Maspade Fossil > Maspade Maspade

Mutterfly Fossil > MutterflyMutterfly

Rotater Fossil 1 ???

MarmaidIce Fossil Marmaid

ExospikeSandfossil Exospike. Is a mollusk somehow. In Grotto Route, I found a fossil.Grotto Fossil The fossil head is broken: More Work!

My scanner read it as a Roundhead Lilypad aged...2 days.

Done!Spipad The Result is Spipad. Can breath both air and water! When out of water, it bounce. ... Very wierd fossil.Odd FossilProbably a no-bone fossil.

Scan: DNA N2RA. Head:Unknown. Species:Unknown.

... OMG. 2nd creature in this World...

Revived:CreadCread(Both Male and Female).Might be the ancestor of Seaside 2 Red enemies. I adopt he/she. Founded a fossil in Submarine 4. I am working on it. Oh, wait... It's a living being that is petrified!Petrified Walker

Unpetrified! The result is ExtagasEctagas, the male Green Roundhead Walker! Ectagas can only breed with Poison Immune Pets, sadly.


Box Fish Beach 3 Box Tree, Desert 8 Roundhead Spider, Desert 8 Roundhead Snake, Snowfield 1 Roundhead Snake, Snowfield 1

Boxill Box Tree; I call it Boxill: My pet

Roundill Roundhead Spider; I call it Roundill: My pet

Fishill Box Fish; I call it Fishill: My pet, father of Boxill


Found a big jumble of fossils. Working on the first one.

  • LDVampireSad Found==>LDFossil1a==> LDFossil1b LDFossil1c==>LDFossil1d==>LDFossil1e LDFossil1f==> Avarice

When it was fossilized, it appeared to be... sad? The card reader says that it is a Vampire headed being. LDVampireSad This is what the card reader picked up from the fossil. Apparently there's a Tree, too...

Revived. His name is Avarice, and he is actually one being. And... uh oh, DMS won't be too happy about this... He's Greed's ancestor...

Dug up a bunch of seeds that resemble the Rune Seeds. StrangeSeeds Will send to the Greenhouse after testing. They appear to spell out "Elonu B. Chyfsxo", a Stickman scientist known in Village for his knowledge of biological life. Perhaps he mutated these seeds?

I have dubbed the seeds as follows: 0 Seed, S Seed, m Seed, ⌘ Seed, $ Seed, ♋ Seed, 7L Seed, ∞ Seed, °7 Seed, A Seed, β Seed, ( Seed, 1) Seed, and EF Seed.

As it turns out, the pets that will hatch from these seeds, besides having a close resemblance with their close partners, the Rune Seeds, will have the power to enter a human form!

Due to a salmonella outbreak, these seeds have died. So sad.



Garnet-Jewel A garnet.

Gold Gold.


ArmorI found an armor stuck in Mars Stone. I also found something that seems is before a kindow in Mars North. This can explain the Stickman and Flying Mermaid.

Mars ArmorNow it's unstuck. Is it a Mars Armor.

Fossil MedalA fossil Medal? No, an odd medal. Oddly, Exospike have boosted stats when she's near. Could this have something to do with fossil pets?

Update:It's a medal called Fossil Medal. Boost Fossil pets stats.

Thorn 1Huh? Looks like a orb. Will test it soon!

Update:Tested! It throw thorns simply. Gonna keep it for myself.


Found by ThechosenOne



Found under the Pyramid. Strange symbols on the wall and fossil on the wall near hieroglyphs.


Mars North

Mars North

Found in the north of mars. Credit to NNW and HankGuideDude for landscape and general idea.

Genealogical Trees


Castle boss

CastleBoss Genealogical Tree



I predict the Green Box Stickman with a White body will grow as an Megaboss.

Mars Genealogical Tree&nbsp

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