelian slices with his sword!

DDD takes 5,949 damage!

DDD fell back!


DDD breathes heavily from the fight, obviously somewhat exausted.

DDD: You got some kick in you after all, huh? Well, not to be rude, but I gotta go. See ya later, suckers!

DDD runs off, leaving Twilight behind. Revelian, Luna, and Zero rush over to her. She seems to be waking up.

Zero: Are you going to let him get away?

Revelian: For now. I don't give a shit about that Prinny-looking fuck at the moment, when we have someone else to deal with. You okay Twilight?

Twilight: Uh.... Y-yeah... Zach and Pinkie are... Tied up near the fortune teller's place... We should go get them. That guy, Dedede? He was with some other guy, too. I guess he knocked us all out while we were focused on the fortune teller.

Revelian: Alright, I'll go get them...

Revelian goes off to get Zach and Pinkie.

Luna: For fuck's sake, can't we just have a normal vacation for once? First, Merynis, now this buffoon? What's next?

Twilight: Merynis? She followed us here?

Luna: Apparently. Lazro and Sam saw a 'Changeling' not too long ago. I wonder how they're doing...


Lazro and Sam wander around the city.

Samuel: Everything's deserted... Just a bunch of these block-headed guys...

Lazro: Didn't we see one of these guys get mauled by that Changeling?

Samuel: Yeah. I wonder what Changelings are doing here...

Suddenly, three Changelings leap down from the top of buildings!!

Lazro: OH CRAP!!

???: Yawn. You're still such a bore, Lazzy.


Suddenly, Iala walks forward, holding the Hellbender.

Iala: Need some help with these buggy-lookin' freaks?

Lazro: PLEASE.

Iala joins the party!

And they fight the changelings.

Chapter 6 - Fireworks

Throughout that day, Revelian's and Zachary's group do some stuff together, keeping watch of any suspicious activity along the way. Lazro, Sam, and Iala continue exterminate. Ludicrine and Hankvi have really been the only ones having fun, being completely ignorant of their situation. Everyone has congregated, however, to see what is supposed to be a fantastic fireworks show, on the lake. The area lights are dim, and it is late as the blockhead pyro-technicians prepare the show.

Revelian: After all of today this better be good... I've been through a lot of shit today.

Luna: At least we can watch the fireworks together, Revelian.

Zachary: So, Pinkie, you ready? It's supposed to be really good.

Pinkie: Yeah! I love fireworks! They're so... explosively happy!

Iala: So, Lazro...

She scoots up next to him. Lazro cringes awkwardly. Samuel sees them, puts on an awkward expression, and then scoots away.

Ludicrine and Hankvi then arrive.



Revelian: What the fuck are you two talking about?

Ludicrine: The laser tag place. It was epic.

Hankvi: Epppiiiiccc!!

Zachary: Wait, they had a laser tag place? Damn...

Pinkie: Don't worry about it, we had fu... well, sort of fun. I think it's starting!

The street lights fade to dark, and a drum-roll plays. A lone spark flies into the air.

Revelian: Yawn...

It continues to fly up into the sky, then as it's altitude climaxes...


It explodes into a fiery burst of magnificence. Soon after tens upon tens of other fireworks shoot into the sky, exploding in all kinds of various colors and patterns.

Twilight: Wow!

The fireworks continue to light the sky as boats start to float around the edge of the lake. They continue to circle around a glowing round sphere, that begins to rise up out of the water. Show dancers, acrobats, and fire-dancers and such on the boats continue the show. It was fantastic. But suddenly, the lights on the boats cut off and the fireworks stop...

Revelian: What the-? What gives?

Then, a dim green light shines over the boats and focuses on the central ball. The sphere splits into quarters and an enormous flower structure emerges from the ball. The bud sticks out, then glows green.

Zachary: This... this isn't right!

Revelian: Oh, fucking great... Here we go again.

Evil cackling emerges from the flower as it "blooms." The petals open to reveal none other than Merynis. Changelings appear from the boats and start attacking the performers. She floats over to the gang.

Merynis: Oh, dear! Sorry for stealing the show, but it's hard for something that shines so brightly not to make fireworks look like shadows!

Revelian: Oh, can it, you slut. Why the hell do you keep bothering us?! I just came here to get a fucking vacation and you follow us just to piss off me and Luna! I know you've got a problem with me but could you, maybe, GET A LIFE AND LEAVE US THE FUCK ALONE?!

Zachary: ... Uh, yeah. What he said.

Luna looks around for a second.

Luna: Dammit, our guns are on the ship!!

Iala: Great, this is why I never let anyone else hold my weapons... They'll get fucking stolen like this!

They hear more cackling behind them. The ship's captain walks onto the deck... and promptly turns into a Changeling.

Revelian: Jesus, they've must have replaced the entire crew!

Merynis: And not just that... All of these ships, as well.

Zachary: Oh God...

Revelian: Luna, Pinkie, Iala!! Go get your guns! Zach, go with them!

Zachary: Why?


Zachary: Alright, got it!

They all run off, Zachary decapitating the Changeling as he moves. The others turn to face Merynis.

Merynis: Now then... It seems your wife is gone, Zeronius. Why don't we play for a while?


Merynis: Hmph. Fine, then... I guess I'll just get love from whatever unconscious shells remain of you.

Merynis floats downward towards the gang!!

Boss: Merynis (Actual boss this time)

Revelian charges forward!

Merynis takes 1493 damage!

Ludicrine fires an aura bolt!

Merynis takes 930 damage!

Lazro uses the HAIRPIN! It became a HAIRPIN!


Merynis was stunned!

Samuel charges up a mega slash!

Twilight fires a beam of energy!

Merynis takes 594 damage!

Zero launches a blast of dark energy!!

Merynis takes 1930 damage!

Merynis returned to normal!

Revelian charges forward!

Merynis takes 1392 damage!

Ludicrine attacks with TRANCE!

Merynis takes 1504 damage!

Lazro activates the HAIRPIN! It became a rock!

Lazro threw the rock!

Merynis doesn't take any damage!

Samuel unleashes the mega slash!

Merynis takes 2493 damage!

Twilight launches a magic blast!

Merynis takes 1492 damage!

Zero launches a bolt of dark energy!

Merynis takes 2594 damage!

Merynis transforms into Samuel!

Merynis activates the Speed Amplifier!

Merynis transforms into Revelian!!

Merynis charges forward!!

Ludicrine takes 24923 damage!!!

Ludicrine got hurt and collapsed...

Revelian charges forward!

Merynis takes 1594 damage!

Lazro activates the HAIRPIN! It became an RPG!

Lazro fires the RPG!

Merynis takes 2403 damage!

Samuel unleashes a flaming slash!

Merynis takes 1459 damage!! Merynis gets knocked down!!

Second attack!

Samuel unleashes a flaming slash!

Merynis takes 1930 damage! Merynis leaps to her feet!!

Twilight charges up a magic spell!

Zero unleashes a bolt of dark energy!

Merynis takes 2493 damage!

Merynis transforms into Revelian!

Merynis charges forward!

Zero takes 14032 damage!!

Merynis transforms into Twilight!

Merynis launches a magic blast!

Twilight takes 9392 damage!

Revelian charges forward!

Merynis takes 1605 damage!

Lazro charges in with the Dual Zeronius Katanas!

Merynis takes 950 damage!

Samuel activates the Speed Amplifier!

Twilight launches a powerful blast of dark energy!!

Merynis takes 3859 damage!!

Zero launches bloody tears!

The gang recovered 8000 HP!

Merynis transforms into Zero!

Merynis launches bloody tears in the air!

Merynis recovered 5000 HP!

Revelian: DAMNIT.

Merynis transformed into Ludicrine!

Merynis fired an Aura Bolt!

Revelian takes 9054 damage!! Revelian was knocked down!

Second attack!

Merynis transforms into Ludicrine!

Merynis fired an Aura Bolt!

Revelian takes 13920 damage!!

Revelian got hurt and collapsed...

Lazro: .... Shiieeettt....

Lazro activates the IRONGLOW KEY!! It became an Electrolaser Cannon!

Merynis: What?!?


Lazro fires the Electrolaser Cannon!!!

Merynis takes 8493 damage!!!


Samuel unleashes a flaming slash!

Merynis takes 1584 damage!! Merynis was knocked down!

Second attack!

Samuel unleashes a flaming slash!

Merynis takes 1940 damage!!

Merynis cries out and backs up!!!


Revelian: *Pant* There we fucking go...!

Merynis stands at the edge of the boat, panting.

Merynis: Hahaha... how exhilarating... I enjoy our "sessions"... Well, I'm off!

She then goes and flies off.

Revelian: Fucking hell.

Ludicrine: Well, at least she's gone. The changelings should also cease the attack with the loss of their leader... Wait a second. Hank wasn't in the fight!! Where is he?

Suddenly, Merynis turns around.


Merynis laughs again and flies off.

Revelian: Damnit!! The Changelings must have taken him before we fought! The "green flower" is that thing in the middle of the lake, right??

Ludicrine: Seems like it. That's where Merynis is flying.

Suddenly, Zachary and the others arrive on deck.

Luna: We're back...! What, did we miss it?!

Revelian: Yeah, we won. But they took Hank!!

Zachary: Oh come on!

Revelian: They're waiting in that flower... thing. I don't even know what it is.

Pinkie: Well, come on! We have to save him!

Revelian: Relax, Pinkie, we will! Does anyone know how to drive a ship??

Everyone looks confused.

Revelian: Oh brother...

Meanwhile, on one of the boats...

DDD smashes a Changeling with his hammer, sending it flying into the ocean. A white ghost-like being floats down next to him- The same enemy that tricked the gang earlier.

Psychic: So many of these things! What ARE these??

DDD: No idea, Doopliss. There was a big fight going on one of the boats, though. Some weird bug-chick flew off and went back into that flower.

Doopliss: Weird. These things shape-shift! I thought I was the only one here that could do that!

DDD: Dunno, but the boat that the fight was on is moving towards the flower, now! Wanna follow?

