experience gain from enemy

player level EXP
Red Big Balloon Stickman
79- 1
80 200
81 400
82 600
83 800
84 1000
85 1200
86 1400
87 1600
88 1800
89 2000
90 1800
91 1600
92 1400
93 1200
94 1000
95 800
96 600
97 400
98 200
99+ 1
Red Big Balloon Stickman Red Big Balloon Stickman
Location: Plains 3
LP: 40,000
AT: Spawning Grey Balloon Bats
AGI: Minimum: 50

Expected: 81.03

Range: 500
Strength: Freeze (Time -80%)
Weakness: none
LV: 89
EXP: 2000
Gold ($): 1000
Drops: none
Species: Stickman
Head: Balloon
Attack: Grey Balloon Bat
Head colour: #cc3400
Body colour: #474747
Movement: walking
Credits: Cazaam


This enemy can be a real pain as it spawns Grey Balloon Bats quite rapidly. Those bats could end up overrunning an unprepared team. It is either recommended to kill these as soon as possible or stay back and let them reach their spawn limit. Once they hit the limit, they will become defenceless. These enemies will try to keep their distance from characters, tending to move away from them. They are resistant against Freeze so their spawning cannot be paused. What can be done is slowing them with Ice weapons, reducing their spawn rate significantly, making them much less of a threat. These enemies are also spawned by the boss in the boss area.

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