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Beings of this day and age, who are but infants in comparison to the age of the Multiverse, do not but wander around aimlessly, foolishly insulting the Defiant with their Life, and their Existence. I am the Destroyer of Life. I shall be their End.


Teteoh Prismus Nordozar Separa Zeronius


Demigod-Demidemon (Formerly Nerasthes*)
Interdit (Referred to as they/them)
Date of Birth
1/1/-25 ADC
Mura Zeronius (Father, Inner Being)

Katharita Berekoro VikGongor (Parent, Inner Being)

Hank VikGongor (Grandparent)

Elizabeth Anagram (Grandmother)

Foszi VikGongor (Great Grandfather)

Geleporas VikGongor (Great Great Grandfather)

Riotho Anagram (Great Great Grandparent)

Zuley Anagram (Great Great Grandparent)

Iala Anagram (Great Great Aunt)

Czen Anagram VII (Distant Cousin)

Ludicrine Korokoth Zannbakor Kaskar Abaspy. Jast DeCurro Anagram Sr. (Distant Cousin)

Ludicrine Korokoth Zannbakor Kaskar Abaspy Jast DeCurro Anagram Jr. (Distant Cousin)

Barachiel Anagram (Distant Cousin)

Decimus Anagram (Distant Cousin)

Scava Anagram (Distant Cousin)

Revelian Zeronius (Uncle)

Kuipter Zeronius (Uncle)

Sauphara Zeronius (Grandmother)

Eos (Cousin)

Xavier Z (Cousin)

Misery (Cousin)

Solaria (Cousin)

Corona Zeronius (Cousin)

Quetzalcoatl (Creation, Vessel)

Xolotl (Creation, Vessel)

Houth/HOOTH (Religious Figure, Ally, Inner Being)

Quanivore/quan (Religious Figure, Ally, Inner Being)

The Blender of Souls/BlendeR (Religious Figure, Ally, Inner Being)

Negalife Harbingers (Allies)

Zaion Moriam (Vessel)

Book of Shadows (Vessel)

Panacdala (Vessel)

Makina Dee-Moriam (Vessel)

Raki Dee-Moriam / Blue Demons (Vessels)

Golem Jericho / A. Moriam / Hamelily (Vessels)

Ragyo Moriam (Vessel)
• "Soul Alcatraz"

• Case Nr. 29060210

• "Arca Mala Jr."

• Great Demon

The Loyal One


Blaspheme Betrayer


Negalife Harbinger

Destroyer of Life

• Blikspil/"Blackspell"

Blackspell the Betrayer

Rulithian Fear

Cursed Tome

Blue Demon

The Blue One


Alpha Timeline (Offshoot)

Early Life

Teteoh was originally born as the child of Mura Zeronius and Katharita Berekoro VikGongor, in a timeline branching off from the Alpha-Fixed timeline, where Mura lives on past the events of the Kuipter Files, allegedly created through use of an LDZX Fusion Chamber. The name Teteoh, meaning "the gods", was given to them in hopes of good faith towards the holy creators, and blessings from them, though, in an ironic twist, it was found out that Teteoh possessed the Godslayer ability. In light of this, it was presumed that Teteoh would have a rebellious attitude towards the gods, but as they developed, they showed no such signs of this, and were relatively peaceful. This is believed to have been because of Teteoh's upbringing by Mura, who was a being pacifistic and benevolent by nature.

Teteoh is known to have a role in To End a Miracle, along with the other offspring of the main characters, who traveled to the Alpha-Doomed timeline in order to fight and defeat Miracle Matter. It is known that, after this, Teteoh was returned to their initial time.

Much later than the average Serrangio, Teteoh began to gain their first Soul Creatures. At first, those around Teteoh were excited for them, though, the excitement came to turn into fear, as it was found out that the Soul Creatures were many beings that had plagued the Prism in the past with evil. It was also found out that Teteoh could hold a great amount more Soul Creatures than the average Serrangio, believed to be due to their Dark Matter side, and that the potential for malevolent Inner Beings was to a dangerous extent.