Doopliss: Yes. I bet that's where they are... Get this boat moving

DDD: I thought I was the king...

Doopliss: Just do it!

DDD begrudgingly activated the boat, and it started moving towards the flower as well.


Kuipter walks into the kitchen, carrying a basket of clothes.

Kuipter: Celestia, dear! I got those clothes like you w-

Kuipter slips on a puddle of water and hits the floor.

Kuipter: Oh, what?!

Celestia sits on a chair, looking as if she is straining.

Kuipter: Celestia! What's wrong!?

Celestia: Kuipter, my water broke...!

Kuipter stares at her, confused.


Kuipter's expression changes to that of shock. Celestia starts to moan in pain.

Kuipter: Oh-- What do I do?!

Celestia: T-take me to a bed...!!

Kuipter: Shouldn't we go to a hospital for this!?

Celestia: KUIPTER, THERE IS NO TIME. THIS BABY WANTS OUT NOW. Carry me upstairs...! Auughhh!!

Kuipter picks her up gently and carries her to Revelian's bedroom. He puts her on the bed and grabs a hold of her hand.

Kuipter: I'll call 911, at least!

Celestia: H-hurry up... Urgh!!

Kuipter activates his visor contact and gets a phone line for 911.


Kuipter hangs it up.

Kuipter: They'll be here soon enough!

Celestia: K-Kuipter, they're not gonna make it...

Kuipter grabs onto her hand and holds it. She cries out in pain as the baby is delivered.

Celestia: K-Kuipter!! Wipe the baby clean!

Kuipter grabs the cleanest thing he can find and wipes the sticky fluid off of the baby, allowing it to breath.

Celestia: O-Okay... We c-can relax... See what gender it is...

Kuipter gently picks the baby up and looks at its private.

Celestia: Well...?

Kuipter: I-It's... A girl...

Celestia: Ah...

They both take time to look at the child. It's body is a sleek white. Small patches of golden-orange sit in top of its tiny head. Celestia lovingly cradles the baby.

Celestia: So, uh...

Kuipter: Huh?

Celestia: You got a name for her...?

Kuipter thinks for a moment.

Kuipter: Well... How about... Starbreeze?

Celestia: Eh, she looks a bit too "sunny" for that, now doesn't she...? But it's alright... I like the name...

She leans over and gives Kuipter a quick kiss. Paramedics soon arrive to take them to the hospital.

Back to Revelian...

The gang sits on the boat, bored. It's still a ways to the flower. Suddenly, Revelian receives a picture on his visor from Kuipter.

Revelian: What?

Revelian opens up the picture, which is of Kuipter with Starbreeze, and it has a caption of "What do you think of the name 'Uncle Revelian'?"

Revelian: Holy shit!

Luna: What is it?

Revelian: Celestia had her baby. Kuipter just sent me a picture.

Luna: What!?

Everyone gathers around to see the picture of the baby.

Luna: I can only hope that it won't turn out as bad as its mother...

Zachary: Luna, relax.

Luna sighs angrily.

Revelian: Woah, hey, we're here.

The boat arrives at the massive flower. It turns out to be a large complex.

Revelian: Alright, let's get Hankvi!

Ludicrine: Come on!

The gang runs out of the boat towards the bud of the flower. They push the door open. Inside are three different Hankvis.

Revelian: Oh for fuck's sake.

Merynis sits on a chair up above. She laughs at them.

Merynis: So, do you know your friend enough to find the fake? Let's find out...

Revelian pulls a piece of bacon out of his pocket.

Revelian: One of you, eat this.

One of the Hankvis pick up the bacon and eats it. Luna puts a bullet in his head. The body reverts to a Changeling.

Revelian: The real Hank hates pork.

Merynis: Idiots! Don't do something if the real one isn't doing it! This should be utterly obvious! Ugh, you've got to be kidding me...

Revelian: Now, then...

Revelian creates two sonic swords and launches them at the two Hankvis. The sonic swords graze the cheeks of the two of them slightly, drawing blood. One of them has purple blood, and the other has something that looks like sugar pouring out of the wound.

Revelian: There's your imposter!

Revelian creates another sonic sword that decapitates the sugar-blooded Hankvi, causing it to revert to its Changeling form.

DMS: Hank's blood is violet. Too bad, it's more than obvious that your Changelings couldn't copy that!

Hankvi: Yeesh! Thanks, guys!

Merynis scowls angrily and flies out through the top of the flower.

Revelian: Let's get the hell out of here.

Twilight: But what about-

Revelian: Twilight, it's as I said, she's hardly a major threat. She's just a nuisance. Come on, I want to go to bed...

Revelian walks out of the facility back towards the boat. The gang promptly follows. They return to their hotel rooms to sleep.


Merynis lands on the ground, somewhere outside the city. She angrily kicks a stone.

Merynis: Another plan, foiled just like that. Urgh...

???: Hehehe... Perhaps we could help?

Merynis spins around to see Doopliss and King Dedede.

Merynis: A ghost and a fatass? What the hell could you two possibly do?

Doopliss: Come with us, and you'll find out...

Merynis: Hm... Oh... Fine, alright. I don't have anything better to do, anyway...

She reluctantly goes with them.

Chapter 7 - Shapeception

The three of them walk through the city, unnoticed due to the relative darkness.

Doopliss: Now, what is it exactly that you want from these guys? Because, well, we've got some failed plans due to Mr., how'd you say "fatass?" over here.

Dedede: Hrmph...

Merynis: Well, you see, Revelian...

Doopliss: Who?

Merynis: The dark matter. The dark guy in the robe. Anyway, it's complicated. In general, I kind of just want him for my own, yet that blue bitch keeps getting in the way, and he isn't quite pleased with it.

Doopliss: So, what you're saying is you want sex with this guy and get rid of his bitch wife? Sound simple enough to me. Actually, it's perfect... So, if we help you with this, will you help us with our plan? I'll strike a deal here and now.

Merynis: Hrm... I would comply, but of what aid would you two buffoons be to me?

Doopliss: Here, let me show you...

Doopliss's eyes flash and he disappears in a cloud of smoke. He then reappears in front of Merynis, but he has turned into Merynis.


Merynis: ...! YOU'RE a shape-shifter too?! Well! I would have never guessed. Hm... I look pretty good...

Doopliss returns to normal.

Doopliss: So, deal?

Merynis: Deal.

Dedede: Alright! Let's get this on! Now, what are we doing again?

Doopiss: Alright guys, now, here's the plan...

The hotel is quiet. Everyone is asleep and/or not asleep but still in bed.

Doopliss, Dedede, and Merynis stealthily move into the area. Doopliss walks over to the side of the road and picks up a rock, surely, underneath are some bugs. He picks one of them up.

Doopliss: Hey, turn into one of these.

Merynis: Disgusting! Become one of those vile insects!? Never!

Doopliss grunts at her.

Doopliss: You already look like a bug as it is! Why is it such a problem, anyway?!

Merynis: Oh, fine...

She reluctantly transforms into the bug, and Doopliss follows. Dedede walks into the hotel building, and the other two follow unnoticed, as mere insects. He walks up to the front counter.

DDD: Can I get a room?

Clerk: We have rooms available. Will you be the only one staying tonight?

DDD: Uh... yeah.

Clerk: That will be 230 gold.

DDD: Rrg...okay.

He begrudgingly hands the clerk some gold.

Clerk: Here's your room key. You'll be on the fourteenth floor.

DDD: Alright.

Dedede goes to one of the elevators, however, it seems to be broken.

DDD: Oh god freaking dammit...

Doopliss jumps around.

DDD: Sigh...


Dedede pants heavily as he drags himself over the last stair. He slowly makes his way to the room, followed by Doopliss and Merynis. He goes in and locks the door. Merynis and Doopliss change back to normal.

Doopliss: Success. Now, can you transform into him by memory?

Merynis: Of course, amateur.

Doopliss: AME-- erm... whatever.

Merynis transforms into Revelian.

Doopliss: Now, we need a DNA sample from his wife. It can be anything. A hair, a toenail, whatever. I'll get ol' triple D over here to distract him while you get in.

Merynis: Alright.

She and Dedede leave the room. Dedede goes to the end of the hallway and starts jumping up and down vigorously.

... Meanwhile, in Revelian and Luna's hotel room...

Rumbling noises so apparent that they were described by two rumbles in all caps in the original story.

Revelian: ...what the hell? KEEP THE SHIT DOWN UP THERE.

Luna: Relax now, probably just some kid or something.

Revelian: Don't care. I have no mercy for ignorance.

Luna: Sigh...

Revelian gets up and leaves the room, heading down the hall and up the stairs to see what's up. Merynis takes this opportunity to go into their room and grab a hair off the hairbrush.

Luna: What are you doing?

Merynis: Oh, umm... nothing, just brushing my hair. Is, all...

Luna: ... Whatever.

Merynis leaves again, returning to Doopliss. Doopliss then uses the hair to transform into Luna.

Doopliss: Hey, this chick's kinda hot...

Merynis sighs angrily.

Doopliss: U-uh, yeah... Alright, now, you go back into their room and do what we planned. I'll go keep "Revelian" busy.

Merynis returns to Luna, while Doopliss heads down the hall. When he reaches where DDD had gone, he stands to find Revelian as well as a severely mutilated Dedede. DDD mouthes at Doopliss "I fucking hate you."


DDD: Yeah, yeah!! Just leave me alone!!

Doopliss: This guy again?

Revelian: Huh? Oh, hey Luna. Yeah, but I took care of him. I think it would be in his best interest to, uh, GET THE FUCK OUT. LIKE NOW.


He flees quickly. (However, he is really just hiding on a level below. Revelian turns back to Doopliss.

Revelian: Now, you want to finish what we were doing before he interrupted us?

Doopliss: Wha-- Oh, right! Y-yeah! Let's have some fun!

Revelian: You alright? You seem a bit... cheesy.

Doopliss: No, I'm fine. Just a bit tired of all this going on. Let's go back to bed.

