Guns are a kind of ranged weapon utilized by Gunslingers. Bards can use this weapon if they have over 50 Combat.

Guns have no naming trend, but a lot of names tend to end in "Gun". This is true for all levels.

List of Guns

Icon Weapon LV AT AGI Range Type MP Bonus AT Buy Sell
Pang Gun Pang Gun 3 108-180 10 250 Light 300 200-200 - 2445
Note: Held by Hive Roulette
SCP-50-AE-J 4 (See notes) 3 150 Earth Dunno What is this I am twelve Dunno Probably a bit less than the buying price
Note: Deals more damage in areas farther away from the area attained in.
Sawbec 5 166-230 7 200 Fire (Explosion) No idea Still don't get what this is Shrug Less than the buying price
Sawbec Shot 8 304-420 5 180 Fire (Explosion) No idea +some Please explain sir More than shrug Less than more than shrug
Note: Iala's weapon of choice.
Sawbec Arc 15 648-812 7 350 Fire (Explosion) No idea +some more Inquiry More than more than shrug Less than more than more than shrug

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