In the next few years, many attempts were taken to try and help Teteoh in this. One highly notable attempt involved trying to give Teteoh greater control over the Soul Cage, though this worked minimally, if at all. Another major action involved trying to rid the Soul Cage of the malevolent creatures, though they all stayed inside, to the dismay of others. Word continued to get out and reach higher sources at this point. Sooner than this, Katharita created a clone of Teteoh and killed it, so that its soul would become part of Teteoh's Soul Cage, hopefully becoming Teteoh's main soul fragment, though this was unsuccessful. A later attempt also resulted in Katharita forcing the souls of more benevolent beings into Teteoh, in trying to balance out the good and the evil, and ended when Katharita gave their own life to become an Inner Being. From this point on, Teteoh was considered neutral in action, and rarely spoke or did much of anything of importance.

However, word had already gotten out of their unique Soul Cage, and, at a later point, they were kidnapped by an Intergalactic agency who had taken notice of them. Teteoh was informed that there was to be a council meeting, over whether or not the being should be executed for their dangerous Soul Cage, which presented more of a problem due to the fact that, when they turned one thousand years old, due to their Dark Matter side, they would undergo an Awakening, thus combining all of the souls inside their body into one. Since they had many malevolent souls, and they were a Godslayer, it was seen as very dangerous to allow Teteoh to live. Teteoh was restrained while the meeting over their execution was held.

But, the council did not decide to execute Teteoh. Rather, knowing that the souls inside Teteoh would remain in the Prism and possibly become a problem at a later time, it was decided that they would send Teteoh to a time in the future, and to the realm of the Tenebrae, to which no life would be able to sustain itself, and Teteoh's being would collapse, and the souls inside of them would suffer the same fate, so that they would not be a threat to anyone anymore. A further amendment was added to this, deciding that they would force other malevolent souls into Teteoh before doing so, so as to be rid of all the evils they presented, as well.

Teteoh was sent twenty-five centuries into the future then, and put into a facility in which the process of putting creatures into their Soul Cage and sending them to the far future would take place. During such a time, Lord Mura, now a Ruler Dark Matter, who had knowledge of this event to come for a long time, launched an attack on the facility, wanting to have his child back. Mura sent his Worker Dark Matters to fight their forces, and made it all the way to the room where his child was being held, at which point he was then killed. In his death throes, Mura was able to cut Teteoh's cheek with part of his form, and thus put his soul into Teteoh, becoming another part of their Soul Cage. The procedure planned by the intergalactic council then proceeded; many beings were forced into Teteohs' Soul Cage, and Teteoh was then sent nearly 160 years after that point in time.


Teteoh existed in a comatose state for a long time, but they did not die. Rather, they were protected from the Tenebrae that surrounded them, by a currently unknown force, and allowed to live on untainted, until they reached one thousand years of age, and then Awakened. In this moment, due to their Dark Matter biology, they mutated, gaining eight geometrically shaped "wings" (four on their head and four on their back), horns, and a change in the shape of their eyes; and, due to their Serrangio biology, their eyes changes form, and all the souls inside their being fused into a single soul. The single soul kept the name of Teteoh, but was now awoken, and conscious. And, most of their being was filled with a malicious intent. Knowing of their new abilities, they decided a new goal for themself: to extinguish all life in existence.

Despite the fact that they now existed in a theoretically inaccessible realm, far in the future from which Teteoh knew life and existence, they were able to remedy this by powers gained from their previous Inner Beings, being that of freely roaming realms and chronomancy. They then went back in time and to their original dimension, so as to find a place in which there was life to extinguish, and to be able to have access to such life in order to do so.

After causing the destruction of an entire planet, they wondered if there may be a quicker way to extinguish all life. Then, it came up with the idea to extinguish the very embodiment of life and existence itself-- the Creation Trio. And, with knowledge of the timeline, they figured that such a thing would be easier to do long in the past. From this, they arrived to the very beginning strings of the Alpha Timeline, thus inputting their existence as a sign in every form of the Alpha Timelines.

Alpha-Unsplit Timeline

It went far into the past, and then sought out a greater source of power, and access to the gods. Through this, they discovered a possibility of going back to before time to assume godhood, and took the place of a being who had done this before the power to do so had been taken out of chronomancy. In this, Teteoh changed in species, becoming partly a god. However, due to the nature of their Awakened state, and the fact that they were a Godslayer, they could not become a full god. Instead, part of their being became that of a demon kind.