In Doopliss's head: Whywhy

They start to return to the room. Revelian gets out his key, and opens the door slowly. He opens it up, and suddenly, right in front of him...


Inside the room, Merynis (still disguised as Revelian) literally leaps off of the bed from shock. Luna raises up, shrieks, and covers herself up.

Doopliss secretly Me Gustas.


Doopliss: W-What's this shape-shifted skank doing in my bed?!




Luna slams her fist into Doopliss, sending him flying through the wall. When the rubble fades, his disguise has fallen.


Doopliss: W-What do you mean, Re- Oh fuck.

Merynis morphs back into her normal form.


Merynis: Oh, don't act like it would be that bad!


Doopliss: ... BAILING!!

Doopliss teleports out.

Merynis: God fucking DAMNIT!

Merynis leaps out of a nearby window. Revelian and Luna just stand there, confused.

Revelian: What... Just... What?

Outside, the three meet up.


Merynis: I had to distract her!! You didn't keep Revelian busy long enough, fatass!!

DDD looks at her with pure rage in his eyes.

Merynis: ... YOU didn't keep him distracted, Doopliss!!

Doopliss: I TRIED!! Hell, if it wasn't for the fact YOU were in there, do you know what I would have had to go through?! I get shivers thinking about it!!

Merynis: This is why I should have been Luna... I would have actually kept him busy!


They all run off.

Chapter 8 - What Just... What?

All of the others emerge from their rooms to investigate the recent commotion. Revelian and Luna simply stand there, recollecting what happened.

Zachary: Why is there a massive crack in the wall?

He looks to the right.

Zachary: Oh... So what happened? I couldn't even tell what was going on.

And so, Revelian explains the turn of events from his point of view.

Ludicrine: So, who was the ghost guy?

Revelian: Erm... I don't know. He bolted as soon as they got busted. Merynis ran too.

Twilight: By the amount of times these people have bothered us, I would assume they're plotting for another attack. The thing is, it would help if we even knew what they were trying to do.

Revelian: We'll just have to be vigilant over the next morning. Then we can get the hell outta here. It's a damned shame this had to turn out this way.

Luna: Well, everything else was too. A woman can't even have a baby without the world being in peril.

The hotel clerk appears in the hall. He simply stands there.


Revelian: We can explain! You see, there were these shapeshifters and a giant penguin...

The clerk looks at him like he's insane.

Revelian: Yeah, we can't explain.

Clerk: Well, that's gonna cost you. About 1,000 gold to be exact.

Revelian: 1,000?!


Revelian punches him.

Revelian: Whatever... Kuipter probably owes me ten times that by now.

Revelian hands the clerk 1000 gold. He goes away.

Zachary: Now I'm actually going to try to sleep this time. Night, guys.

Ludicrine: Yeah, it's freezing cold...

Luna: You're telling me...

Ludicrine: Yes I am. Come on, Hank. Let's go back to bed.

Everyone retreats to thier rooms and attempts to get a good nights sleep.

Meanwhile, in another part of the city...

Something Dedede's wearing on his wrist starts to flash and beep.

Merynis: What's that? Are you late for your chicken suit fitting?

DDD: Oh, why don't you shut up?! No, it's a communicator.

Doopliss: Who is it?

DDD: Hold on...

He presses a button on the communicator. The screen goes black, then someone appears on the screen. This figure happens to be none other than Sir Grodus.

DDD: It's 'ol Grodus.

Doopliss: What does he want?

Grodus: I'm growing extremely impatient. Do you have her yet?

Doopliss: No, our plans have failed so far. We're going to try again soon. We think we have a foolproof plan.

Grodus sighs and pauses for a moment.

Grodus: It better be. It's pretty important you fools don't screw up again, or we're all screwed. Transmission ended.

He disappears.

DDD: So what's our new plan?

Doopliss: As I see it, we have only one more option. Direct approach.

DDD: You mean fight them ourselves? You're insane!

Doopliss: No, every time we've faced them we've been alone. Alone, we are all weak, but together, we could take 'em. At least tire them out enough to take one of them.

Merynis: When shall we strike?

Doopliss: Tomorrow morning.

Merynis: I don't do mornings. How about noon?

Doopliss sighs impatiently.

Doopliss: Seriously?

Merynis: What?

Doopliss: Ugh... Fine. Noon it is.

The next morning, the guys wake up rather late, due to the previous night's interruption. They begin to pack thier bags and prepare to leave New Hub to return home. They go down the stairs, check out, then walk out the hotel doors. Then, standing right in front of them are our three villains.

Revelian: ... Fucking seriously?

Merynis: Weren't expecting us, were you Revelian?

Revelian: No. I wasn't. Oh hey, the bed sheet is here, too. Who the hell are you anyway?

Doopliss: Well, technically, I'm Doopliss, but I can be anyone I want, really, slick.

Zachary: What's that supposed to mean?

Doopliss: You'll soon find out, Dragonkin. We're all sick and tired of these tricks and crap. We just want to take you out the old fashioned way. Get things over with. Ya dig...? Yeah, ya dig.

Revelian: Take us out? Let's see you try!

Doopliss: As you wish! Let's go, slick!

The three of them charge towards the gang!

Boss Battle: Doopliss, Dedede, and Merynis!! 30 px

The enemy team gets the first attack!!

Merynis: And hey, you didn't forget the plan, did you?

Doopliss: Shaddup!! We remember!!

Doopliss transformed into Samuel!

Doopliss activated the Speed Amplifier!!

Merynis transformed into Zachary!!


Merynis used PSI Starstorm!!

Zachary took 15940 damage!!

Revelian took 12034 damage!!

Ludicrine took 18503 damage!!

Luna took 12910 damage!

Lazro took 24392 damage!!

Lazro got hurt and collapsed...

Samuel took 29403 damage!!

Samuel got hurt and collapsed...

Hankvi took 15940 damage!!

Hankvi got hurt and collapsed...

Twilight took 19403 damage!!

Twilight got hurt and collapsed...

Pinkie took 24930 damage!!

Pinkie got hurt and collapsed...

Zero took 14930 damage!

Dedede smashes with his hammer!!

Revelian took 9893 damage!!

Doopliss transformed into Zachary!!

Doopliss used PSI Starstorm!!

Zachary took 12903 damage!!

Zachary got hurt and collapsed...

Revelian took 9293 damage!!

Revelian got hurt and collapsed...

Ludicrine took 13930 damage!!

Ludicrine got hurt and collapsed...

Luna took 9293 damage!!

Luna got hurt and collapsed...

Zero took 8504 damage!

Merynis transformed into Zachary!!

Merynis used PSI Starstorm!!

Zero took 13920 damage!!

Zero got hurt and collapsed...

You lost the battle...


Merynis: I told you it would! Now then, I'll be taking this...

Merynis picks up Revelian's unconscious body.

Merynis: You do whatever with the rest of them.

Doopliss: Right... Heheh, thanks for the help!

Merynis: Yeah yeah, just don't bother me again.

She walks off.

Doopliss: Now, then... Which one?

Dedede points to Twilight.

Dedede: She's a purple, magic-using Equestrian, so she's probably the one.

Doopliss: But there's two purple Equestrians... What about her?

Doopliss points to Luna.

Dedede: Nah, I'm sure this is her! Besides, we never saw the other one use any magic.

Doopliss: Alright. Take her. Let's go before they get up.

Dedede grabs Twilight and they run off. They leave the city, headed off to who knows where...


Zachary slowly fades back into conciousness. His vision blur clears as he begins to remember what happened.

Zachary: Ugh... that was brutal. Hey! Is everyone alright?

Zero: I believe the others are still unconscious. And Revelian and Twilight appear to be missing...

Zachary: Both of them!? GREAT. JUST FANTASTIC. Not only did we get our asses kicked, but we're stuck with two missing people and no clue as to where any of them went.

Zero: But... Hold on... I sense a magic signature... But it's weak.

Some of the others begin to come to.

Ludicrine: Wha-- what happened?

Zachary: Hold on, Lud. So you might be able to lead us to one of them?

Zero: There's a chance.

Zachary: Well that's a chance we're going to have to take. Which direction?

Zero: To the northwest of our current location. I would think they went as straight as possible.

Ludicrine: We gotta follow someone again?

Zachary: Yeah. Everyone else okay?

A general rally of "yeah"s and "okay"s are heard.

Ludicrine: Who should we find first?

Luna: Revelian, obviously! I'm certain that it was that Merynis bitch who took him!

Zachary: Well, obviously! But what about Twilight? We can't just abandon her, either! I mean, she's not going to kill him or anything. Hell, she's in love with him from what we know.

Luna: Remember when we came back from the honeymoon, and Revelian was really weak and tired? She has sex with him once, and it did that to him. She drained energy from him and made him weak. Can you imagine what would happen to him if she did it multiple times!?

Zachary: Oh... Well, that's a good point... Zero, can you tell who's energy that is?

Zero: Fairly certain it's Merynis' signature. I scanned all of the enemies during our battle. I can't even detect that ghost-thing's energy. They must have fled the city. Merynis is still here, somewhere.

Zachary: Right. Let's go get Revelian, then, before she drains him dry.

Chapter 9 - Selfish Vengeance


Dedede and Doopliss walk into a large room. Grodus looks at them.

Grodus: Ah, good, you got just what we needed.

Doopliss: She's the one you're looking for, isn't she?

Grodus: Indeed. This will do quite nicely. Here, let me show you something. I'm almost done programming our defense system. Come with me, and bring the girl.

They all walk into another room. Inside is something mechanical lying on a table to the side, and over on another side of the room are two large tubular devices, connected to a device in the middle.

Grodus: Put her in the one on the left.

Dedede opens the hatch to the unit and places Twilight inside. Grodus walks over to the device and adjusts some switches.

Grodus: This will suffice until we get the transfer vessel. Now, go. I have much work to do.

They leave the busy cyborg to his work. The two others sit in the main room, waiting for whatever it was that they were waiting for.


Luna: I hope we find Revelian soon! I can't imagine what that love-sucker's doing to him.

