This is the Resistance board! It was used on Dan-Ball Wiki as a way to advertise Universal Unraveling, a new set in the Adoption Center. Now, it is just a place to "stockpile" your weapons. I may put them to some other use later.

Edit: We're going to Universe City! Thanks for the weapons and wish us luck! I just wish I could have finished my Homestuck/Hivebent 8-bit trolls... -LD
Note. By "We" he means me, him, and maybe ZX, if he ever comes back from whatever crazy hiatus he's in this time. DMSwordsmaster Talk ContributionsDark Matter Floating 06:24, May 1, 2011 (UTC)

What Do I Do To Get Rid Of Kuipter?

You may help by stockpiling weapons. Add them here, with the name and the image. Sockpuppets do NOT count. Only verified Warrior Pets may include their tallies or weapons. Stockpile by adding a tally mark key, |, next to the weapon you own. YOU MAY ONLY TALLY ONCE FOR A WEAPON THAT YOU OWN. YOU MAY ADD AS MUCH WEAPONS AS YOU WANT. ALL CUSTOMIZED UNTALLIED WEAPONS WILL BE DELETED.

Zoshixsword ZoshiX Sword (ZoshiX): |
Bokken Bokken (Ludicrine): |
DM'S Sword Muramasa (DMSwordsmaster): |
SDS-SP (art) Modified Spark Dual Spikesword/Couple's Dual Sword (Ivan247): |
Big Icicle (orb) Big Icicle: |||
NitrowepTespaRevolver Revolver (Tespa)- Uses Nitroglyceric Gunpowder: |
LessieRevolver Revolver (Lessie): |
Sniper Pistol Sniper Pistol: ||
Saw Hachibusho (ThechosenOne): |
RPG-7: RPG-7 (0176): |
Axe of chaos Axe of Chaos (HankGuideDude): |
Sir Conscience Sword SCMain (Sir Conscience): |
Blade Blade: |
Mechanised claws Mecanized Claws (Uberu): |
North Byser sword Teslisword (North Byser): |
Toxic Quad Laser Bar Modified Toxic Dual Laser Bar/Toxic Quad Laser Bar (Ivan247): |
Pioche Pickaxe (ThechosenOne): |
Soul ball Soul Ball (TheFanMaster): |
The soul of the undead The Soul of the Undead (TheFanMaster's Minion): |
Tespa Tespa (Caagr98's Pet): |
Lessie Lessie (Caagr98's Pet): |
North Byser North Byser (Caagr98's Pet): |
Strift Strift (Caagr98's Pet): |
StriftRevolver Revolver (Strift): |
8BSollux Sollux Captor, Mage of Doom (Ludicrine's Minion): |
8BNepeta Nepeta Leijon, Rogue of Heart (Ludicrine's Minion): |
8B Tavros Tavros Nitram, Page of Breath (Ludicrine's Minion): |
8BTerezi Terezi Pyrope, Seer of Mind (Ludicrine's Minion): |
Ludicrine Sir Conscience, Paladin of Hatred (Ludicrine Pixelized): |

News Board

This is to list any new occurrences regarding Kuipter.

  • April 21, 2011- Kuipter's Base of Operations, Universe City, was located.
  • Video footage of C-Tree going missing was analyzed, and Kuipter has been identified as a cycloptic (one eye) being. Sort of makes sense when you see Misery, his child.
  • DMSwordsmaster has received a threatening E-Mail by Kuipter-O O
  • Video footage of what may be Kuipter was discovered. The figure was very tall, wore a hood, cycloptic, and can shape shift.
  • A message was sent regarding Poisonshot's theory of Jelly, a strange new pet. User_talk:ZoshiX#Poisonshot
  • Kuipter's Breeding agent was captured. It was confirmed that he was not the one that attacked Loneliness. As a result, we now know more of what Kuipter looks like. He is not happy at this.
  • Kuipter has went crazy again. He had begged DMS to join him, but after DMS declined, he went off and destroyed part of the adoption center, killing the oldest adoptable Emotion Emotion
  • Kuipter has invited the heads of the resistance (DMS, LD, and ZX) to his base in Universe City. He wants to fight in a 1 on 1 battle with DMS. Kuipter has been confirmed as a Dark Matter, the same species DMS is.