Betrayal of the Creation Trio

For some time since then, Teteoh feigned a loyalty to the Creation Trio, carrying out their wishes and actions, and making sure not to upset them, so as to gain the trust of the physical forms of the beings, so that they could come to destroy them, and have the time to form a great enough power to do so. In all of this, Teteoh gained a following in secret, by sending those who the Creation Trio had deemed unloyal to the gods into a realm of Teteoh's own creation, thus keeping their continued living a secret, and allowing them to become loyal to Teteoh. This continued until Teteoh had gained a sixth of all mortal life at the time as a following.

Then, Teteoh decided to invite the physical form of Gaia into their realm, under the guise of a friendly face-to-face meeting. Once they had Gaia alone, Teteoh then sent all of their following to attack Gaia at the same time, while Teteoh merely sat and watched. Though great in number, well-armed, and having caught the goddess by surprise, Gaia did eventually kill off all of the mortal attackers, sustaining little injury in the process. However, this was as Teteoh had planned all along; Teteoh then absorbed the souls and forms of all the fallen followers into two separate things, turned them into clay, and infused them with some of their feathers, creating a rod and a shield, that Teteoh would use as weapons in the personal fight against Gaia.

Teteoh then came very close to defeating Gaia, in light of their Godslayer ability and great power. However, before she could be defeated, Gaia, in fear of her life, cried out for the other gods to come and help her. Chronos and Chaos were the first to answer the call, and they came to the realm where Gaia and Teteoh were fighting to assist her. In the combined power of the Creation Trio, they succeeded in killing Teteoh soon after. Teteoh's soul was then resided in the Separ for some time.

Though, Teteoh had anticipated a defeat and death, and was not afraid. As a function of one of their previous Inner Beings, their soul eventually reformed into a whole being, and they came back to life. Then, they waited for a long time, pretending to exist in a comatose state in death, until portals out of the Separ opened up. They then returned to the world of the living, and went back in time, then returning to their own realm. They then went to the exact moment of their first death, reappearing before the Creation Trio, now alive once more, and fought them again.

Teteoh was defeated once more, but continued the process of before, hoping to be able to weaken the Creation Trio in the fight until they died. The Creation Trio came to catch on to this before it was too late, and then began looking for other methods of getting rid of Teteoh besides merely killing them. But, as they would come to find out, every conventional method they could think of was remedied by an ability owned by Teteoh, through one of their former Inner Beings. Chronos had tried to send them to a different time, when they would not be a threat, but Teteoh would simply travel back from that time. Chaos would try to corrupt Teteoh from their form, turning them into a useless one, but Teteoh would simply alter their form back to their preferred, initial form. Gaia would try to enlist a Soul Cage trap for Teteoh, or to insert souls inside of Teteoh, though Teteoh had the ability to destroy any soul that permeated their being. There were even some attempts to banish Teteoh to other dimensions, where they would be of no harm, though Teteoh returned, through an ability of interdimensional travel. And, of course, Teteoh would eventually return from death if killed, so this proved not to be a viable option to continue trying.

At some point, the Creation Trio decided to put forth hundreds, if not thousands, of their most powerful followers, so as to give Teteoh a death by mortals, thinking this circumstance may change their life after death. However, Teteoh not only greatly overpowered their followers, but also turned their forms into an amalgamate form of plasmic souls and aura, that appeared similar to a star. This "star" was removed from the realm by the Trio afterwards.

Formation of the Negalife Harbingers

So, as the problem of Teteoh continued to become ever greater, it was decided by the Creation Trio that they would seek an ultimate, inescapable method of removing the threat. Before killing Teteoh in one battle, Chaos and Gaia both worked at the same time to drain the life and death that existed from Teteohs' form, both killing and resurrecting them at the same point, corrupting their form into a state of limbo. Then, in the instance when Teteoh could do nothing, Chronos used their powers to erase instances of Teteoh's influence from the timeline, all the way up to the moment when Teteoh had Awakened. Teteoh's being was then killed before they could Awaken. In this state, Teteoh was then erased from existence.