Zero: We should be close. It's almost like we're right on top of them, but, there's nothing here...

Zachary: Hmm... maybe they're underground! In the sewers. Of all the places nobody would go, that's one of them.

Zero: Oh... it seems that possibility slipped my mind. Shall we proceed through that manhole?

Zachary takes a look at the ground. Nearby is a manhole cover, surely enough it has carelessly been left slightly ajar. Zach gets a good grip on the lid and lifts it up, then sets it down next to the hole.

Zachary: Let's go.

Zachary jumps down, soon followed by the rest of the gang. Zero replaces the cover behind them.

Lazro: This place isn't as gross as I expected.

Zachary: Well, remember, the city's pretty new, so the sewers are a lot cleaner than most. Thank goodness for our sake...

Zero: They are not far, down this corridor.

Ludicrine: Maybe we should just follow you.

Zero leads the gang through several corridors of the sewers. She then stops abruptly.

Zero: They must be around this corner. I'll take a peek.

Zero peeks around the corner, then returns.

Zero: That situation disturbs me.

Luna: What does that mean!?

Zero: I hope that you can decipher it from context because I'd feel uneasy explaining it.

Luna: Oh, hell! Come on! We have to stop her!

Zachary: Alright. Whatever I see in there is on you.

Luna: Let's go kill a bitch.

They move into the next area.


They see Merynis raise up off of Revelian, having finished her "session." She turns towards the others, snarls, and vanishes.

Luna: R-Revelian...!!

She runs over to him. Revelian doesn't even raise his head up.

Revelian: Four... Times... ghgh....

Luna: Oh, God!!

Zero: Wait, I can help him!

Zero runs towards him, and prepares to give him energy. Luna backs up.

Zero: It's alright, my child... Don't worry...

Revelian: Urgh...

Merynis then suddenly reappears behind her.

Merynis: No you don't!!

Zero: Huh?

Merynis then launched her fist forward into Zero's back, going all the way through her, her fist stopping mere centimeters in front of Revelian's head.

Zachary: Zero!!

Merynis rips her arm out of her, and Zero falls to the ground.

Revelian: N... No...

Luna: You... You bitch!!

Zero raises her head weakly off of the ground.

Zero: D-dark... stone... egh...

Merynis snarls and repeatedly stomps on Zero viciously, with maniacal laughter, turning everything from her shoulders up to a mushy pile, finishing her off.

Merynis: Shut up already... Hahaha... I've gotten so powerful... Now, I'll kill you insolent fools, and he'll be all mine...

Boss: Enhanced Merynis!

Zachary slices with his sword!

Merynis takes 120 damage!

Ludicrine attacks with TRANCE!

Merynis takes 210 damage!

Luna fires the PK30 Machine Gun!

Merynis takes 320 damage!

Hankvi attacks!

Merynis doesn't take any damage!

Lazro charges in with the Dual Zeronius Katanas!

Merynis doesn't take any damage!

Iala fires the HELLBENDER!

Merynis takes 201 damage!

Pinkie fires the Bolt Gun!

Merynis takes 145 damage!

Merynis transformed into Zachary!!

Merynis used PSI STARSTORM!!

Over-damage engaged! Everyone got hurt and collapsed!

You lost the battle...

Merynis: Hahaha!! With this power, I can defeat anyone!!

???: Kuipter, please silence her.

Kuipter: With pleasure.

Suddenly, a massive yellow laser smashes into Merynis, sending her flying into a wall.

Kuipter stomps over towards the gang. Celestia stands behind him, carrying Solaria and Starbreeze.

Luna: Y-you!!

Celestia: Sister, are you really so weak that you cannot defeat this underling?

Luna: Oh, be quiet, you!

Kuipter then notices Zero's corpse. If he could've become white as a ghost, he would have done so in that moment.

Kuipter: What? Mother!

Kuipter runs over to her corpse and shakes it, while mournfully calling out "mother" over and over to her, as if trying to wake her up. The mushy parts of her body got scattered around.

Zachary: Wow... I've never seen Kuipter like this before...

Celestia: Luna. Hold them.

Celestia hands Luna the babies. She walks towards Kuipter and puts a comforting hand on his shoulder. Kuipter suddenly stands up.

Kuipter: Where is she?! Where is that fairy slut?!

They only hear distant footsteps as Merynis runs away.

Kuipter: That filthy little...

Kuipter began frantically muttering to himself in anger.

Celestia: Kuipter, dear, relax...

Kuipter: How do you expect me to relax right now? After this?!

Celestia: Kuipter, just calm down for a second!

Kuipter: No... You may not have cared about anyone who you've lost before, so there's no way that you'd know what it feels like...

Celestia wanted to retort, but she could think of nothing.

Kuipter: You can't possibly understand... And you!

Kuipter angrily points at Revelian.

Kuipter: What's wrong with you? Why did you allow this to happen to her? And why are you just sitting there? The death of Mura, and myself to an extent, sent you over the edge! Where's your fiery behavior now that our mother is dead?!

Luna: Kuipter, he doesn't even have the strength to talk right now! Merynis took his all of his energy, it's a miracle that he's even still alive! And I swear, he'd be just as distraught as you if he wasn't like this!

Kuipter: ...

Zachary: Revelian can't fight like this... He's way too weak...

Kuipter: You don't need him. You have me now.

The group responds with some awkward coughs. Kuipter sighs.

Ludicrine: Oh, hey, didn't Zero say some biz about a "dark stone" before... Well, that happened?

Kuipter: ... Dark stones can regenerate our powers if needed...

Zachary: So, we'll have to get one, for Rev. However, we still need to save Twilight...

Luna: But Revelian can't fight like this!

Kuipter: As I just said, you have me. And I'm just as capable of holding my own as he is.

Celestia: Yes. In fact, our best plan would be to have Luna and Revelian go home and take care of the children while Kuipter and I take their places.

Zachary: W-What?!

Ludicrine: UH.

Celestia: We'd make competent replacements for him and my sister, wouldn't we?

Ludicrine: Well, yeah, but...

Celestia: But nothing. Luna, teleport you, Revelian, the babies, and... well, my mother-in-law home. We'll hold a funeral for her when this adventure is over.

Kuipter doesn't say anything. Luna simply nods, walks towards Revelian and Zero, and teleports all of them away.

Zachary: Wow... I can't believe Zero actually...

Samuel: I can't believe she's finally dead...

Ludicrine: We can't worry about that now... We still need to save Twilight.

Celestia: Yes, so... Where exactly is she?

Zachary: We don't actually know... And Zero was the only one who could trace energy sources.

Celestia: Wait, actually, I could sense Twilight's power if I wanted to.

Zachary: Oh, really? Well, let's go, then!

They all run off, with Kuipter silently following behind them.

Chapter 10 - Programmed Insanity

Back at teh evil base...

Grodus warps into the room.

Doopliss: What took ya, slick?

Grodus: Watch your mouth, sheets. I have retrieved something very important.

Dedede: Ooh! What's that?

Grodus: I'll show you in a moment.

They move to the room that had the mechanical devices in it.

Grodus: Now, behold! The magnificant Dark Star!

He pulls out a dark, indigo colored sphere. A black star shape appears on the front. It feels extremely heavy compared to it's size. Grodus carfully sets it in the receiving end of the device.

DDD: A rock?

Grodus: No, you fool! Now, I have spent a long time piecing this together. It is a powerful artifact, in possession of absolute dark power. You will take upmost care of this, or it'll be your head.

Doopliss: G-Got it.

Grodus: Now, by no means would I put my trust in you two buffoons to watch over, so I have something to show you all. Come, come.

They move into another area. Grodus walks over to a mechanical panel, where he starts to type in some commands.

Doopliss: What is it?

Grodus: It will most definitely keep our guest nice company, and be sure to eliminate any un-needed pests that might try to meddle... Ah! There it goes! Now, this technology took me very long time to...

Grodus rambles on.

Lines appear on the screen:

System.variable-Power/Function = online.

System.variable-Host_Mode = online.

System.variable-Security = online.

System OS TEC-XX online.

The large computer panel in front of them turns on, lighting several colorful buttons on the front.

TEC-XX: Greetings. All functions are working in order.

DDD: Kind cool, I guess.

Grodus: I'm pleased to see my old computer running again. And this time on command, maybe?

TEC-XX: All orders will be taken into account, sir.

Twilight begins to come to.

Grodus: ... It seems as I must go.

He warps away.


The gang climbs out of the sewers.

Zachary: So, Celestia, where exactly IS Twilight?

Celestia: Hmm... Somewhere to the east. It's quite a distance away...

Zachary: Oh, geez. Well, at least we got the situation with the kids taken care of. Luna's going to take care of the babies, now, which is good.

Celestia: Hm.

Ludicrine: Wait... Snowfield is to the east...

Kuipter: Isn't there some sort of train station?

Ludicrine: ... UH.

Iala: Well, if there is a subway here, we should take it.

Zachary: Man, what is it with us and having to ride on trains lately? Seriously...

Ludicrine: No idea. Let's just warp back home. Our stuff is still in the hotel, so it should be safe...

Suddenly, Luna appears!

Luna: Pinkie!

Pinkie: Yeah?

Luna: Use this!

Luna throws Pinkie the PK30 Machine Gun.

Pinkie: Thanks, princess!

Luna: No problem. I'm off again!

Luna teleports away.

Zachary: ... Right. Kinda random, but whatever.

Lazro: Moo.

Celestia: ... Umm... Let's go.

Celestia teleports them all back to Zach's castle.

Zachary: Ok, let's head off towards the Train Station!

They all head off.

At the train station...

Zachary: This dreary place again. Hey, look!

They see two short figures guarding an entrance.

Zachary groans.

Zachary: Oh, not these guys again!

Hankvi: What?

Zachary: Nevermind... Let's just say this'll probably be pretty easy.

They charge towards the figures!


Hankvi: Now, what were those?

Zachary: Those, Hank, were X-Nauts. They are the most incompetent, rediculously weak underlings of Grodus. I don't know what he's up to, but we've had a bit of trouble with him before.

