Even if I have to do it all myself. I *WILL* kill you.

—Sanford (To Zaion)

Sanford DeCurro

FS Sanford Sprite

Mutated Gridmask*
Date of Birth
1/27/-201 ADC
Zaion Moriam (Rival, Kismesis)
Ludusian witches (Enemies)
Ludicrine (Dancestor)
Gaia (Future Religious Idol)
Rodney DeCurro and Ann DeCurro (Parents)
"Uncle"/Nazcan Colony Drone Nr. 623 (Guardian)
Seira Moriam (Pseudo-daughter)
Sir Carnifex, Gainnan, Subject 1, Amens Avos, Sand Man, Sandy


Sanford has above average height and fairly average weight. He has spikey, somewhat messy and somewhat long black hair. Within the series, his skin tone is shown to be either fair or pale. He is fairly physically strong, though he is not burly. He has green coloured eyes, though, due to what is said to be an issue with his sight, he regularly wears goggles that are the same colour as his eyes. He has a notable X-shaped scar on his face, reaching from parts of his hair along to parts of his cheekbones, with the center being in between his eyes. He almost always has his signature weapon, a non-magical hook stained with blood, with him, and it is connected to a chain system that goes over his waist, which is meant for him to be able to get the hook back after throwing it. His main wardrobe is a black T-shirt with his symbol on it, black jeans, dark gray coloured socks, and black shoes.


Sanford was born, coincidentally, on the same day as Zaion, by a human-gridmask family with the surname DeCurro. Said surname actually came about when the gridmask who first took the name heard it from a wormhole carrying the sound of an alien from far in the future saying one of his middle names.

At a young age, Sanford's parents found themselves in need of money to sustain their family, which led his father to get involved with the wrong crowd--mafia members, under the guise as working at the Church of Gaia in that town, who gave him a loan. His parents were able to fix their money problems with this loan, but they were later unable to pay it back. So, the two magic-wielding mafia members went to Sanford's home, demanding money that he didn't have, and then killed him when he couldn't provide it. Sanford's mother approached them after this, and was killed by them, too, in plain view of Sanford. Sanford then rushed forward and stabbed one of the criminals in the eye, which made them respond by attacking Samford with a magic blast, which gave him his famous X-shaped scar, and also knocked him out cold.

Sanford later woke up to discover his parent's bodies, blood, and valuables had all 'gone missing', which he knew was definitely the work of the mafia men. However, without proper evidence to back him up, it was believed by others that his parents had just abandoned him, and he often received bullying from this.

Without parents, Sanford was sent to the town orphanage, where he was treated horribly for a number of years. During the day when it was believed by most of the planet that the Nazcans would end them there and then, he simply sat enraged at everyone else for simply giving up as they had. Sanford was later adopted and taken in by a man claiming to be his uncle, though whether this is true or not is unknown.

This "uncle" of his seemingly only wanted to use him, and treated him poorly at first, presumably to "test him". Later, he forced an injection into Sanford that would make him much physically stronger and make him age much less (which is seen by him still looking around seventeen even in his thirties), which was apparently for the purpose of destroying the Ludusian Witches. Sanford's traumatic experience as a child with magic-users apparently was also a driving force for this.

Sanford was then trained by his "uncle" to prepare him for taking on the witches. For whatever reason, he took a particular disliking to Zaion, and he later encounterer her as she was traveling to his small town, where he attacked her and threatened her and her fellow witches.

Sanford later took a small group of people who hated the witches and went to the village that Zaion had lived in for most of her life, massacring everyone there simply because of the fact that they'd helped Zaion progress through life. He was the only person who had survived the event, as the people who he'd taken with him were killed by some of the brave villagers.

After finding out about this, Zaion tracked Sanford down and went to avenge the people of her village. After an epic battle, Zaion was about to do so, but she was stopped by the sudden tear in the fabric of space that spilled out several SR Monsters from the Separ Dimension and onto Ludus. For a while, the two were left only to be dumbfounded by what they were seeing. However, this was stopped when only a little later, the people who inhabited a nearby town (And had been forced to evacuate due to the SR Monsters arrival there) happened to come by them. They recognized Zaion as Blackspell and started to speculate that she and her witchly powers had something to do with this. Sanford agreed with them and spearheaded the people to arrest her.

Sanford then lead a mission to kill off the witches, who the Ludusian people blamed for the arrival of the monsters from the Separ. It is suggested that he was the executioner for all of them.

Some time later, he tracks down Mainyu, who had fled to past Ludus, and engages her in battle, in which he defeats her and kills her. He is noticed by some of the native Dragonkin, who had regarded Mainyu very highly, and is barely able to escape before they tried to attack him.