The rod and the shield, in their forms, then revealed their sentience to the Creation Trio, and donned the names Quetzalcoatl and Xolotl, the Brothers of Evil. Though paradoxical in their existence, and having aided Teteoh in battle, the two brothers were allowed to live on as gods, under the condition that they would stay loyal to the Creation Trio from then on, and that they would assist the Creation Trio by preventing something like this from ever occurring again. The brothers agreed to this, but Chaos and Gaia, angered at their actions, then also cursed them to take on ugly forms for the rest of their time.

Teteoh was then arisen in a paradoxical place of nonexistence, restored in form by the three gods whom had also had their existences ceased: HOOTH, quan, and BlendeR (Formerly Houth, Quanivore, and the Blender of Souls), the Gods of Nope. The Gods of Nope told Teteoh of their stories, and Teteoh in turn told of their story to the trio. It was then that, in holding mutual feelings towards the gods, Teteoh and the Gods of Nope would form an alliance, which would be referred to as some as the Negalife Harbingers, in order to seek to slowly reinsert themselves back into existence, through inputting any small parts of their forms at times, so that their full essence would eventually return to existence. Then, once this was done, they would come together in order to enact their sinister goals of defying all that be.

At later points, the Gods of Nope showed sign of their alliance by putting a Soul Fragment in reality to become a part of pre-Awakening Teteoh's Soul Cage. As well, Teteoh would remain in connection with Quetzalcoatl and Xolotl, who secretly remained loyal to their creator, so as to allow memory and mention of their existence to stay within the planes of existence, and to somehow allow them to return to existence, piece by piece. However, so as to keep their loyalty to Teteoh a secret, Quetzalcoatl and Xolotl could only share the information with their close followers.

Return to Existence

After a long period of time, the information was shared with one demonic Lovebug, who had been one of the few survivors from the Old World (after the planetary reset), and a long-time follower of both Quetzalcoatl and Xolotl. Though, after having the information of such shared with aer, the Lovebug, disgusted by their actions, ceased loyalty to the brothers. Scorned by aer decision, the Brothers of Evil cursed the Lovebug, having it so that aer heart would be hardened against the Gods, in hopes of an eventual return to loyalty to the Brothers. To their surprise, though, the Lovebug sought other forces of such, and went to Hell to serve as an underling of Asmodeus.

The Lovebug was later expatriated from her legion, due to aer controversial affection-based powers being revealed. Angered by this decision, the Lovebug then hastily decided to call upon a fragment of Teteoh, in hopes that this fragment of the great demon would come to enact aer revenge on Asmodeus. Alas, the fragment of Teteoh did not comply with aer wishes, so ae then decided to move to the OKTE, hoping to rise up in the ranks and become a prince of the realm, to get back at aer former master.

The fragment of Teteoh, though, went on to enact other intentions. This fragment was limited in that it was but part of a soul, done on purpose so that the Lovebug could catch it in aer own Soul Cage, so they would need to attain a physical form in order to do anything. The fragment then quickly worked its way through Hell in secret, found the location of Leviathan and Caledonia, who were currently attempting to recruit beings for the Ludusian Witches, and then hid within the soul-seed that contained the soul of Zaion.

After Zaion's rebirth in the Wonder Jungle, the fragment of Teteoh existed as an Inner Being of Zaion's form, but was heavily dormant in Zaions' being, in terms of personality. Teteoh, not wanting to be overpowered by Zaion, sealed themself away along with Zaions' magic ability. Teteoh's fragment later came to awaken to a greater state in Zaion's form after they were attacked by two criminals, coming Zaions' first use of magic. In line with the experience, Teteoh would only allow Zaion to use magic in exchange for being in the presence of those in pain or death, a process done in order to wither Zaion's sanity and eventually allow Teteoh to be allowed control of the form.

Teteoh's plot was figured out by Caledonia, who informed the other witches to try and stop Zaion from causing pain to themself or others, though Caledonia oddly did nothing in attempt to rid Teteoh from Zaions' being.

As a Witchy Title, Zaion was named the Witch of Blackspell, a word originating from Blak (meaning dark- or doom-related practices or powers) and Spel (meaning magical powers and practices, usually of a more advanced variety). The name is oddly similar to the name Blackspell given to Teteoh, which originated from the terms Blik (meaning demon or cursed) and Spil (meaning soul).