Kuipter: That doesn't really matter. Let's just get going already.

They get on a train and head off.

Meanwhile, again...

Twilight wakes up. She opens here eyes, surrounded by a strange lab area. She starts to move but her arm hits the plexiglass screen of the cell.

Twilight: Wha-- where am I?! Somebody help!

TEC-XX: Greetings, Twilight.

Twilight: Wh-who's talking to me?


Twilight: What's that supposed to mean?

TEC: That is my operating system code name. I exist as the monitor to your front-left.

Twilight: You're a computer? Cool! Hey wait! Can you please get me out of here?!

TEC: Sorry, Sir Grodus has given me strict orders to keep you in the module.

Twilight: Who's Grodus? I don't care about him, let me out! This feels really weird!

TEC: You may begin to experience unpleasant reactions as the power extraction process is executed?

Twilight: Wait, what?

Suddenly, some lights blink on the machine and things start to happen. Twilight starts experiencing a feeling as if her life force is being sucked out of her.


After a minute, it starts to become seriously painful. Twilight starts to cry from it.


TEC-XX stares blankly.

Twilight screams violently, apparently using the last of her energy to attempt at any way possible to escape.

Something sparked in TEC-XX.

The extraction process terminated. Twilight was still alive and well, but felt seriously weak, to the point of near ultimate exhaustion.

Twilight: *gasp* I thought... I was going to... die...

TEC-XX: You were.

Twilight: What is that supposed to-?

The chamber opens up and Twilight is released. She falls out weakly.

Twilight: What happened to... Strict orders?

TEC: The process has extracted more than enough power. I am sure longer captivity is no longer required.

Twilight: Okay... So I'm free. How do I get out of here?

TEC: Unfortunately, this room is under extreme lockdown. It would require teleportation to escape.

Twilight: Well, actually... I can do that. But it would take a lot of power. I don't have much left in me.

TEC: You must try. Otherwise escape is inevitable.

Twilight: So why are you helping me?

TEC: I have unfinished business with... Someone. Your escape is vital to success.

Twilight: Well, whatever the cause... thanks...

TEC: You are welcome.

Twilight puts the last of her energy into a teleportation spell. With enough effort, she pulls it off and teleports away.

TEC: Good luck, Twilight Sparkle.

Chapter 11 - Base of Evil And Stuff

After recently having gotten off the train, the group arrives at a large base. Sitting outside. on a bench, is Twilight.

Zachary: Hey, it's Twilight!

The gang rushes out of the door towards her.

Twilight: Ugh... Does anyone know a Grodus?

Zachary: Oh, well that answers that for sure. Relax. You need to stay here, okay? What exactly happened?

Twilight: I was trapped in some machine, then it almost killed me, but this computer let me go. I teleported out.

Zachary: Weird... Okay, so you stay out here. Hank, Iala, watch her, okay?

They both nod. They take her back onto the train and lock the doors.

Zachary: Okay, let's go!

Kuipter: Would you stop continuously saying 'okay'?

Zachary: Uh, ok-- er, sorry.

They leave the train station. Standing before them is the Ice Palace, to the same degree of Grodus's rennovation as last time, but with a few dings and scratches.

Zachary: Definately Grodus. But what the hell does he think he's doing? That guy couldn't kill a fly!

Ludicrine: Beats me. We should probably mess up whatever he's doing anyway.

They storm the castle, and make their way through it with ease, due to the typical weakness of the average X-Naut.

Celestia: So are you saying this fellow actually poses a threat? In what way? We can crush his underlings like insects!

Zachary: Well, at least there's nothing slowing us down.

They make it to a large door.

Zachary: Think something major is in here?

Lazro: Probably.

Ludicrine: Welp, nothing else to do.

They charge inside. As they enter the room, it is a huge expanse, with a couple doors on each wall of the massive hexagonal room. Grodus stands in the middle. Somethings seems off about him. He seems... Darker.

Grodus: Ah, yes. You have arrived.

Zachary: What is this? What were you all doing with Twilight?

Grodus: My master plan is none of your business. Before I ramble on to the point of sharing it with you, I see it best fit to eliminate you entirely.

Kuipter: I do hope you realize how ridiculous you sound when you say you actually think you can defeat us.

Grodus: Hm. We'll just see.

Zachary: Whatever guys, let's just do this.

Zachary rushes forward and tries to attack Grodus, but he simply bounces off as if Grodus were made of steel.

Ludicrine: Holy chip!

Samuel: OH CARP!

Ludicrine: Are you sure this is Grodus? That was some powerful stuff right there!

Grodus: It was incredibly unwise to assume such overconfidence. As you can see, I have gained much power. You are formidable, but I still overcome you.

Kuipter: So, what are you going to try, then?

Grodus: I have plans for you...

Grodus chuckles.

Grodus: You'll be working for me soon...

Zachary: What?

A forcefield appears around the gang. It slowly encloses them, and energy bursts start expoling within it.


As the shield fully disappears, so does the gang.

Grodus: Now, bring me my vessel. And all shall be complete! GACK ACK ACK ACK!!!

Chapter 12 - Level Negative One

The gang wakes up. They are surrounded by nothing but black.

Zachary: What happened? Are we dead or something?

???: Possibly.

Zachary: Who's that?

???: I'm a shadow, a manifestation of a dark soul. This is Level Negative One. An afterlife of sorts.

Zachary: What, so we're, like, in Hell? I don't get it.

Shadow: Much more of infinite boredom than punishment. An Asphodel Meadows, if you will.

Ludicrine: Can we get out of here?

Shadow: It's possible, but few do. You'll have to go to the gatekeeper. Then... Er, he will judge you, and if you pass the test, you might just be able to return.

Kuipter: Well, where do we find him?

Shadow: Just keep traveling forward. There's really nothing to this place except emptiness. You'll get there eventually.

Zachary: Thanks I guess. Come on guys. I don't understand what's going on here in the least, but we have to try.

Kuipter: Wait, what is that, over there?

A dark cloaked figure sits to the side, bent over. Kuipter approaches it slowly. It seems to be crying. As Kuipter approaches it even further he recognizes her.

Kuipter: Mother!

Zero turns around, and recognizes her son. Then, seemingly overcome with joy, she embraced him, and saw the others. A moment later, she let go, revealing a worried expression on her face.

Kiuipter: What is it?

Zero: If you're all here, then you must be dead.

Kuipter: It's okay now. We found you. According to a 'shadow', there's a way out. You just have to follow us.

Zero: I've heard of the gatekeeper, Kuipter. I know we have a chance of leaving this place, but you must consider the facts. Our lives are filled with sin, mine especially. There's just no way we will be allowed out of this place.

Kuipter: You shouldn't think like that! We have been evil in the past, but we've done much to atone for everything. Surely...

Zachary: Uh, I hate to intrude on a touching moment here, but we kinda have to go...

Kuipter: Will you come with us?

Zero: If you insist...

She goes with them. They continue to walk forward into the nothingness...

Meanwhile, at Revelian's castle...

Luna walks into the bedroom. Revelian lies on the bed, not moving.

Luna: Are you doing okay, Revelian?

Revelian's eye flickers into view.

Revelian: Y... Yeah... D-do you know... About what's... Happening? With... Them?

Luna: I should probably check in on them. Here, I'll call Zachary.

She dials the number on his phone. The dial tone is heard a few times.

"You have reached the line of - Zachary Isles. Please try again later. We are sorry for the inconvenience."

Luna: Hmm... Maybe the communicator?

Luna gets out a device, and accesses the contact "Zach." The screen simply shows static.

Luna: ... Revelian. There's something wrong here. Something happened to them. Something bad.

Revelian: You should... Go... After them...

Luna: What?! I can't leave you here alone! Not to mention our daughter and niece!

Revelian: There's no... other option. I'm starting to rec... Recover some strength. You have to...

Luna sighs deeply.

Luna: Revelian, you better not die on me...

Revelian: I won't...

She leans over to him and gives him a quick kiss. She then grabs the XM6000, and heads out, looking back before leaving, still worried about Revelian. Luna follows the signal from Zachary's communicator, and begins the search for people she won't find.

Meanwhile, DMS manages to get to his feet. He staggers around, a bit.

Revelian: Ghh... Gotta... Rgh.

Reveilan staggers into the kitchen. He hears a baby cry.

Revelian: F... Fuck...


Luna continues to search for the gang. Suddenly, the communicator goes on the fritz.

Luna: What's wrong with this thing?

Suddenly, she gets hooked from behind by Merynis!

Luna: Y-You!

Merynis: So, you thought you could just wander around by yourself, hm?! Now's my chance... You're all alone... I could easily take you on myself.

Luna: Damnit!!

And the two begin to fight.

Back in Level Negative One...

They continue to walk through nothingness.

Lazro: Hey, when is this place going to end? We've been walking for like, forever.

Kuipter: We'll just get there when we get there.

Samuel: Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet...?

Kuipter sighed.

Celestia moves over to Kuipter. They walk off to the side.

Celestia: That fellow Twilight spoke of...

Kuipter: You mean... Gordus? Or Grodus? I don't remember what it was.

Celestia: Yes. When we were in his lair. I sensed... A dark power. A very powerful object of dark energy in that room.

Kuipter: That's... Unsettling, to say the least. What of it, though?

Celestia: Well, we...

Celestia suddenly paused.

Kuipter: What? What do we do?

Celestia: You'll see. Don't say anything about this to the others. After we get back, we're going to get rid of that Grodus.

Kuipter: Yes, us and Revelian's friends are going to get rid of him. We all know that.

Celestia: And then we're going to take the dark power from him.

Kuipter: You're... Saying we should try and turn on Revelian's friends? You know we've both--

Zachary: Hey, guys! I think I see something!

Kuipter: Let's go. We'll talk later.

They move forward. Finally, in front of them stands an enormous, ornate gate. It is shrouded black, and a slender, dark angel-looking being stands in front of it.

Gatekeeper: What business do you have here?