Years later, Sanford has put himself in seclusion in remorse for his actions. He is approached by Caledonia, who offers him a form of reparation for his deeds by giving a currently unknown person the knowledge of how to save the Ludusian people from the Separ monsters, which were still a problem. Sanford gives this information and places it in a pear-shaped container, and then he kills himself by breaking his skull over the box.

It is known that Ludicrine received Sanford's pear-shaped container right after arriving on Ludus, though he had no means of opening it because a part of his powers had not yet been awakened. After the death of Cobalt and the removal of his eye, Ludicrine was able to unlock the pear-shaped container and receive Sanford's message.

In death, his soul was sent to Purgatory to exist there. However, he was able to overcome the power of the realm and gain freedom.


Sanford, as the Knight of Heart, was able to weaponize the emotions and feelings of others to the benefit of others and himself, though he more often does so for himself. The First Guardian of this session was able to manipulate the other players through him with this power.

Sanford was good friends with Taku, and it has been hinted that they developed this friendship because Taku was the only other regular gridmask in the group. Sanford would often try to sway Taku into disliking the others for their differences, but this stopped working later on because of Zaion's influence. Sanford already hated Zaion, so he decided to try and stop her and went to her planet to attack her. Their battle ended with Sanford dying and Zaion being fatally wounded. Zaion took pity on Sanford and kissed him so that he could be reawakened as his dream self, and Zaion then moved on to die on her own quest bed. Sanford was able to achieve God Tier status by dying on his bed on Derse's moon, and went to challenge Zaion again. This time he was victorious in battle against her, though his victory was short-lived because of the fact that the session's scratch construct was activated.

Ironically, Sanford's role as the Knight of Heart is similar to the role he played when he turned the Ludusian people against the Witches.

RPG Info


Sanford Stats

  • Health: 44
  • Attack: 56
  • Magic: 20
  • Defense: 45
  • Speed: 56

Combat Apparati

  • Attacks
    • Punch - Decent Physical-type attack.
    • Direct Stab - Deals low damage, but has 80% chance to inflict Bleed.
    • Whack - Hits with the blunt end of his hook. Has a 50% Critical Chance.
    • End Stab - Stabs with the sharp end of his hook. Has a 50% chance of inflicting Bleed.
    • Hook Throw - Throws his hook at a single enemy. Depending on the attack type, has 40% Critical chance or a 40% Bleed chance.
    • Jump Kick - Decent Physical-type kick attack. Has a 50% Critical Chance.
    • Starlight Kick - Decent Physical-type kick attack. Has a 30% Critical Chance. If the battle is in the presence of a star, It has a 50% chance to inflict Stun.
    • Guardbreaker - Charges forward and attacks the opponent. Lowers targets defense by 7% each successful use. Deals below average damage.
    • Hard Winded - Hits on the top of the head. Has a 30% Critical chance, and a 35% chance of inflicting Stun.
    • Black Bullet - Fires a bullet from his pistol. Decent damage and good accuracy.
    • Piercing Shot - Fires a more powerful bullet, with a 30% Critical chance, but lower accuracy.
    • Unload - Empties his full round into all opponents. Requires a turn to reload after use. Lowers Accuracy and Evade after use by 10%. Is essentially Black Bullet six times.
    • Tranquilizer - Fires a notably weaker shot, which a slightly higher accuracy. After one turn, the enemy will be inflicted with a three-turn Paralysis at a 80% chance.
    • Rusting Wound - Throws rust into an open wound. Has an initial 15% Poison chance. If the opponent was hit with a physical move before the attack, then it has a 40% Poison chance. If they are suffering Bleed, then it has an 80% Poison chance.
    • Dirt Scatter - Kicks dirt into the eyes of opponents. Deals very weak damage, but gives him an increased chance to dodge the enemy's attacks.
    • ??? - ???
  • Armament
    • Hook - Sanford's main weapon. Attack is increased by +10%. Has a 5% chance of inflicting Poison on attacks that inflict Bleed.
    • Green Tinted Goggled - Gives an initial accuracy boost of +10%. Takes 10% less damage from to Light and Dark attacks.
    • Black Star - A gun granted to Sanford later in the events of the witch hunts. Attack is increased by 10%. Accuracy is increased by 10%. Every six turns of using this weapon requires a turn to be taken off to reload it.
  • Traits
    • Crazed - When his Health is less than 30%, Sanford gains +20% Attack, +20% Agility, and 70% immunity to Sleep, Slow, and Confusion.
    • Devoid of Magic - True Magic stat is 0. When dealing a direct hit, has a 35% chance of debuffing the enemy's MAG stat by 10%.
    • Sanford Symbol Mini Engaged Aura - Grants +10% attack, defense, and agility if inflicted with a DoT status effect.


  • Sanford was based off of a character of the same name from Madness Combat, who was also skilled with a hook. This is most evident in his "original design", which is essentially just a sprite-based format of said character.
  • Sanford has connections with Gaia, relating to his dancestor Ludicrine.