Uncovering of Blackspell the Betrayer

Later, upon the deaths of Zaion's village being found out by Zaion, they fell into despair. In their sadness, Teteoh offered them a light of revenge, offering to give them the power needed to avenge their deaths, by killing Sanford. Zaion, feeling they had no other option, then allowed Teteoh to take over. This controlled Zaion then mutated and chased after Sanford, engaging him in battle.

During the battle with Sanford, the Teteoh-controlled form of Zaion exclaimed loudly that they were Blackspell, which lead to the confirmation of Gaia's suspicions and fears. Gaia then screamed across the realm of Ludus, calling upon her creatures to save all of existence by exterminating "Blackspell the Betrayer". This led to the Separ Monsters attacking Ludusians, as well as the Ludusians, who knew of Zaion's title as Blackspell, blaming Zaion for all this, as well as the other Witches, under the assumption of them all being cohorts.

In Zaion's fear, they regained control of their body, and the Teteoh fragment lost control for some time. Zaion was then captured by Gridmasks and led to a nearby area, where they were to be tortured and executed as blamed for their actions. However, with the magic of Teteoh, their body could not be destroyed unless by magic, which the Gridmasks failed to possess. In this time, Zaion's body was kept secluded from the Separ Monsters that sought them out, so as to destroy the fragment of Teteoh.

Formation of Further Vessels

Now filled with despair, Zaion gave full control of their form up to Teteoh. In connection to Zaion, the fragment of Teteoh then gathered up the souls of the villagers who had been killed, and then used Zaion to conjure up another fragment of Teteoh, thus combining them into an energy. This energy was then put into a physical form of combined hides, and shaped into a tome, which would become known as the Book of Shadows. Following Zaions form of consciousness, the Book of Shadows then wrote the tales of the Ludusian Witches, as well as many spells heard from themselves and from the words of horrorterrors clustering within Zaions mind.

As well, Teteoh used what remained of Zaions consciousness to infuse their hairpin with another Fragment of Teteohs energy. However, after this, further attempts at inserting fragments of Teteoh through Zaions will failed, as their soul began to drift beyond a conscious state, due to all it had gone through. Furthermore, it was realized that Zaions form would eventually come apart under Teteohs energy, which would be a predicament for Teteoh.

Teteoh then formed a barrier around where Zaion's body was, so as to protect themself, but they could not be freed, as Zaion's spirit remained within the chains holding them. They needed another person to free them, and so, they developed a plot of creating a being who would come to free them. Shortly after imagining the idea, Seira appeared and freed Zaions body. Zaion then took off with the Book of Shadows.

Teteoh would use a spell from the tome to create a pseudo offspring of Zaion's being, which would be led with powers of time travel and magics, so as to free them. They also made sure to incite a selfish nature into the being, so as they would serve Teteohs intentions, even if they had knowledge of the great evil that Teteoh was. As a base of second for Seira's form, through Zaion's memory, Sanford was chosen, being the most appropriate form for which Zaion would have chosen.

After the creation of Seira, and insurance that Zaion would not be the last active vessel of Teteoh, Seira then reacted by slaying the being. However, this only succeeded in releasing what remained of the soul of Zaion, and making the fragment of Teteoh's soul move to the Book of Shadows. Seira took the Book and Zaion's hairclip, and then made a grave for her parent.

Shortly after this, Seira put a magical seal on the tome, in order to lessen the power that Teteoh's fragments had in the vessel. However, the vessel itself would prove to still hold sentience and control over its form, beyond even that which Seira would have anticipated. This was shown when Seira tried to create children through the tome, first subtly in manipulation of the nature of Raki, and then very directly, by turning what would have been Makina into majorly a vessel for another fragment of Teteoh. Seira was able to put power seals on the energy of Teteoh present inside of Makina, though Teteoh's power would greatly effect Makina throughout the rest of her life, showing in both sealed magical power, slight corruption-based powers, and only being able to speak in a form of runic common. Before another child was created through the Book of Shadows, Seira once again put several seals on it, so that she could not be tricked into causing for another corruptive being to be created through it. Tadanari was created through the tome after this, and he was the last child of Seira and Shane created through the book.

