Pet Creator?

Yup, another one. It allows for specifying head, species and colors! We even do mutations on purpose, if you like!

The Pet Creator was set up by Lazro. However, it is undergoing a few changes now that someone is actually running it again.


If this part of the Science Division becomes more popular, we will need more staff.


No rules have been set up yet. The operator requests for rules to be made by bureacrats or admins of any kind.

Temporary rules: 2/day, 5/week, 8/month. These rules are temporary and proper rules will be set up in the near future.

What to do

Describe what your pet looks like! However, do not specify stats and/or attacksAll pets will be LV.10 when you receive them from here. Add stats yourself, we cannot program stats in via genetics.


Name: Greenie

Head: Green Smiley (neutral)

Body/Species: Brown Walker

It is especially important you specify a color for both head and body, or you'll be requesting a single-color pet, which isn't always fancy.

Mutations/Special features

For mutations in general, it is preferable you post a blank version of the desired species from Species Functions. This helps to prevent misunderstanding and keeps up efficiency.

If you request a neon glow, please note that your pet will be monochrome, as the machinery is incapable of applying glows to multi-colored pets.


Trixie (♀)

  • Owner: Makarus13
  • Specifications: Orange Triangle Skater
  • Note: Add a neon glow. This may take longer than a normal pet. The pet will be monochrome due to the glow.
  • Result: Trixie

Hack (♂) (Emerald Hex Octopus)

  • Owner: Makarus13
  • Specifications: Emerald Hex Octopus
  • Note: Specified animation. Colour file invalid (not monochrome). Please note that your request may be lengthy due to the operator's inability to use a computer.
  • Result (so far): Hack base

NickX (♂)

  • Owner: Nick445882
  • Specifications: Cyan Shield Astronaut
  • Note: Add a neon glow.
  • Result: NickX

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