Main Stats

  • Protection: Upgrades defense.
  • Combat: Upgrades attack.
  • Mana: Upgrades magic.
  • Agility: Upgrades speed.
  • Accuracy: Upgrades precision.
  • Evasion: Upgrades evasion.

Class-Exclusive Stats

  • Bullet:Upgrade bullet. Exclusive to Whipper.
  • Ring:How many rings you throw(+1 each 4 points spend)(Max 10)

Minor Stats


  • Armor: Allows you to wear stronger armor.
  • Block: Increases your chance of blocking attacks.
  • Shield: Upgrade your ability to use shields.


  • Sword: Makes any melee weapon stronger.
  • Bow: Makes any non-magical ranged weapon stronger.
  • Aggressiveness: Gives a higher chance to stun enemies with attacks.

Elements Stats

  • Fire: Upgrades fire attack and defense.
    • Explosion: Gives a chance for attacks to do damage to multiple targets.
    • Heat: Makes attacks "linger" and deal damage a few turns after the initial attack.
  • Water: Upgrades water attack and defense.
    • Brine: Decreases chance of enemies landing stronger attacks.
    • Abyss: Decreases accuracy of enemies.
  • Wind: Upgrades wind attack and defense.
    • Tornado: Makes enemies more susceptible to status ailments.
    • Fog: Slows down enemies.
  • Earth: Upgrades earth attack and defense.
    • Stone: Upgrades physical stats slightly.
    • Sand: Upgrades physical stats at an accelerating amount.
  • Thunder: Upgrades thunder attack and defense.
    • Stun: Stuns enemies.
    • Spark: Decreases accuracy of enemies.
  • Poison: Upgrades poison attack and defense.
    • Endemic: Deals status ailments to multiple targets.
    • Virus: Makes targets spread permanent status ailments upon defeat.
  • Ice: Upgrades ice attack and defense.
    • Freeze: Slows enemies.
    • Hail: Increases damage of ranged attacks.
  • Light: Upgrades light attack and defense.
    • Laser: Increases accuracy of and damage of attacks.
    • Flash: Reduces accuracy greatly.
  • Dark: Upgrades dark attack and defense.
    • Black Hole: Damages enemies greatly from weakest to strongest.
    • Anti-Matter: Does continuous damage until the turn of the next teammate.
  • Cyber: One of the two rarest types, upgrades Cyber attack and defense.
    • Hex: Makes items unusable.
    • Dec: Makes magic attacks unusable.
  • Nature: The other rarest type, upgrades Nature attack and defense.
    • Plant: Regenerates HP during the day or when an Light-type attack is used.
    • Fungus: Inflicts random status ailments on previous target(s).

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