In wanting to travel across the planes of time and space, so as to keep a form of order for mortal life, Seira knew that she could not take demonic relics with her, lest they be lost in time, and inevitably fall into the wrong hands. So, she entrusted the relics that she possessed to Raki, her oldest child, before traveling off. Most of the relics, including the Book of Shadows and the Pentagram Hairclip, were to be kept by Raki in a hidden room within her mansion.

Beginning of the Blue Curse

Over the years, in keeping within the presence of these relics, Raki eventually came to hear the consciousness of the fragments of Teteoh present within them. The fragment of Teteoh would promise Raki power, hoping that the influence they had on Raki would take effect and make her fall into their grasp, though, for a very long time, Raki resisted. Trying to wither Raki's sanity, the Book of Shadows created a barrier around the home, thus trapping the souls of anyone who would die in the building within there. This would turn out to be a great many of souls, as Raki was a bit of a famed doctor in the region, often giving her home to try and tend to the wounds commonly caused by Separ Monsters. A combination of both the influence of the demonic relics within Raki's presence, and the spirits that haunted her home, then came to drive her into despair, until she wished to come up with a power to end the suffering of the world. Teteoh promised her this power if she were to allow them to become one with their form.

Raki then set up a form of Awakening ritual, which would include summoning a fragment of Teteoh to use as a surge of great energy throughout Raki's body. The process was undertaken, killing and reviving Raki, though, instead of forming Raki into a greater form of Awakened Gridmask, she was instead turned into one of the forewarned "undead abominations" that could result through a faulty Awakening process. Raki turned blue, as forming part of Teteoh's known blue auric form, and took on monstrous traits. Raki's body then sucked in several of the souls contained within the home, altered in form with them, and then came to truly die. For a long time since then, the fragments of Teteoh present within the home then would stay dormant in their unmoving forms for a long time.

(In a currently undefined alternate timeline, Raki's Mansion was later found by Ragyo Moriam, who then summoned a fragment of Teteoh in order to give herself a great amount of power and conduct a successful process of Awakening. It is known, though, that Ragyo was later killed by her daughter.)

Some time later, Raki's Mansion was stumbled upon by a simple Oni (or demidemon half-troll) and a spider, who had heard tales of the mansion being haunted by evil spirits, and wanted to prove others wrong by venturing into the home. However, the mass of what remained of Raki, being the vessel of Teteoh and many other souls that had died in the building, awoke from its slumber upon the presence of life within its domain, and then attacked the Oni, fusing with its being. The Oni was able to stay conscious long enough to tell the spider to run away, though the Oni then succumbed to the malevolent energy throughout it, and died. The corpse that remained from this would then be called the Blue Demon.

Alpha-Unaltered Timeline

Mori finds the Book of Shadows

Even later, it came that Amygea Moriam found out information about Raki's Mansion, and the demonic relics inside, and wished to obtain them in order to both increase the power they possessed, and also to try and revive their former master, Jericho. Mori took their friend, and Jericho's child, Mulux, with them to Raki's Mansion, wanting both help and assistance to the point of going to the place that Mori knew would contain great evils, and in the ritual of Jericho's revival.

Mori was able to find and obtain the Book of Shadows, and then used it to try and bring Jericho back from the dead. At first, Mulux and Mori seemed to have been successful in the ritual, though it was later realized that the being they had conjured up was a mutated form of Jericho's corpse, not possessing of his soul, and instead possessing a fragment of Teteoh's energy which they had summoned. The Jericho-like being then collapsed and succumbed to dark energy flowing throughout it, losing all of its blood.

The fragment of Teteoh's soul inside of it then moved on to Mori's body, trying to find a stable vessel to use. Then, Mori seemed to experience similar symptoms to which the Jericho-like being had died through. Mulux acted quickly and took out a relic from nearby, which turned out to be the Pentagram Hairclip that Zaion had owned before, put a magical blessing on it, and then placed it on Mori's head, both stabilizing the energy within them and pushing out any further corruptive energy present. Shortly after, Mori came to be stable, and survived. However, it then became evident that s/he was possessed by Teteoh in this state. Mulux once again acted quickly, startling Teteoh with "Y" and removing the hairclip from Mori's head, thus removing much of the influence that Teteoh had over Mori.

