Yup, there was no Sea series before this one. It's just ridiculous.


  • All enemies on this stage are air/landborne species despite the stage taking place underwater.
  • All enemies in this stage have blue bodys.
  • This stage is the only one to have two enemies that can't attack.


  • Cyan Big Diamond WalkerCyan Big Diamond Walker
  • Blue Roundhead WalkerBlue Roundhead Walker
  • Pink Big Diamond TreePink Diamond Tree
  • Cyan Pentagon WalkerCyan Pentagon Walker
  • Cyan Boss Pentagon DragonCyan Boss Pentagon Dragon


Cyan Big Diamond Walker Cyan Big Diamond Walker
Location: Sea 1
LP: 100000
AGI: unknown
Range: 0
Strength: none
Weakness: none
LV: 51
EXP: 350
Gold ($): 300
Drops: none
Species: Walker
Head: Diamond
Attack: N/A
Head colour: unknown
Body colour: unknown
Movement: Walking
Credits: Poisonshot
Note: In easy mode HP is halved.

In hard mode HP is doubled.

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