Throughout the Fan-Ball stories, there are many themes, events and dialog which constantly re-occur. This is similar to Callbacks and Ongoing Gags; however, recurring themes are notable for their more serious tone and, often, importance to the plot.

Recurring Themes

  • Missing Arms: A notable recurring themes in different versions of the stories. Murtaw, Thristel-Immo, and Stickbeard have all been known to have a missing left arm (With Stickbeard's being at only one point prior to a healing). The most important of this is Murtaw's missing arm, which Hankvi receives as the Karma Arm.
  • Symmetrically-split with different faces: Shenanigans is the most prominent example of this, as seen in his appearance. This is also seen in Zaion's death in The Planet's Shadow: Historical Tales of Ludus, as well as Sanford's death in the SDANB Session, in both cases the person shows one side of maniacal joy and the other with fear and remorse, as well as both having been sliced by Seira as a just treatment for their horrid actions beforehand.
  • Notes/Letters from ancestors detailing one's destiny: Has been seen in several cases, most prominently in TPS: HToL. Ludicrine is shown to have received one from Sanford, Zoshi is shown to have received some from his father, his ancestors*, and Mainyu. Hankvi is shown to have received one from his ancestor, Pensiver Axeswish.