Post-Apocalyptic World

Right, so here's the dealio for places. There is the area and the specific name of the place, which shows up as "Place (Area)". Generally, all quests given in an area are limited to that section only, for example, a quest given at Demolished Village (Castle Territory) will only have quests within the Castle Territory area, such as slaying the Castle Boss in the Castle Inner Sanctum (Castle Territory). That's just my idea anyway.

Following that idea, some rooms in the LDZX Corps area are:

  • Adoption Center Lobby: You may talk to some NPCs here and maybe take upon a few quests. There are plenty of locked areas that this place leads to, most of which are ACs.
  • Adoption Center Office: Depending on the time of day, different NPCs may be here to offer different quests. This includes ZX, myself, DMS, HankGuideDude, an unnamed NPC secretary, and (between 11:59 PM and 12:10 AM on Saturdays) an odd creature called Leway's End.
  • Adoption Center Catalogue Room: The only other room open from the start from the Adoption Center Lobby besides the Adoption Center Office. This room contains logs of every pet in the regular Adoption Centers (not the Breeding Center, Cell Center, Greenhouse, etc.) as well as their information and such. Three enemies spawn here: Ergoth (by a quest only), Gray Pointer Shrubs (rarely), and an odd enemy called Graywater (summon only).
  • Adoption Center Parts 1-9/B: Different rooms containing pets that can be purchased from the Kennel Keeper NPC. Two Guard NPCs can also give quests occasionally. They can be accessed from the Adoption Center Lobby once unlocked.


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