Hammers are melee weapons generally wielded by (???), though other classes may use them. Hammers tend to follow the naming trend of (???).

List of Hammers

Icon Weapon LV AT AGI Range Type MP Bonus AT Buy Sell
Worm on a Stick 1 0-1 80-90 30 Physical - - - 1
Note: Can be crafted with a Stick and a Worm. Utterly useless.
Skewered Durthworm Skewered Durthworm 256 462606-646260 2 60 Physical - - - FOR A HIGH PRICE! MEOW!
Note: Wielded by Leway's End; can supposedly be created by killing a Durthworm with an All-Purpose Nail (This is impossible)
MCHammer M.C. Hammer 273 1131990-1131990 4 30 Sound All of it Good - Attempting to sell will result in viewing of short "Can't Sell This" clip starring virtual M.C. Hammer.

Note: Wielded by Lazro

Special Effect: While wielding this hammer, the user becomes "too legit to quit" and is unable to flee battles.

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