Squadron Mt2 82 is one of the many squadrons of the Martedian society, based in the fortress city of Moltin's Hold. 82 is classified as government-funded mercenaries. Their bonds are very strong, due to the cultural isolation from outsiders from squadrons which is practiced in the Moltin region.

The squadron was originally known as the Hold Triad, a branch of the notorious Martedian Mafia. Only one of the three original members remains, namely Theriel "Broken Martyr" Aka. The other two, Kenez and Wasan Aka, both brothers to Theriel, were executed.

In one particular incident involving a gas-based extraterrestrial force, a large number of members of 82 was killed. There was one case of a missing person, namely that of Mercuron Kao. Following this incident, the planet had rerouted into a different timeline and faked its own destruction to hopefully prevent further alien invasions.


  • Theriel Aka - Squadron leader, confirmed alive
  • Mercuron Kao - Unconfirmed status
  • Vixen Pya - Dead
  • Hyun Kao - Dead
  • K-197 - Unconfirmed status

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