Mulux was confused at first, and they were not filled in on much of what happened by Mori, who apparently had known a lot about it, though they still were content with Mori keeping them in the dark, and would stay quiet on it from then on. Mori later planned to dispose of the "Blue One"s corpse that lied within the mansion, though s/he did not come to do this in suitable time.

Revival of the Blue Demons

Revelian, who had been drawn to the mansion by the dark energy that had been released in the attempt to revive Jericho, went to the mansion and found the "Blue One's" corpse within. The fragment of Teteoh spoke to Revelian, requesting revival by his hands, and appealed to Revelian's wishes. So, Revelian took the corpse to a facility and reanimated it, thus reviving the being who would go by the name of "Blue Demon/Blue One". Revelian would then begin to clone the being and insert its DNA into other creatures to create further beings that would be called Blue Demons.

Alpha-Fixed Timeline

Alpha-Unified Timeline

Delta Timeline

The formation of the Delta timeline was majorly in part to Beta-Mercuron using time travel to alter the course of history, making it so that Amory would stay loyal to their mother, Asmodeus, and preventing aer from summoning the fragment of Teteoh in the first place.

Though not included as an important influence on this timeline, from the events of this timeline, it is easy to compare and contrast from the Alpha, so as to see the major differences that were brought about from the existence of Teteoh in Alpha, and their importance to it as a whole.

Theta Timeline

An alternate timeline in which Teteoh, in their entirety, is able to return to existence, and then lays siege to the realms of the Prism and Separ.



Teteoh primarily has many features common to the average Serrangio: a halo, wings, humanoid body structure, etc. There are also evident traces of their Dark Matter side, most clearly seen in their eyes being like that of a Dark Matter's core, and their teeth being sharp and large. Their hairwings are also fairly large, in comparison to most known Serrangios.

Their skin and feathers are a bit darker grey than that of the average Serrangio. They also have somewhat-messy hair that goes down to their shoulders; their hair is black with purple ends on their right side, and white with cerulean ends on their left side. Their halo is a grey color, similar to their aura. Their eyes are a pure black instead of white, with full blue irises, and black pupils. They have a slender build, nigh-perfect posture, and stand six feet tall.

They often wear eyeshadow of differing colours, red and green, representing the aura colors of their parents. Their outfit is that of a dark grey button-up coat with darker sleeves, a dark grey ribbon, black flight pants, and dark grey boots. They sometimes uncommonly wear gloves, as well.

Despite some depictions of them appearing more monstrous than the average Serrangio, common view of them in description, both in and out of canon, is that they are very beautiful.

In some iterations of appearance, they carry different types of rods (or staffs) and shields, which they use as common weapons in battle if necessary.


Post-Ascension, there are a number of changes in Teteoh's form: the growth of geometrically-shaped "wings" with tips that around their other wings, two pairs for each one pair of wings they have, the growth of coloured horns that sprouted from their head, their nails grow into claws, the sockets of their eyes change shape, they become a bit taller than before, and their eyes change to a full grey colour. There are perhaps further physical changes present on them that are not seen, due to being covered.

Besides the changes in physical form, there are other changes present in non-permanent states. Notably, they change their eyeshadow to purely blue under both eyes, and, in some iterations, change the colour of their hair to be closer to red and green.

Like their Pre-Ascended self, they use a rod and a shield as a weapon, though the only rod and shield they have been shown to use are Quetzalcoatl and Xolotl.

Combat Information



Teteoh Stats

  • Level: ?
  • Health: 2556
  • Attack: 2556
  • Magic: 2556
  • Defense: 2556
  • Speed: 2556
  • Accuracy: 1125%
  • Evasion: ?
  • Critical chance: ?


  • Bash - Attacks with either their rod or shield. The rod deals greater damage, though the shield may lower target Defense.
  • Aerial Attack - Flies up into the air, and then rams into an opponent. This allows them to not be attacked for a turn. They also take 1/10 of the damage from the attack.
  • Energy Pulse - Requires a turn to charge, and hits all enemies with equal damage. Very powerful.
  • Energy Beam - Requires a turn to charge, and hits a single enemy. Deals more damage than the Energy Pulse.

