Seira Moriam

Seira Art

19 (Appearance-wise) / 27 (True age)
Ludusian Witches, Zaion, Shane, Sanford, Mori, Raki, Makina, Tadanari
5'10" (70 inches)/1.778m
123.459 pounds/56kg


Seira has natural fair skin and blonde hair, as well as jade eyes. She is of above average height and average weight. She wears a grey coat and short trousers, a light grey dress shirt and a gold ribbon, all of which have gold linings to them. She also wears long black sleeves and leggings, which also have gold linings on them.


Seira isn't a very open individual. She has a hard time making friends with people, even those who outright try to be friends with her, as she is uncomfortable in most situations. Though she does fear being alone in the world, she does figure it would be less painful to not try and make friends and just be alone. The only few friends she has made are those who were very persistent in trying to get close to her.

Though Seira tries to come across as strong, she is usually very afraid and nervous of things. In not trying to show fear or weakness, she will hide her emotions. Quite literally, as she will turn away from others if she starts to cry or shake from fear.

In her heart, she is truly just wishing to find someone who will always care for and support her. However, in fear of being hurt, she always pushes others away. This is true even in her relationship with Shane; even though they love each other, Seira will avoid him a lot and just not be where he is.

As a traveler, she mostly searches for purpose, and for inserting influence to create a better future.

Story Roles

Her primary story appearance is in The Planet's Shadow: Historical Tales of Ludus. She was born through Zaion's spell of life creation with the Book of Shadows, and was raised as an orphan, having the Book of Shadows as a heirloom throughout her life. She eventually learned powers of time travel, which she used to travel throughout the course of time.

At some point, she met up with Shane, and the two traveled together. They are known to have influence on Taku's life. At a later point, Seira let Shane live in 'modern times' where he would insert influence on LDZX Corps.

She is the person who freed Zaion after her imprisonment. Zaion then tricked her into letting the Book of Shadows still exist in the world, with the evil it brought about, through a spell which both created her and increased the Book of Shadows' power to a level that would make her unable to destroy it. Seira then attacks and kills Zaion before she can go about attempting any more evil acts in her possessed state.

Seira later used the Book of Shadows to do the same life creation spell that her mother had, creating three children, Raki, Makina, and Tadanari. She gave the Book of Shadows to Raki, as she was the oldest of the siblings. She is also known to have used Makina as a indirect influence to things.

RPG Info


Seira Stats

  • Health: 35
  • Attack: 44
  • Magic: 55
  • Defense: 41
  • Agility: 46

Combat Apparati

  • Attacks
    • Lost Strike - Deals a large amount of physical damage to a single enemy.
    • Cross Strike - Deals a two hit combo for fair physical damage to a single enemy.
    • Dive Strike - Deals a weak three hit combo of physical damage to a single enemy. Has a 40% chance of inflicting Stun.
    • Sanguine Strike - Slashes with her sword. Deals fair damage. Has a 50% chance of inflicting Bleed.
    • Gear Toss - Summons a large red gear and throws it at enemies. Has a 45% chance of inflicting Slow and Freeze.
    • Zero Gravity - Hits all enemies and has a 55% chance to inflict Paralysis.
    • Butterfly Effect - Hits a single enemy, and has a 75% chance of inflicting Confusion.
    • Time On My Side - Uses time travel to create ten of herself at a single point, and then strikes a single enemy at the same moment all of those times. Has a 10% chance of inflicting Slow.
    • Future I Don't Like - Gains a 75% chance to dodge the next attack.
    • Binding Time - Hits all enemies, with a 35% chance of inflicting Freeze.
    • Bad Timing - Devastatingly powerful attack that has a 75% chance of inflicting Slow and Freeze, but only has a 2% chance of hitting.
    • Spirit Breath - Removes debuffs and status effects from herself or an ally.
    • Misfortune - Hits all enemies with Negative Time, leaving her inflicted with Confuse after. Can only be used if she is below 35% health.
  • Armament
    • Golden Sword - Seira's regular weapon. Has a 25% increased chance of inflicting Bleed.
    • Demonslayer - Very large sword. Has +85% attack due to the immense size of it. However, gives -50% Agility, Accuracy, and Evasion, due to being so heavy.
    • Negative Time - Powerful "glass orb"-like object that contains several sheltered events of Doomed Timelines. May randomly cast "Drain Time" on an enemy or ally when in use.
  • Traits
    • Tempora(ry) - Has 45% resistance to Time attacks and 75% resistance to Slow and Freeze for the first fifteen turns of battle.
    • Knowledge of the Timeline - Has a +20% Evasion rate through the duration of a battle.
    • Timely Aura - Has the ability of Time Travel and Time Magic when in and out of battle, without the use of Chronos' Blessing.


  • Seira's associated periodic element is gold.