Rudolph Grenze


Zogenand (Boss)

Horst (Partner, associate)

Mavelus (Associate)
Snowfield Base

Lieutenant Rudolph Grenze is the Bizarro counterpart of Jack. He does not have a pesterchum. He is a Class-B citizen.


Rudolph is a very calm and levelheaded individual. He rarely lets his emotions get the better of him, and makes calm, calculating decisions, especially during the heat of battle. Outside of military situations, he has been known to loosen up quite a bit. He is quite good friends with Horst Waltz.


Before the events of Chronicles, he, Zogenand, and a group of soldiers raided an infamous terrorist base. After clearing it out, Rudolph noticed a boiler within the base near Zogenand about to explode. He managed to push Zogenand out of the way right before it exploded, sending Rudolph flying over a nearby rail and failing a seemingly lethal distance below. Zogenand, not one to lose hope, quickly came back with a rescue squad. They found Rudolph in horrible condition, barely clinging to life. Paying money out of his own pocket, Zogenand ordered a special surgery for Rudolph, replacing the shattered bones in his body with metallic replacements, as well as managing to fix his spine and central nervous system, saving his life. Rudolph then swore his life to Zogenand, staying close by his side during all of his travels. He also received a special uniform to denote himself; A dark gray uniform with black additions, notably his helmet and his boots.

Due to his robotic bones and specialized nervous system, Rudolph makes for an amazing sniper, having a nearly perfect accuracy no matter the condition. This translates to his fighting; All of his attacks are guaranteed to hit, unless his accuracy is decreased by outside means. Also, due to his role as a sniper, he has also been heavily trained in the art of free-running. Thus, he is able to run for great distances without losing his breath, and climb very effectively. This ties in to his high speed stat, as well as a few of his traits.

RPG Info

Rudolph is a sniper. His modified body gives him guaranteed accuracy. His stats also reflect this; He has very good speed and offensive stats, but his other stats fall flat as a result.

Rudolph Stats

*Note: Brown indicates stat boosted as a result of the Partners! trait.

  • Attacks
    • Rifle Shot - Fires a round from his rifle.
    • Focused Shot - Causes him to take the last turn, but increases critical hit ratio by 60%.
    • Noscope - Fires a slightly weaker shot, but guaranteed to go first in the turn.
  • Weaponry
    • Sniper Rifle - High powered, bolt action rifle. Deals +100% increased critical hit damage.
  • Traits
    • Internal Overhaul - Perfect accuracy.
    • Skillful Dodging - Evasion increased by two by default. Also has a 10% chance of dodging "sure shot" attacks.
    • Partners! - Increases Defense and elemental resistances if Horst is in the party.
    • Retribution - If Horst is taken down, during the next active turn, character gains guaranteed critical hits, and can attack all opponents.