The following attacks exclusive to Teteoh post-Awakening:

  • Bleed (Sanguine) - They cry blood, which then rains over them. This move heals Teteoh and allies (if any), and heals over time for the next few turns.
  • Warp Time
  • Warp Space
  • Alter Form - Restores their form from an altered or corrupted state. Removes status effects.
  • Soul Control
  • Enshroud
  • Corrupt - Corrupts the mind of the target with Teteoh's energy. This has a 150% chance of inflicting Confusion, and halves the targets resistance to status effects.
  • Ṫ̎́ͨͦ̎́̇̏̈ͬ̑̂̃͏̷̵̘̜̙̗̠͕̱̠͉̝̫͕̗̩̥̬̖͝Ο̵̢̣͓̮̼̭̜͐̈́͌̏ͮ̍͂̋̍̄̓ͭ̔ͣ̚̚͠ͅͅŖ̴̲̝̗̮̪̇̓ͪ̆̌̒ͩͫ̽̈́̅̈́ͨͤͣ͟Μ̵̵̦̮̟͈͖̟̩͖̟̼͎̈̇ͣ̾ͫͣ̐̈̾̆ͮ͗̏̑͊̌̔͟͞Ε̜̞͙̲̈̐̔͛̾̅̇̃ͫ̑̚͘͝͝Ν̥̘͇͖͖̦͉̗̟̹͉̖̜͕̓́ͫͯ̓̽̅ͣ̒̈ͥ͂̃ͩ̃̈̐͑́͞ͅT̛̲̘̘͎͓̫̻̗̼̄̍͒ͥ͂̓̎̚͞ - The being is filled with Teteoh's energy, leading to one of three outcomes: they either die, leave the battle, or become stronger yet with less control of their power.
  • Shriek - A power granted under the blessing of HOOTH.
  • Unform - A power granted under the blessing of quan.
  • Devour - A power granted under the blessing of BlendeR.


  • Alcar Rod - A rod originally created by ancient Dragonkin. Used by Pre-Awakening Teteoh.
  • Draconia Shield - A shield originally created by ancient Dragonkin. Used by Pre-Awakening Teteoh.
  • Quetzalcoatl - A red rod created from the fused forms and souls of half of Teteoh's initial following, of those who hated the Creation Trio. The rod itself gained form and sentience. It has a feather-like design. Is used by Teteoh in their battle against the Creation Trio.
  • Xolotl - A green shield created from the fused forms and souls of half of Teteoh's initial following, of those who hated the Creation Trio. The shield itself gained form and sentience. It has a feather-like design. Is used by Teteoh in their battle against the Creation Trio.
  • Archon Armour


  • Godslayer - Enables engaging with deities in a fair battle.
  • Energy Draw - Full energy increases over time.
  • Soul Cage - Enables the keeping of additional souls withing the body to function properly.


  • Teteoh is drawn from Coatlicue, a character from Aztec mythology, who alternately goes by the name Teteoh innan, meaning "mother of the gods". There are many parallels between the two characters, intentional and otherwise, including the following:
    • Coatlicue is said to be the mother of the god of the sun and war. An allusion to this can be seen in the fact that Teteoh created a "star"/"sun", during a war they were involved with.
    • Coatlicue seems to be the Aztec counterpart of the mythological Gaia. In Fan-Ball canon, Teteoh is viewed as a counterpart to the aspects of Gaia, being against the gods and a destroyer of life, in contrast to the goddess embodiment of life.
    • Coatlicue gave birth to the gods Quetzalcoatl and Xolotl in Aztec mythology. Teteoh being the creator of Quetzalcoatl and Xolotl in Fan-Ball canon is an allusion to this.
  • Teteoh seems to have a few connections with the number 1125.
    • Teteoh's birthdate is 1/1/-25 ADC.
    • Teteoh underwent the Awakening 1,125 years after the Alpha-Unified timeline came into existence.
    • Teteoh has been theorized to hold 112^5 Inner Beings.
  • A fragment of their being makes up the sapience of the Book of Shadows, the canon counterpart of something believed to be the counterpart to the Book of Life. Similar to how Teteoh is seen as the counterpart of Gaia, or the destroyer of life, as Gaia is the goddess of life.