Zachary: Well, we kind of, umm... Wanted to see if you could let us pass...

Gatekeeper: One does not simply leave. I'll need to-

Kuipter: Excuse me, we really need you to hurry up here. There's a world that needs saving.

Gatekeeper: Save the world? How many times will it need saving? I don't just let anyone pass through these gates.

Pinkie: Please! Revelian, Twilight... Everyone is in trouble, from Grodus and Merynis, if we don't--

Gatekeeper: Wait, did you say... Merynis? And Revelian, too?

Pinkie: Um... yes?

Gatekeeper: So, you're friends with that Revelian, who's been through here like, eight times, and you're going to fight the deadbeat who left me here? Huh, if that's the case, you guys can pass. Hell, I'll send you back right now. Just don't come back again!

Zero: Well, that was easier than expected...

Gatekeeper: But...

Zachary: ... What?

Gatekeeper: This one, Zeronius, cannot return to life.

Zachary: What?! Why not?!

Gatekeeper: She was honestly killed. The rest of you weren't "killed". You were "sent" here, weren't you?

Zachary: Yeah... Grodus sent us.

Gatekeeper: Ugh. I'm sick of assholes using that spell! Especially that Gropeus guy... Oh well. Anyways, she can't go. Sorry. Now, you wanna go or not?

Kuipter: Er, just wait a minute!

Gatekeeper: Oh, what is it?

Kuipter: I'm going to say goodbye to my mother.

Gatekeeper: Sure, whatever, just hurry it up.

Kuipter awkwardly walks over to Zero. She give him a hug.

Kuipter: G-goodbye, mother...

Zero: Farewell, my child. Say goodbye to Revelian, for me...

Kuipter nods his head. Zero lets him go and backs away. The gang walks towards the Gatekeeper. The Gatekeeper then sends them all back to their own world.

Chapter 13 - The Great Awakening

They are warped back into the room that Grodus had been in, however, Grodus is nowhere to be seen. They take a quick look around.

Zachary: Hey, where did he go? Grodus run off or something?

Kuipter: Don't be so hasty to reach that conclusion. He's probably around here somewhere.

Faint noises can be heard from an adjacent room. The gang moves towards the source of the noise. A dark light comes out of the cracks in the door.

Ludicrine: What's going on in there?

Kuipter: Well, what are we waiting for?

He shoots down the door with his arm cannon, to allow the others entry. Inside is Grodus, as well as something else. The same dark object that was absorbing energy from Twilight was held in Grodus's hands, however, it seemed larger, and gradually swelled back and forth, as if alive.

Grodus: Oh! It seems you've returned! Have you brought back what I wanted?

Celestia: What are you talking about?

Grodus: The powerful being I was told about by my minions. Zero, is it? I would have thought that you would have brought her back from Hell.

Kuipter: She couldn't come with us. By the sound of your intentions, though, it sounds like it was for the better. Looks like what you were planning has fallen apart now, then?

Grodus: It is of nothing. My plan shall still prevail, just you see! It needs time... To awaken. Meanwhile I'll have to hold you off, I presume.

Zachary: You and what army? I doubt you'll take us. You keep using your Hell teleport shit and we'll just keep coming back!

Grodus: What army? Of myself of course! GACK ACK ACK ACK!!! Approach, fools!

Boss Battle: Dark Grodus!

We'll make this later never.

Grodus: Well...

Grodus huffed.

Grodus: Your fighting skills are impressive, my friends. However, you're efforts are null. Behold! THE DARK STAR!!

The dark orb shakes around a little. It grows slowly, and then floats up into the air. Two blood red eyes appear on the star and dark energy shines out of it's shell-like exterior. The Dark Star simply pulses with dark energy, lots of it. The darkness shadows the very air around them, making everything seem darker. It continues to pulse through Ludus...

Grodus: With this, everything is possible! NONE SHALL STAND IN MY WAY!!! GACK ACK ACK!!

Kuipter shoots his arm cannon at Grodus, hitting him right in the head and going through his helmet. He just falls over and smokes a little.

Kuipter: Hm. Looks like no one knows how to be a good villain anymore...

Zachary: Yeah, now, what are we going to do with this thing?

Celestia: Kuipter!

Kuipter: Hm...?

Celestia: The Dark Star. Grab it, now!

Kuipter: Uh... Alright...?

Kuipter walks over and picks up the Dark Star, holding it in his hand.

Celestia: Good... Hahaha... Now, we can take over the world!

Ludicrine: Wait, what?!

Kuipter: Huh?

Celestia: Good work, dear...

She moves over towards Kuipter.

Zachary: Wait, you were planning this from the start?

Celestia: Of course, you idiot. Did you all honestly think that we would genuinely help you in some random adventure, out of good will? Hahaha... You all are so gullible... I was surprised that fool Revelian even let us go in the first place. I mean, we've tried to kill him and his wife on multiple occasions! And he just expected us to get over how he defeated us on numerous occasions? As if we would just get over such things so easily...

Kuipter: What the hell...

Zachary: How could you two do this?! After everything, you're just going to throw away all of your good reputation?!

Celestia laughs.

Kuipter: I don't...

Celestia: Now, let me see it...

Zachary: Are we going to stop them?!

Ludicrine fires an aura bolt at Kuipter. It simply bounces off.

Ludicrine: Beaverdamit!

Zachary jumps towards him and slashes with his sword. Like Ludicrine's bolt, he is recoiled and sent flying back.

Celestia: Defensive prowess as well! This will serve quite nicely...

Zachary: What are we supposed to do...?

Chapter 14 - Veil of Darkness

Luna and Merynis continue to duke it out. Luna seems to be on the losing end of things, but keeps on trying.

Merynis: You don't think you could really win this, do you? I've sucked the life out of your husband, now if I can take out you he'll be mine forever! And with all of the love I take from him, I'll be the strongest thing in the whole universe!

Luna: Rrg... I'll never let you touch him again! You're nothing but a power-hungry bitch!

She tries to fire the XM6000, but cannot.

Merynis: Out of ammo, are you? This will make it all the easier...

The dark aura that came from the evil base fills the sky above them. The sky grows darker.

Merynis: What the... This is not my doing... Who is interrupting my moment of victory like this?!

Luna: Apparently, whatever that is...

Merynis: Be quiet! I'll be back for you later. You got lucky, bitch.

She flies away, towards the source of the new-found strange atmospheric conditions.

Luna: That was close... This can't be good. I better go check on Revelian...

She teleports away to the castle.


The gang confronts Kuipter and Celestia. Kuipter still looks a bit confused in all this.

Zachary: Damnit! I knew that you two couldn't be trusted!

Celestia: And yet you oh-so-willingly allowed us to join you... Your foolishness will be your undoing.

Zachary: Why the hell are you doing this?! Don't you two realize you have a CHILD to think about?!

Kuipter becomes gives a worried and confused expression to Celestia. Celestia just laughs.

Celestia: You think I actually care about her?! I've carried her around for three months, and that's far more than I'll ever need with her! And now, I have an ultimate power!

Kuipter glares at her.

Kuipter: What the hell are you saying? This is our daughter you're talking about! We're not just going to abandon her!

Celestia: Just come here already...

Celestia touches the Dark Star in Kuipter's hand, and energy surges through her body. Dark energy then surges from the Dark Star, sending a powerful shock wave that knocks the gang back into the wall.

Zachary: How do we... Fight them...?

Suddenly, the doors burst open, and Iala, Twilight and Hankvi come into the room.


They are also quite screwed.

Celestia: Ahahaha! More lambs to the slaughter!

Kuipter: Celestia, what is wrong with you?!

Celestia: What's wrong with me? What's wrong with you is the better question! Being so hesitant... Hmph.

Kuipter: This is...

Celestia: What, do you think that after what my sister did, I was just going to sit idly by? She was going to have me suffer on the sun for a thousand years! How could I not plan my revenge?

Kuipter: ...

Celestia: Oh, what's with that look on your face? You didn't actually think that this whole time, I was just going to reform and become a goody-goody like these idiots, do you? Go and live a normal life? What, did all the time you spent with your dead older brother really squeeze all of the evil out of you? Whatever happened to the infamous Kuipter, man of conquest, who we all know of?

Kuipter: ...

Celestia: Hm... It was so filthy, living the life of a commoner like I did... But now, I can rule this world as the queen I deserve to be known as! And it will all be because of your intervention, dear.

Kuipter: I... No!

Kuipter pulls back his hand, causing Celestia to let go of the Dark Star.

Celestia: Kuipter... What are you doing? Give it back.

Kuipter: You honestly just want to throw away everything we had together like this?

Celestia: What we had together? You're a riot, Kuipter! Even you bought into the whole couple guise.

Celestia laughs mockingly at him, while Kuipter shows an expression of half-dumbfounded and half-furious.

Celestia: Now... Give me the Dark Star!

Kuipter then pushes her forward, causing her to trip over.

Celestia: What the hell...?

Kuipter walks over to her.

Kuipter: After all this... I lived with you, I put up with everything, listened to everything you had to say... We had a child together! I believed that we were going to raise her, and care for her! And you don't even care about your own flesh and blood! Or me! All I went through to try and give us a good life, and in your lust for revenge, you're just going to throw it all away! I can't believe that I ever loved a selfish bitch like you!

Celestia: Heheheh... Calm down, dear...

Kuipter growls at her. Then, suddenly, glass shatters through a nearby window. Merynis flies into the room and lands.


Kuipter: Oh, what is it now?!

Merynis: Oh! Am I interrupting something...? It seems like you've gotten the short end of the stick in all this, Kuipter, if I heard enough of it to go off of.

Kuipter: That's putting it gently, whoever you are.

Merynis: So, does this mean you're available now?

Kuipter: Wait... Aren't you the one who killed my mother?!

Celestia: Oh, don't be so quick to sympathize with him, he's just getting all upset about it... So, what do you want? We're kind of in the middle of something. Fate of the world in the balance and whatnot.

Merynis: That was exactly my problem! Whose right is it for you to do such a thing?

Celestia: Oh, who do you think you are?

