—Squato, Trix: Adventures of a UFO



Ao Oni
Technically 2

Squato is a hybrid of an SR Monster with DNA of an Ao Oni. He was created by Ludicrine and acts as his gentle-giant companion in the first two Trix stories, except for when he enters battle. He speaks by shouting basic Common.


Squato first appears in Trix: Adventures of a UFO as a support character. He belongs to Ludicrine, and supports him throughout the way. Squato ends up defeating Ao Oni X.

He later appears in Trix 2: The War, once again as a support character. For a while, he disappears and meets Rebecca, a girl who knew Ao Oni X before he became evil. 

Before his canon appearance in the Trix series, he was a character in the Pet School prologue.

His most recent appearance is in Minor Character Story: Their Time To Shine, where he once again serves as a support fighter.

RPG Stats

  • Stats: HP- 8,000.
  • AT: Punch: VERY High. SQUATO SMASH: Amazing.
  • DF: High.
  • LV: 90.

Combat Apparati

  • SQUATO SMASH - A powerful slam of both fists onto the ground. The signature move of Ao Goliaths. Squato's execution of the move is the most powerful of all.
  • Punch - Throws a fist at a single opponent. Squato's execution of the move may result in special kills.
  • HINDEW SQUATO - Performs squats which increase attack power.


  • Ao Oni Power - Takes 5% less damage when attacked by an Ao Oni creature.
  • SUPER SQUATO - All skills are increased even more after squating.


  • Squato is one of the only "kind" Onis, as he is a hybrid and not a full-born demon. The only other Oni to share these characteristics is Leechum, a failed prototype experiment.