The Stick Editor is an idea for Stick Ranger. It is an editor for Stick Ranger that allows to create new SR world. It has multiple editors:

  • Stage Editor
  • Map Editor
  • Stickman Editor
  • Custom Editor
  • Test

Each editor has a coding section. After finishing your world, you can upload your new world to the community.

Stage Editor

Each Editor have multiple build-in editors. For Stage Editor, here are they:

  • Enemy Editor
  • Landscape Editor

Enemy Editor

  • HP:How many HP
  • Size:What size the enemy is
  • Boss:Is the enemy a boss
  • Range:How much range
  • Strength:Resistence/Weakness
  • AT:How much damage
  • Attack:What attack
  • AT Feature:What features the attack has
  • Taxonomy:Taxonomy of the enemy(Color, Head, Species)

Landscape Editor

  • Name:What name the stage has
  • Tileset:Tileset Editor
  • Landscape:Landscape Editor
  • Effect:Mist, Snow, Rain, Heat and Dark.
  • Liquid:Water or Lava?
  • Ground:Normal, Slippery or Sticky?
  • Placement:Enemy placement through the stage.
  • Screen:How much screens

Map Editor

  • Scenery Editor
  • Placement Editor

Scenery Editor

  • Altitude:Borders and Hills
  • Scenery:(Snowy) Trees, (Frozen) Water, Sand, Stone, Snow, Lava.

Placement Editor

  • Stage: Place stages on the map.
  • Icon: Normal, Invisible, Castle, Oasis, Pyramid, Tree, Volcano, Final Castle.

Stickman Editor

  • Class Editor
  • Weapon Editor

Class Editor

  • Name:What name
  • Stats:What effect the stats does
  • Weapon:What weapons
  • Look:The look of the Class

Weapon Editor

  • Stats:Range, AT, ect
  • MAG:What magic attack/Magic attack or not?

Custom Editor

Make custom graphics, then upload it to an editor.


Goes withoud saying.

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