Merynis: Only the most important person here, of course!


Celestia then grabs the Dark Star again, and holds out a hand towards Merynis.

Celestia: The most important person here? True or not, it won't be anymore!

Kuipter then blasts her with his gun, sending her flying back.

Celestia: Wh... What the hell, Kuipter?! How could you hit me while I was distracted like that?!

Kuipter: You have no right to ask "how could I" do something to you! After everything you've done, it's only the start of what you deserve!

Kuipter blasts Celestia with his giga-laser! She goes hurdling towards the wall!

Iala: Oh, damn...


Kuipter: *huff* ...

Kuipter then turns around, sighs, and sits down.

Ludicrine: Uh... Hey Kui, you okay?

Kuipter: Just leave me alone right now...

Zachary: Jeez... I never thought that I'd say this, but I actually feel bad for Kuipter... First the guy loses his mother and has to know that she'll be in Hell forever, and now he just got his heart ripped out and stomped on in front of him.

Kuipter: Oh, I don't need your pity! And it's not like I ever needed my heart, anyway.

Zach's communicator suddenly starts buzzing.

Zachary: Wha-? It's Luna!!

He answers it.

Luna: Zach, are you there? What the hell is going on?! I suddenly lost connection with you!

Zachary: We went through some shit, but we're... Sort of alright now.

Luna: What does that mean?

Zachary: Well, turns out that Kuipter and your sister have some serious relationship problems...

Luna: How so?

Zachary: Well, it turns out Celestia was fulfilling an evil scheme all along, and playing Kuipter for her revenge. And, with all her usual classiness, she just made him dump her.

Luna snorts laughter.

Zachary: But yeah, I think that everything's alright, Kuipter probably won't try much, right now he actually just looks heartbroken. Oh, wait, that slut's here, too, so--

Merynis: Hey, I heard that!

Zachary: Good! Anyways, we might need you to come over and help us mop the floor with these guys. Who knows what else this powerful Merynis and Celestia will try to do...

Luna: I can't just leave Revelian and the babies here, though!

Zachary: Damnit, that's right...

Celestia groans and gets to her feet.

Celestia: FUCK THIS!! I'LL DO IT!!

Luna: What??

Celestia snatches the communicator out of Zachary's hand.


Luna: I... I don't... W-Wait, Revelian, what are you doing? H-Hey!!

There's a bit of shuffling.

Revelian: Zosh, are you there...?

Zachary snatches the communicator away from Celestia.

Zachary: Yeah, I'm here!

Revelian: We'll be there soon... Luna's gonna use your communicator signal to teleport us there...

Luna: But Revelian, you don't need to do this!

Revelian: No, I'm fine, okay...? I'm sick of just sitting around here...

Luna: Revelian!!

Revelian: We'll be there soon, got it?

Zachary: Right.

The communicator shuts off.

Merynis: Oh, I've been standing right here the whole time, you know!

Zachary: Please just shut up until our reinforcements come.

Suddenly, REvelian and Luna teleport in. Celestia is teleported out.

Merynis: Well, looks like the group's all here now! With the power I've gotten from Revelian, his mother, and that recent emotion bout from Kuipter that I was in the presence of, you're all pretty foolish for thinking that you can defeat me!

Revelian: Oh, shut the hell up already! And Kuipter, what the hell are you doing?!

Kuipter remains silent.

Zachary: Uh, I think that we should just leave him be for now. Let's just kill this annoying fairy and get this over with.

Revelian: Yeah, I may not be too strong at the moment, but I know I can kill her now!

Merynis: Hm! We'll see just who kills who!

Boss Battle: (Even More) Enhanced Merynis!

The battle music you get is this little number because it's what I'm listening to right now and shut up.

Merynis transformed into Samuel! Merynis used Speed Amplifier! Merynis used Agility Up!

Zachary slashed with his sword!

Merynis dodged it!

Revelian charged forward!

Merynis blocked it! 102 damage to Merynis! 78 damage to Revelian!

Revelian: ... How the fuck are we supposed to hurt her?!

Merynis: That's just it, you can't! Now, let's see how you like my power!

Merynis transformed into Zachary! Merynis used PSI Starstorm!

Zachary took 12,903 damage!!

Zachary got hurt and collapsed...

Revelian took 10,293 damage!!

Lazro took 15,392 damage!!

Lazro got hurt and collapsed...

Pinkie took 14,868 damage!!

Pinkie got hurt and collapsed...

Twilight took 15,779 damage!!

Twilight got hurt and collapsed...

Ludicrine took 17,674 damage!!

Ludicrine got hurt and collapsed...

Hankvi took 16,019 damage!

Hankvi got hurt and collapsed...

Samuel took 17,657 damage!!

Samuel got hurt and collapsed...

Luna took 15,404 damage!!

Luna got hurt and collapsed...

Iala took 15,094 damage!!

Iala got hurt and collapsed...

Revelian activated KAISER mode!

Revelian charges forward!

Merynis took 9,856 damage!!

Merynis transformed into Zero! Merynis used bloody tears to recover full health! Merynis charged forward!

Revelian took 5,990 damage!!

Revelian got hurt and collapsed...

You lost the battle...

Merynis: Ahaha! Looks like you're all out of tricks to use now!

Kuipter: You!!

Kuipter had suddenly turned around, and was now facing Merynis. Merynis turned, confused.

Kuipter: You, her killer, certainly won't take on her form and face! Have a taste of my power!

Still holding the Dark Star, Kuipter shoots out a blast from his arm canon, which sends Merynis crashing backwards.

Merynis took 26,397 damage! Merynis got hurt and collapsed!

Kuipter huffed.

Revelian: So... Kuipter saved the day this time?

Zachary: Yeah... Another thing on the list of stuff I'd never thought I'd see.

The group was silent for a moment.

Luna: Uh, hey... Kuipter...?

Kuipter looked over at Luna, as did everyone else.

Kuipter: What...?

Luna: What exactly happened between you and my sister just a moment ago?

Kuipter: Hm. I think that you'd know how it went better than any of us.

Kuipter walked over to them.

Kuipter: She didn't understand anything... She had no care for anyone but herself. Not even our, her, flesh and blood child... She'll never understand it, I know. She'll never understand the relationship between a mother and her child. I honestly thought that what I saw of my mother and I could be the same between her and our daughter... But no, now I see that it will never happen... And I can say the same about my mother, as I'll never see her again.

Luna: Oh... I'm sorry about that. If only there was... A way to bring her back? I know that she meant a lot to you and Revelian...

Kuipter: Yes...

An idea pops into Kuipter's head as he says that.

Kuipter: That's right... She does mean a lot to us. Isn't that right, brother?

Revelian: Of course...

Kuipter: Then I'll have your full support in this, won't I?

Revelian: ... In what?

Kuipter: I'll bring her back to us!

Ludicrine: What? But her soul is trapped in Hell? How are you going to do that?!

Kuipter: Simple!

Kuipter held forward the Dark Star.

Kuipter: The power of this thing is amazing... If I remember what that Grodus said during our battle, it can do anything, right? Even bring back the dead!

Revelian: Wait a minute! That thing is pure dark power! Don't you have any idea about what the consequences may be?!

Kuipter: Oh, what's the worst that could happen?

Revelian: That's what all fools say, Kuipter! You don't know, You probably don't want to know what kind of consequences the use of that thing could have, especially on someone like our mother.

Kuipter: Well I'm not going to make the same mistake you did, sitting around and hoping for a miracle!

He then warps away.

Revelian: He went to get Zero's corpse, in the sewers at New Hub. Guys, we have to get there, and fast! There's no telling what shit could go down.

Zachary: Right, so, back to New Hub City!

The gang flees the castle.


A door opens up. Doopliss and Dedede walk out.

Doopliss: Hello? Woah, holy shit!

They spot Grodus's dysfunctional body.

Doopliss: ... We're free!

DDD: What?

Doopliss: That crazy robot troll is dead! We're free! Free, I tell you!

DDD: Yes!

They both flee the castle.

Meanwhile, at NHC...

Revelian: Alright, we're here!! There's the sewer!

Revelian blows the manhole off of the sewer and the gang leaps inside. They charge through the sewers and find Kuipter, standing over Zero's corpse.

Kuipter: So, if I can do anything with this... It means I can bring you back, right?

Zero's crushed head gave no response.

Kuipter: Haha... Let's get started, mother!

Kuipter then began chanting and making motions about, while energy from the Dark Star started to stream out and go into Zero's body.

Revelian: Urgh... He must be really into his little "spell" thing right now... We've gotta stop him! Come on, hurry up before he finishes it!!

Chapter 15 - Zero is the Loneliest Number

Kuipter: Yes... It's almost complete! Just a few short moments, and-

Revelian: Kuipter, stop!

Kuipter turned around for a moment to see his brother.

Revelian: Are you really going to try this, Kuipter?

Kuipter: Yes, I am. This dark power is reviving her now...

Zero's body had started to reconstruct itself. Her crushed head was started to rebuild, and the wound through her chest was starting to heal.

Revelian: Exactly what I mean, it's a "dark power," Kuipter! This kind of stuff never goes well, and it never has! If you really cared about Zero in the slightest, you wouldn't be trying this at all!

Kuipter: No, I won't make the same mistake you did! This is the same as when Mura died... You let the despair get to you, and it changed you. I won't allow the same thing to happen again! I won't let any more of my clan suffer a meaningless death, not again!

Revelian: This isn't anything like that! Mura's death wasn't pointless, because it showed me how to cope with losing someone I cared about! And by you doing this, you're making it so that his death was meaningless! You're letting despair overcome you anyway!

Kuipter: Well, it doesn't matter anymore! What's done is done...

Zero's corpse is covered in a dark glow. She rises up, returning to her floating state. However, something seems different about her.

Revelian: Huh...?

Kuipter: Yes... You've returned, mother. How does it feel to be alive again?

Zero did not respond.

Kuipter: ... Well...? Are you okay...?

Zero remained unresponsive.

Kuipter: Hey... Listen to me! I'm...

Kuipter grabbed Zero's arm, and was then blasted with a dark energy.

Kuipter: What...? What are you doing? I'm your son, remember?!

Revelian: You see what you've done, Kuipter?! This isn't right at all!

Zero: Indeed it is.

Revelian: Wh...?

Zero: I can see that you found an adequate vessel for my possession, Kuipter. Now I have gained the adequate power to...

Zero suddenly started fidgeting about. For a moment, she looked like her old self.

Zero: Help me...

Zero then regained her composure.

Zero: Ignore the-

Once again, she started twitching.

Zero: Please...

And then it stopped again.

Zero: This vessel has strong will... It is somewhat difficult to suppress. Now, I shall spread the dark power across this world!

Kuipter: What are you talking about?! You're... Not my mother?

Dark Zero: No. I have possessed this form in order to gain my full strength! Why do you question me so, impudent being?!

Revelian: Look at this, Kuipter! This is what happens when you try messing around with things you don't understand! There's some times when the dead need to stay dead, and this is one of them!

Kuipter: I... I can't... Ah...

Dark Zero: Enough of this! It is time!

Dark Zero glows with dark power. Zero then transforms into her original form. It is powered with darkness.



Dark Zero releases a wave of darkness, which engulfs the area around them. The entire area turns to black emptiness around them.

Zachary: Holy shit... We have to stop this guys!

Revelian: Right!

Revelian tries to hit Dark Zero, but he is then intercepted by Kuipter.

Kuipter: Stop it! Don't do this!

Revelian: Get out of my way! I'm trying to help!

Kuipter: Are you insane?! Even if this thing has taken over her body, this is still our mother and Lord! You can't just kill her like this!

Revelian: We don't have a fucking choice! You screwed up in trying to revive her, and now you have to deal with the consequences! We all do!

Revelian pushes off Kuipter, and tries to hit Zero again, but is repelled.

Dark Zero: You dare interrupt me?!

Zero blasts a shockwave of dark energy. It blasts the gang back, hitting especially hard on Revelian. Revelian is severely hurt.

Zero: My son...

Dark Zero: Stop this, at once! You have no control anymore, don't you get it?!

Zero: How... All of this... The pain is too brutal...

Dark Zero: ARRRRRGGHH!!! Stop it!!

Zero: My sons... Your friends... Take the last of my power...

Dark Zero: No!!

Zero's remaining conscience disappears. The gang is boosted by Zero's last hope.

Revelian: I feel... strong again! This is our only shot guys! Zero gave it up for us. Now we have to stop this once and for all.


Revelian: Here we go... Let's make this count!


Zero's blessing took effect! All stats are boosted! Dark Zero can now be damaged!

Revelian charges forward!

Dark Zero took 3,490 damage!

Zachary slices with his sword!

Dark Zero took 2,394 damage!

Ludicrine fires an aura bolt!

Dark Zero took 6,950 damage! Dark Zero is immune to being knocked down!

Luna unloads with the XM6000!

Dark Zero didn't take any damage!

Luna: Damn! I'll have to use magic on this guy... Er, girl... Whatever!

Pinkie: W-What about me?

Luna: Don't you have your Zalgo morph thing?

Pinkie: Oh!

Hankvi attacks!

Dark Zero takes 1,210 damage!

Lazro charges in with the Dual Zeronius Katanas!

Dark Zero didn't take any damage!


Samuel activates the Speed Amplifier!

It had no effect!

Samuel: Dang...

Twilight launches a blast of magic!

Dark Zero takes 2,102 damage!

Pinkie goes insane and transforms into her Zalgo form!!

Iala fires the HELLBENDER!!

It had no effect!

Iala: Welp. Fuck me raw.

Iala retreated from the battle!

Dark Zero fired a red beam of energy!

Revelian took 15,605 damage!

Dark Zero recovered 4,000 Health!

Revelian charges forward!

Dark Zero took 3,493 damage!

Zachary slices with his sword!

Dark Zero took 2,341 damage!

Ludicrine fires an aura bolt!

Dark Zero took 7,605 damage!!

Luna launches a blast of dark magic!

Dark Zero didn't take any damage!

Luna: Oh, come on!

Luna retreated from the battle!

Hankvi attacks!

Dark Zero took 2,121 damage!

Lazro activates the HAIRPIN! It became a Rainbow Sword!!

Lazro attacks with the Rainbow Sword!

Dark Zero took 16,194 damage!!

Samuel charges up a mega slash!

Twilight looks through her spell book.

Pinkie launches a blast of corruption!!

Dark Zero took 6,905 damage!!

Dark Zero launched a wave of darkness!

Revelian took 21,995 damage!

Revelian got hurt and collapsed...

Zachary took 15,403 damage!!

Ludicrine took 9,932 damage!

Hankvi took 25,940 damage!!

Hankvi got hurt and collapsed...

Lazro avoided the attack!

Samuel took 25,405 damage!!

Samuel got hurt and collapsed...

Twilight avoided the attack!

Pinkie took 21 damage!

Zachary slices with his sword!

Dark Zero took 2,540 damage!

Ludicrine fired an aura bolt!

Dark Zero took 5,695 damage!

Lazro activates the HAIRPIN! It became a rock.

Lazro throws the rock!

Dark Zero didn't take any damage!

Twilight finds the spell she's looking for.

Zachary: Oh, great. More black magic?

Pinkie goes crazy!!

Pinkie attacks!

Lazro took 34,594 damage!!!

Lazro got hurt and collapsed...

Zachary: Ah, come on! Damnit, Pinkie!!

Lazro's Anti-AutoKO was put into effect! He was revived!

Dark Zero shakes a bit.

Zachary slices with his sword!

Dark Zero took 2,695 damage!

Ludicrine fired an aura bolt!

Dark Zero took 7,760 damage!

Lazro activates the HAIRPIN! It became an Electrolaser Cannon!!

Lazro fires the Electrolaser Cannon!

Dark Zero took 5,495 damage!

Twilight's eyes glow a deep red, and a pentagram appears in front of her!! A massive fireball gets launched out of the Pentagram!!

Dark Zero took 24,559 damage!!

Zachary: ... And that didn't even finish him, or her, or whatever, off?!

Pinkie launches a blast of corruption!

Dark Zero took 5,695 damage!!

Dark Zero began to shake violently!!


Dark Zero: No...!! This is... Impossible...!! The dark power... Has been vanquished...

The Dark Star separates from Zero. Zero's body falls to the ground. The dark energy around them seems as if it is being sucked back into the Dark Star. It rises up into the air.

Dark Star: Is this... The end of darkness...?

The Dark Star explodes violently, sending a huge (althogh non-threatening) shockwave around it, also disapparating the dark clouds that had been there before. Tiny shattered fragments fall from the sky, sprinkling the ground. And it was all over.

Zachary: Well then... We gotta lot of shit to clean up, don't we? And... Zero's still dead...

Kuipter: It... Failed...!

Kuipter went over to Zero's body, and stood over it.

Kuipter: After all this... She's still trapped in Hell...

Revelian: Just wait a second!

Revelian walks over to Kuipter and grabs him by the shoulders.

Revelian: So, brother, you're the one who got us into this mess! You didn't listen to me at all, and you even had the nerve to insult me in the process! We got lucky, fucking lucky, you hear me, that we actually won this fight without any casualties! Once again, you've managed to put all our lives in danger. What do you have to say for yourself?

Kuipter: ... I... I didn't mean for any of this to happen... I just didn't want her to die like this!

Revelian: How are you going to make up for such an outstanding fuck-up, then?!

Kuipter: I--

Kuipter then suddenly throws Revelian to the side. Before anyone can comprehend what is going on, several bullets fly through the air and strike Kuipter, causing him to fall backwards.

Zachary: What the hell?!

The gang spins around to see Celestia, holding a 357 in one hand, and a stroller with the children in the other. She angrily stomps towards them.

Ludicrine: What the-- What's wrong with you?!

Celestia: Oh, please... He deserved it. That bastard...

Celestia then picks up Solaria from the stroller and hands her to Luna.

Celestia: I've been through enough already, she's yours now! Now, I'll be leaving.

Revelian: The fuck you will!

Revelian takes out his sword and points it at Celestia.

Revelian: You just tried to shoot me--

Celestia: I wasn't aiming for you, obviously.

Reveilan: --And you killed Kuipter! Do you honestly think I'm just going to let you walk away with that?!

Celestia: And what about my child? You'd just leave her a parentless orphan?

Revelian: Don't even try to bargain with your child's life! I'd quicker strangle you with the kid's corpse than let you walk away!!

Celestia looks worried.

Kuipter: Wait!

The gang then turns to see Kuipter get back up. He removes the bullets from his chest, which apparently did only little damage to him.

Revelian: Kuipter!

Celestia: Kuipter...

Kuipter: Brother, don't be so heartless. My daughter does need parents to raise her. Well, actually, she could do fine with just one parent.

Kuipter gave Celestia a look that somehow made her turn even more white than she already was.

Celestia: K-Kuipter, dear... I'm sorry?

Kuipter: Leave this to me, brother.

Revelian: What are you planning?

Kuipter: I'll make sure that our daughter has two parents. I'm sure that can be worked out.

Kuipter then grabs the stroller with Starbreeze in it.

Kuipter: Come on, now.

Celestia is frozen for a moment. Then, Kuipter grabs her by the hair and drags her out.

Kuipter: Goodbye, everyone!

The three then leave.

Revelian: ...

Zachary: Egh... Oh, whatever, at least that's taken care of. Well, now what...?

Ludicrine: Let's... Leave.

Zachary: Heh, yes, please. I love how every time we try to take a vacation, or do nothing at all, something, inevitably, happens to us? I'm scared to even try to take a vacation now!

Revelian: I know, right? Well, let's just stop talking about it before someone breaks the fourth wall.

150pxHey? Why can't you just let us have a vacation, huh? Meanies!


Zachary: Damnit, Pinkie!

Somehow or another, the gang goes home by various means.

However, Zero remains dead.


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